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Acting Chief of Station,



Botee for T: RKKi Attachment B)

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Por Rooolfoi

1. COBKELZA baa asked us to give PANCHO toe following aaasegeei

bo confirm that({wife ofreported te hare gone to Honduras, haa beenher rotum trip in the Orient? If bo, baa ahe been givenanything that oould endanger the group or any of itseither aide of tho border! (Cahlo reply if there Is

(the brother of C risoner ioreported to have been talking rather loosely that AAaBSLIApeople to bbndaras and that be, s going there, njoy'a tha group'b confidence, boa ao Is vary talkative"carried assy".

o)vho vorks or worked in the Idoorera Vaoiooal,

left recently for Bondnras to join tha group. His bose there reports tost ehoost everyadio patrol ear arrived at ths plant end that I ould go eat and get in and they would drive around tbe corner and parkhile, talking. OOWTTTi ccoaidera it pcsaihla that bail I evarnaent ore's. (Oar ccmmeoti please inquire what role toil o ploying nos there and request that the above accusation be rapidly Investigated. Inform as of the outcome.)

d) CORsaLIA expressed concern about thsof morsthe factory i some of the people inside the factory are afraidthe quantities of papers which they still hare, eat of hiding. alone is said tobs of literature in hiding oo (Oar cosncntt CCESELXA did not yet know about eitherarrangements or your zero recent effect* to lanrorw tr amana transmitted ths boots

He understand that PWCBO sent wont through ARA5EUelegation of not leae than AS aten froa the factory ahould attend tbe Pan-American censreaa in Mexico city. Ha have arranged through our people ln the faotory that only three delegates froa there shall go to that congress. Tell fahciso that we appreciate hla aotlvo support for the Mexico congress bat that ve decided that the risk ofalasatlon ofaa too great at the present rncnenti lt la poesible snd svsn likely that toeof tbe factory sight arrest thee* people either when they want to leave or, mors likely, upon their return from Ksadeo. Ms cannot afford to lose SS active people st this momenti tares men might also find It easier to sneak through, if oeceeaary.

}* Ha year* paragraph 9* Sine* we have already aaMaVsjtfes the need for turningE7IH DHLoaplotely Into LA TOZDKL EJEKITO, there wou^ obtiousV be no apaceaborhere can be no doubt that the labor enaction is extremely Important but some little publication

at your end, at this Late date, can hardly contribute anything worth while towards changing the attitude of labor Inside the faotory. Us therefore recommend strongly that Manual conoentrate on IA VOZ, as suggested, both on the editorial work and on getting it to the intended readersand leave whatever effort can still be made in the labor field to our friends inside the factory (to whom wo hare indicated the need for action along theseut this need not prevent your radio outlets from paying suitable attention to labor angles.

u. lie youri Noted without comments.

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