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Activities of Radio Internacional and Other Local Stations


herewithopyeport concerninglocal radio stations as prepared forythe owner of Radio Internacional.

2SSENCS has been requested to ascertain the true needs of Radio InternacionsI, which is ourrently carrying anti-Communist university student programs,iew toward our alleviating the situation of this station ir such can be hardled in anmanner and without clearing showing our hand,

Tho question of possible aid to Radio Internacional has been discussed with NUTTING. We will report all further information as it ia obtained.


Clara >T. Heagey

Report, as noted




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PBSUCCESS FtYBAT classification

0wner HumbertoTPonzalez Juarez camethe United States, bringing considerable equipmentrndio station. One tube no.neolts atonector,to cool the tube:, feet per minute, his will increase his oxitput inand directors at the station refused to sltrt asent to President Arbenz protesting for the attackInternacional, and which hadgned by all theowned radio stations, managers and

"ADIO PANAMFRICANA.-Owner and manager Jairnesfeanlagua Salvatierra, seems very worried about the latest political events, specially with the appearance of Radiothe underground Isdloo one knows if all this activity Is to find some clues about its whereabouts and operators,st plain fear.

O L' VOZ OE LAShis station was bought byf the best radio speakers, with marxist tendencies. They payedcash and the balance,onth for one year. ig secret who gave them the money for the purchase. But itact that all local sponsors are cancelling their nd.vertisinr contracts with thera. Their Agent inelchoni^&uzman in New York, has not given evidence of doing the sameIs rumored that the power will be increasedrilowatts very soon.-

0his station has also fallen intohands. The newember of Congress, FrsnciscoJjPernandez Poncea, with the help ofpanish communist anduban communist,vlngefinitely red trend. Both of these communists live at Pension Lux on ll Calle- They ire also planning to increase the power toilowatts.-

namohia station was badly crippled on the nif^it of Aprilhe spare parts ordered to. hqve been unduly delayed, and Its output decreased They are consTcTerTrlgUie'possiblllty of ordering also theube No.ocket for theonector. feet per minuteilament transfonnerolts ato work with the same power that Radio Huevo Mundo.

director Jose Monteros has beenattle of witsJerez Director General de Radio dlfusidn, whocircular insisting that all political programs should beso that the Minister of Gobernaclon, may bo acquaintedanswered that he had no money to boy

tho tane needed for thla work,ecorder (his was stolen on the nl,ht of the aasault) so that to relieve him of this obllga-tton he was there and now cancelling the only political program "floticiero Politicohich Is the "arty to whloh this snme Minister is boss. ouple hours later heote from the secretary ofelling him that "the party had nothing to do with tho obligations of the station, andthat the contract be continued, and that any way Article Ko.f Decree, cloarly stated that there were 2slther toecording to tho Dlreccidn General de Radiodlfusidn or toours before the politloal program was to be transmitted."

Monteros immediately aont another letter to Alvarado Jerezhim about thla, and givingours notice. Throe r'iya later heote from Alvarado Jarez informing him tHflt everythingNext day the antl-Comunlst, who had ceased to send their daily program since the assault, started to send lt again. Monteros then sent theours before the program to Alvarado Jerez, ani the program is still on thsand until the contract expiree. Alvarado Jerez has not nnawnrsd thia letter yet.-

afety measure Monteros rented another office, and moved hia recording and offloe equipment to this new place, leaving on tho building of the station only tho essentials. He alsoote to the chief of police informing him about the program 'iolng on the air again ln order that the vigilance be doubled nnd alao thatafety measure he had moved away hla office ocmipment. The new address if Edificlo Packardalle Ponlente tercer plao. To add up to hia troubles, one of the ace spea'ters or the atatlon and who had asked5 day leave has been posi tively Identified at the underground station*. He speaks every nl;.ht, eocret police have been at the stationa looking for him.

lo Montaros decided to name senoronzon Peulve as now director of Radio Internacional, so that ln case he Is kicked out of the country, the license for operation of the atatlon ia not cancelled for hla absence as happend tontinental,



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