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I. There are attached startle Instruct', am conceralax the natter referred to in the reference cable for paaalng to LttflQI snd OffKICK,

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Xt Is believed that full advantage should be taken of tbe opportunity presented by the proposed Interview with Senoresnd Mo ond to obtain as nuoh detailed information as possible regarding the extent to whioh the target is aware of our plans snd what steps are being planned to counteract any such moves. It is essential that we have this information, and this appears to be sn excellent opportunity.

Therefore it is requested that Andres debrief the three persons in ss detailed andanner as possible. They should be questioned laay that we are provided with everything they know on this matter. Us want details, not generalisations. Exactly what is known? Ths enemy hss not moved its elements to any extent. Why not? Are they simply waiting with the intention of holding their strong points? Thus far no hardware has been moved into the target area. What will be done once this moventcnt btartsV These are simply examples of questions* "aanxious that the subjects be thoroughly debriefed. Also they should be asked to furnish as much Information ac possible on others who are vxpected to Join them.

It ia believed preferable that this debriefing take place in the absence of KISS At least, the questioning ahould be di rooted by AKDR-'S. It would also be desirable to hava each of tbe three debriefed separately, hould supervise the debriefing: to insure that tbs pattern of the organisation la not disclosed nor the method of setting up each target area, ANF1RSS should citll aeetinge to see that we are not brought into the discussions In an official manner.

For JUAK JOSEi For your information Ko and Mo are roembere of tbe teem end they will be assigned speoifio tasks In the area. This will be en excellent chance for you to jive them more information concerning what la expsoted of them. It is Important that Mo especially be given no speoifio assignment which might conflict with other duties. JUAB JOSE should set up all meetings, with Rufus and in the presence of ANDRES.

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