Created: 5/15/1954

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I. Wo Just reccivod with referenoo din patch free L opies of Pronto th. On the whole, we believe that it eorree our purposes .uLrignx. We understand thatampaignnot be continued.

2* We have same doubts hoverer about tha front page article reporting the presence of atom bombs in Ouatemala* It is undoubtedly true that Ouateaalaaoter for Cccaauniat aggreselon In the Western hemisphere and that itevenole in specific Soviet plans to attack, among other targets, the Panama Canal. To the extent to which the article speaks of ares smuggling and of the purchasing trip of Senior Hartlnea, it Is perfectly correct. But we feel that tha story on the secretly smuggled atom bonbe, if believed, would be only too likely toanic at the wrong tine and for the wrong reasons. He feel that such exaggerated claims nay not only reflect unfavorably on tho overall credibility of the Journal but also indirectly benefit the Communiate byar scars.

3* We request thata on the above commentsuitable manner. Bo further action t? Appears indicated at the acnaat.


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