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TO: Ml.

utiSJZC!: Letter for


Let me coagratulat* you for the success which you obtained during the very delicate nissioa which we fortunately put is your hasds. The admoaitloa of our beloved frlesd cosstltutes a deed of great traaaceadeBey for our cause sad aa aid of unquestioaabl* value. Forill make kaowa to youome opportune time, your sews cane to ae quite delayed,ecognised the result of your efforts in the revealingthat followed. wait confirmetioa oa your vacatioa soayetailed accouat of your work aad have the pleasure of graetlag you.

Tou can imagine with whatwaited aid Judged theloi of our adversaries. ave beea able to aotca change of conduct, aad oa tbe 1st, that ieoaflmed this change upoa hearing the transmissioas from th*ay cslebratioa. The communists recognise the powerful fore* of tha Church aad docldsd aot to attack. Of course, all of us raaliz* that this attitude, assumed as emporary measure, does sot coastitute aor repreaoat a change ia the directives that our eaeaiea have outlined.

Th* eonraunlsts had two paths too at'-ack or to ignor*. It seems that after more well-thought-out pleas, the violeat reaotloa of the first momeats, changed, aad froo there the decisioa aot to make the slightest reference to the Pastoral letter ia today's neetiag. nevertheless, they displayed the deepest political color, rait, as you realize, this coaductecisioa derivedlaa of actioa that w* shall later so* in complete development. hink that we should go ahead la the plained canpaiga.

Tho attitude of our eaenies forces us to workapid aad lntease manner. It Is unquestioaableeaction will be produced, but we should be organised aad stroag ia order to combat with advaiUjje. rfith these Ideas iaequested (oa thef the past moath) th* orgaslsatioa of th* catholic forces

of our country aad clghborlog oouatri*s. Boforeod rocost omdvd that sll our frlandstrong campaign for tho support of tha HbasolgBOur. This canpalgn has b'-on oarriad out* will coatlnuo growing nor* oaoh day. I would Ilka toyour Ideas, and of course those of our grant friends, with wboa you as* In contact, os tbe plans that we, is part, are developing and that w* wish to complete. The? realize that.

tb* Catholic movement no political entitlesas such, but its member* will eot asas citizens.

should proceed inmedlntely, if this work haa notstarted, toward tb* secret organization ofby persons in tbe absolute ooafldaac*Hjnselgneur, which will b* charged with ths direction

of all th* movement in th* Republic. At the bead of each department there willepartmental ooomdttee dependent on tbe centralnd in eachub-coBotittee dependent on the departmental committee. Is the capital, cantonal will operate and in tb* aunlcipalltias of th* department of Guatemala, sub-oooclttees. All under th* control and direction of the Central Committee. In this way, all tbe campaign will be directed snd coordinated.

o. The members of tbe Cantrnlill plan and direct all the movement in aocord with the Moaselgnaur.

d. All the catholic organisations in existence in the country should work in a coordinated, aotlv* manner according to tbe lines contained inl plan which should be prepared in accord with that discussed with you recently.

*. have Initiated our action so tnat tb* beads of the Catholic Church in Honduras, Salvador, and Mexico will support tb* Hand of our Church inad that tbe organizations and Catholic people of those nations openly support his stand. Wo wish to obtain Pastaral letters from the high dignitaries,directed to their people, by which, oa identifying themselves with the post loa assumed by th* Monseigneur, they mayimilar movement of struggle against coomualsa and of support to the Catholic people of our country.

f. Th* persona that the Central Coccolttoe selects, should Immediately sacure the indorsemeat of the press, both spoken and written, eo that they can coop*rat* ia th* oamptlga and

- 3 -

then plan the campaign that the Catholic press should develop. We will see that the foreign press,that of the three countries already mentioned,reat propaganda campaign ill order to form consciousness among the people and obtain1 all the support we have considered.

g. The Catholic priests will act within thc indigenousgrganizatioas to explain tho objectives of tho church in regard to social matters, the ominous evils of Communism, the insincerity of the revolutionary leaders and the urgency for combatting Communism ia our lard. This intervention should be imediate and developed in thc most suitable ranner.

b. The Central Committee should consider the possibility of carrying out public manifestations, strikes, sabotage,n case tha govcranent or the revolutionary parties act against ths Head of our Church or against our national or foreign clergy.

1. The iraans of broadcastingpoke to you about In my last conference, aredy and can be used for tho development of our canpnign under tho directives of the general plansked you tc jrepsre in accord with the Monseigneur nod his friends.

As old you, the plans for this canpuign should comprise the four partsxplained to you. The caiapaign should be under way, and the organization should be completed as soon aa possible, as wo should plan thatill be initiated, at the latest, oa the 1st of nextm very enxious to know of all the plans prepared and all that is under-way, considering the importance that they have at the present time and the urgency of carrying then out.

I am writingso that he will get in contact with you

and explain all the work tliat he can do in the various sectors of Lhe Republic. You can have absolute conflde.sce in him. He had had, as his mission in thecertain activities with Catholic organizations. You can explain our plans of organization to him and he can be an effective collaborator.

I could enlarge upon irany asptcts of this basic campaignefrain from dcing so becaus, the pji.:it*ing of it regained in your hands to discuss it rfith the persons of whom we spoke. efrain from doing soan have the pleasure cf seeing you. ou, that hefore you make your trip, you leave- vverything underway and that you leave a person with whom we can coiwu icute during your absence.

r-endly vreetxn* and ry best regards to you and yours, itleasure to repeut ray sincere appreciation.

"uis Sanchez

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