Created: 5/16/1954

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Chief of Station, Guatemala


Current Operations

1* this is to recapitulate the under* Undlxuj shout current KUTXaM operationr reached between you and Jeremy T. HUfi'IK) during hie recent Tie it at your station*

iSSaia will soon carry out another "Jt- oampaign, this tine tothroughout tho country within the saae short time,r Iou vill -iit us atays nol ths exact timing otso that ve canspot" announcement ria ^ffiflRiOOQ. are any last minuto ciKinges or II circumstances should makeimpossible, you aust advise ua by OR* DttBPIATB cable so thatcall off thea announcement (failure to do so Bight resultombarraasment).

will carry out the "Death Notice" operation, aiming, however,

not at top people, but st medium snd low level (department and cityfficialsconsidering that the latter are more likely te be Impressed by such tactics than the compsratiTely aore sophisticated top leaders.

.:. Zoo mill send us say reports on trends in public opinion, rumors, popular Jokes, etc. which you can poseibly obtain (without neglecting your otherspecially any such material whioh refers directly to one of our operations, for instance, toHal HTUB, or the liks.


5* Hew subject. We shall send youeaflet bombe in due time. These bombs ars asent for use In Guatemala City only (we shall make arrsngeamuts through other channel* for other areas) and yon aust not make any use of them prior to the release date which ve shall cable to you later, we feel that this rather spectacular (and presumably in Ouatemala hitherto unknown} seen* of distribution sightanic at the wrong

tine end in the wrongonsidering the bijdi tension apparently prevailing in government and othernd must therefore tine the uee of this device carefully.

e shall also sendeasible, in this sanearious writing and painting laateriale which you night issue immediately to -jiCh or any other suitable personnel.

ey zs5u


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