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Recognition and Related measures


(s; Kemorandum for the Record, subject "Trip to Washington DC onated7;

1* I- eubmit that the entire question of diplomatic recognition and. relations to CALLIOERIS' regimeay should be reviewed in connection with the pressing deception problem. It aeexos therefore desirable that the Initiative in recognizing aald regime should not enanate fromut from countriea like Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba or the like. . recognition slight come soon thereafter.

2. In order to prepare the gmind for such recognition, several steps appear possible!

. might suggest to scce of the countriee concerned to take right now diplomatic steps against the present Guatemalan government, which might range from simple protests, recall all ambassadors forll the wayomplete break in diplomatic relations. There appears to be ample reason for such steps, especially the obvious interference of Guatemala in the internal affairs of other countries, like the fomenting of the Honduran atrlkea, unauthorized landingilitary aircraft, channelling of oonsnunist propaganda through Guatemalan diplomatic missions, close contacts between Guatemalan diplomats and local cotomunlsts, snd so forth.

(h; In any case, we might suggest to CALLIOERIS to designate some men aa "unofficial ambassadors0 to some of the countriea concerned, giving them sealed ordera instructing them to establish contact with the respective governments or heads of stateay. For security reasons, these sealed orders might be held by our field stationsay, with the understanding that arrangements for quick transmittal will be made ahead of time.

(cj Kegardleas of whether or not (b) ia feasible, the STATE DEPAHlKhWT should prepare secret instructions for. missions concerned(not to be issueday; to intervene on the top level in order to obtain fast recognition, without. pressure or initiative, possibly presenting the need for such recognition as the logical consequence of the CARACAS resolution.

3. In order to further strengthen our efforts to divert responsibility for rBSUuCESS away fromecognition of the CALLIGERIS regime might not only come after recognition by some Latin American republica, but might also be accompaniedautious statement which could conceivably read approximately like this* . regrets that this change of regime has not been brought about by constitutional, democratic means. However,. recognizes that the danger of Guatemalaenter of oommunist subversion for the entire hemisphere was growing fast, that freedom of speech and assembly had been severely curtailed and that it was becoming increasingly doubtful whether tha communist -dominated Arbenz regime would ever submit to the test of truly free elections-again. It Is only for these reasons that. extends immediate recognition to the new regime, hoping that it can thereby contribute

to tb* speedy normalization not only of tha political situation in Guatemala, but also of the relations between Guatemala and other Latin American republics which have become Increasingly strainedesult of communist Interference with the internal affairs of other countries."

if. If mora planning for tbe political snddevelopment* in3-Day is desired, as seecs Implied In referenceecommend that thisbo squarely placed upon the regular staff of WH id.rt.sicn at Headquarters' of LD&OLN Is too pre-ocapied with carrying rflSJGCSSS up to OU)ey, it doesenough area epecislista and it is likely to be disbandedlaywould therefore be logical that WHD should begin to work on these natterswith LDfcOLH merely serrtngransmission belt between Headquarters onhand,poaalbly othera on the other band, during tho

period priorayT-

L ., J

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