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i Guatemala


Communlcationa Channel*

Tho attached arm atarila do tea for Matthew H. GVTRXCH.

Stirling D. ffiJJCEP ahould Inform CaTTKICH that thewho vill be the channel ln Wilt mailla WilfredLOWR. CLOVHt lo about thlrt^-flTe yeara ofmarried, and haa one ohlld. Before hla ecuiloyment with KUMKJC he llredvhere teeporteraoal newspaper and worked for

During hie aaploymant with KUBaRK be served In KT PLUME, primarily

BaWaSTEB and NUlTIIfj evaluate

nim aa oonaciontioua, willing to work, level-heeded and capable.

foregoing la to be communicated to COTRICH ao that he may hare aof the aerrlcea that rape can render.

U. fiUMCEP will note that prompt aotloo le required on the attached aterile notea.





11aaaiai 'in


Juan Joae la aware of our constant concern about tha security, aa wall aa tho efficiency, of Poncho's courier system. We hare had to rely on It In the peat until ve were able to aat up bettor communlcatlona. Recent experiences with the couriers have again demonstrated their eerloue llaltatlona. aa the paee of events end enemy vigilance mounts, ve can be euro of decreasing efficiency of the courier system.

To remedy this, ve have already been using Group channelsertain extent for aeaaagaa froa Pane bo, Juan Joae and ouraelvea to Lidia, ahaballa and Gil We nowan available in tho Pahrlca who can devote full time to baaflllma meaeagea for theae three individuals. The manfluent Spentah, blends Into the atmosphere and le very experienced. We wish from now on tof use of him for feat and secure contimrdcatlona.

Juan Joae will note that meaeagea from inabella that he receives from tha Fabrlca havo been addressed to "Pepe." In actuality, BPepe" haa thus far boonhannel. Some mosaagea have been aoat aealed from the Group to Lidia who passed thea to anabella and anabella, wherepaaaed them to Griaalda. With tho man now available full time for this work, ve vieh hia to como forward and Introduce himself to Lidia aa rape, the man behind tbe meaaagea. Pepe'a dealings with Lidia will be twofold i 1) he will pass money end reoolvo requests for money end 2) he will peas the messages far and receive the meaaegea from *t ad Griaalda. Wa aleo wlah rope to meet, at least on one occasion, both Anabolic ande should meet each ono of those two separately and not be In oon tact with them thereafter except ln emergeneiea but confine his routine contacts to Lidia. Themeeting of Pope and Anabella and Pepe und GrIsolde is deemed necessary to give thea full confidence in the Group channel. It stands to reason that Lidia,and Griaalda, having been accustomed tc meetlnge with live court era, would feel more aure of the new channel If they saw that thereive body bock of it.

4* Dnder this arrangement all messages from the Group (principally, Don hicardo) to Lidia, Anabella and Gr lee Ida would go direct froa ua to Pepe to the reclpienta. Juan Jose wouldopy ao that he end Pancho will at all times bo fully infomod of what Don Rlcardo Is sending. All Beeaagee fron Pancho and Juan Joae would go laterally with Sen'a mall to th* Fabrlca for Pepe who would peas them. The Group (again, especially Don Rlcardo) would get copies so tbat it can coordinate where necessary. If, in addition to sending Pancho and Juan -'one's materiel through Pepe, Juan Joae desires to use couriers in order to make sure that one of the two copies arrive in time tbat will be adequate aa an interim arrangement. It la to be hoped, of course, that as lo the case of Cornelia, who aeon found that the Group's channels were footer and safer, the courier system can gradually be dispensed with. However, this will obviously not be

pasaible until tbe Pep* channel haa demonstrated its quality la spued. Don Rlcardo will only aend such Inatrnotlona as have already been dlaeuaaod with Juan Jose and Manuel and ia folly cognisant of dangers of suparfluoue, contradicting, or blind instructions to theae num. able will be soot Juan Jose and confirmation received froa Joan Joae on any traffio to Anabella from Don Eioardo except most craaMng onorgenoy.

repe hlaaelf, as stated before, la experienced aad able. Ha will not have any functions of command, but will be to all intents andighly glorified messenger, however, with Pope in tho picture, there is the opportunity for him to resolve minor discrepancies between what Don Rlcardo, Juan Jose and Paneho request be done ia the Fabrics and what Lidia, Anabella and Grieelda feel can be done. Very often Bono thing that wouldreat deal of time to resolve if we depend entirely on written messages back and forth, can be nettled on the spot by discussion between Peps and Lidia, or, in an emergency, between Pepo and Anabella or Pace and Qriaaldfi.

It ia therefore requested that Juan Joae have Poncho aend ianediately three lettaro introducing Pope to Lidia, Anabella and Criselda, respectively. The letters should simply say that Pope is the trusted representative of Poncho and the Group, and that be ia responsible for the smooth flow of messages back and forth and tbat he con be useful in adjusting minoraa noted above. Pleaoe dispatch theae letters soonest and

adviao the Group in the Pabrica and us when Juan Joae is sending them.

please make maximum uae of the Pope channel. Theefficiency of their work can be much Improved thereby. There have already

umber of unfortunate confusions, which have caused much unnccoaaary labor and danger, due to the fact that thia channel waa not properly opened.

will tell Juan Jose more about Pepe's quail flea tiona. boas who is wall known to Juan Jobs, will see to it personallynot only performs quickly and reliably but alao that he at noto pass judgment on matters that muat be left to Poncho, JuanRlcardo, etc.

9. Please implement thia procedure right away. It can serve us very well from now until the tine that we have continuous and effective contact With the rro's.

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