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Chief of Project

hief, Air

1. The followingrief outline ofbackground*

an Air Force pilot during tbe last nar.

When tne war ended, E> , obivilian pilot -operations officer with the riving Tiger Airline and was stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii.

' was recruited as an air operations officerull-time status with the Hawaii Air National Guard. as offered andobransport pilot with tne Hawaii Airlines. However, he continued with his workart-tine basis as an operations officer with the Hawaii Air Mational Guard.

The undersigned washe 2

Units at the time was operations

officer. His methods and procedures used lu conducting air operations were instrumental in winning for the Air National Guard of Hawaii the coveted Spatz Trophy.

was recruited by the undersigned for conducting

blsck over-flights into China and Manchuria. At theover story was useduring

bis tiae of employment, understood that he was employedroup of financial and influential business awn. At no tiae during his tour of employment was he aware of any connection between this organisation and tha cover organization.

received thorough training in Japan in the art

of naking clandestine over-flights. He was rated by theas the best qualified clandestine pilot in the Far East. He received training in low level terrain flying, radar evasion, blind drops intos, homing procedures, box searches, and all ranifications of clandestine air operations.

Through efforts,? conveyor system was

developed, f. as instrumental in refining exftitration techniques by snatch pick-up.

2. was security cleared by the United States Air Force

while attending air intelligence training at Lowery Air Force Base, Denver, Colorado, andecurity clearance from this organisation while working oo clandestine flights in the Par East.

3- L s believed to be eminently qualified to handle black flights ana aerial resupply, as will be required forperations,landestine manner*

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