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title of person to take action and that of the originator. Place comments thereunder by numberednitial in center cf page andine across the page anfi forward. Each recipient is to repeat above procedure until action is completed and ready for filing. This cover sheet must be retained with enclosure.

Two more summaries of theprograms, prepared by Mr.second contains the script onby this _


I'f May


PF Files SHERWOOD programs

Rolls Nos;

uoicel del Aire": Music, with inter-record comment* .

PurtHer unf^ldin? of musics] antiPArbenz theme. References to the collection currently in progress by3 for lomberdo Toledeno'^ red CTAL.

"Kneetrp Cr-psna Trade unions, ps led by Rede, under fire. How ths ^od worker*the country hav- been tricked by the Coories into working not for their owr, good, but for the ultiitcfteof the Pert;*. all to workers to ouestionUvec of their Red pyndncptes, snd to unite easiest Red lesderehip.

"Co-miniK-rcDesnude11! Youth under Commie yoke. The sod spectecle of young ceoulc who eiend their logical enthusiasm for liberal ceuEes in th- nhonev liberalism thet Co-munism professes. The lock of customary studentroof of Btalemete of Communism. Flatterin? Knte that Youth will be the heroic rector in the Greet Dsv that is coming.

"tse Petrie". Fi-inine opinion* on Comuniem. How worenrrMtctinet the tsctice of the Rede, how they con hel? in the fight for womcn'p rij-hte by fighting Communism.

el Son Que le Toouen". Kuelc, with fun poked at Government

officials who search desperately for the hidden station.

lae Cadence"; Cestigetion of those in Guat who seek to curtail freedom of expression, and thus make clendeotine activity necesspry. Explanation of our ideals to friendly newepspere, re* Putetion of false charges -sBe bv Government papers.

"Quey Monde Vsmoe"i Generally treated, Corwiniem as an en^nyel! religions. DrB-istic sequence with voice on Karl Marxotee thet eV-ow pesiUon of Comteunism before Religion. Thc historicalprove thet the Bhx Church end Communie- *re irie^^Ftible.


ire": arable plwjt bull-fiohts,

expleinin- why xe muet carry on our clandestine prot-roTri. ecflcituiitlon of the events thBt prove Bed influence in Suet.

"Kuestrs Cp-psna Radial" i Christ ee the Chief of All- aiendtri' into the following diecusion of the dutieo sf th* soldier, ind how ell ^ood eoidiwp of the historical pest havefervent believersolid religion, (tnd hpvcd "On forCruspdee,don conquered in the name of the anti-Christ.

"Coffimtson e! Deeniidoe"! Provocation protectiondefense. An Fde?tetior* if article supplied.

"Isa Patria") Communis*hreet against the eenctit" of the How it will destroy the family end pert women frcm their oono.

A) Son Que Le Toquen"; nd Answers. The

cltiier. asking entbarreain? oueetlona of off iciele .

"BrealcinR thettack againstsing items se reportedver lset week. Explanation of how we could never bow to the directions of euch a' ftr.ehter.ed weakling.

"Quedonde Vnmoeni Puncturins the mythrp<!ieeS. It has never been echieved, and *hy it never can. Examples of hoM it hae only led to dialllusionTrent end slsvexry Concrete examples of how innocent* hevc been taken in by the esocctsparadises" which were never attained.


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