Created: 5/16/1954

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Acting Chief of Station.

Operational reporte

Mi Obo

1. he your reportaji

glet of pereai being transmitted to


para lit Please keep oa Inforaed about thaant of these arrests and court oases.

a} lour We understandalted amount of taa papers printed lareaches you aov ay peach aad that ear friends there are spring railt efforts to trace port sore papers by aaai|1lii| routes as veil*

i. Be year reportay i

para 3* Thanks for the sUtlonsry. ve appreciateloTolTed la obtaining It. aatcn-ally, blanks could beanile we bare tc reproduceheats which are already written

at ire know that it la far acre difficult to get blanks. Whenever possibles let us bats aore ssaplas ef stationery, envelopes, rshbor staaps, etci they will cone ia very bandy.

SOor para ai Ha baTe already replied tor ratheroaacnta cb SHSHOOD by separate dispatch.

Xoari We undaretsnd that there will heelegates froa Ouateaala te the SUMMIT congress (and hare asked

you by cable to trensnit their ussaa and addressee}. He ere advising CAU.IomiS ia the ssas asaae. We egree with your corneals oa the desirable reletlonship between delagstse frost Ouateaala and


representatives fron exile groups ot tho congress.

d) lour parse have approved tho vary apt Idea of the lapel buttons in the neantine.

3. Wa have noted the remainder of your reports with interest.

[ 1



ay ISA

Dlotrlbatlont OustyV

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