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original of thle was sent toc la- froa Henry Bo Hand, Assistant Secretary of Stat* SUCCESS FILE, aS7/-

Mr. Holland said w* have an outside chance ofo on* hundred of getting that ahlp polled out if we can Inrtamnlfj tb* owner agalnet loeaea In any lawsuit for failing to fulfill tha charter. Kr. -laser aald w* her* already authorised State to say Inith Jack (Paartfoy)t ahouldhat th* tab didn't bar* contraband -toff on

Holland (Intarroptod) aald that Jack haa said b* oaa oertify It haa staff on0 tea* reported, and Dai tad Fruit said Saralatoar*oxcars already despatched to Guatemala aad thatona ararolling in addition. Nr. b'l*ner said be would want to cheek with Kr. Dullee about thiahink he would be disposed to say re*on't think we ought to say it inay aa to bepaying oato people who haw* been acting In contravention of lava." Holland aald "But suppose tb* British charter boy say*ill radio tb* Captain and tall bla to get out of that port,ne body has toon't know bow such that would be,ny amount w* would have to pay at th* endong and protracted lawsuit would ba cheap compared to the disadvantage* w* *r* incurring. Talk to Allana know about thl*.1 Kr. Uianer aalda daaaed if we would pick up the check for what they would olala." Mr. Holland replied "What they would olalabat what they would gat after the suitomething Hr. Winer than said he would check with Kr.nd 1st Kr. Holland know.

o Kr. Dullee.P. K.

Hr. "lanar aald that first b* would Ilk* to pas* to Kr. Dalle* some inforeetiooj Henry Holland say* he has Just talked to Paarlfoy whothat th* basic information ba* been confirmed about tha shipj that shehere, that ah* doe*0hat part of it ha* been offloaded and that snons Is already rolling. Secondly, Hr. Holland say* ther* ia an ovtald* chanc* that If we would be silling to say we would pick up tb* tab for damage* at th* andawsuit, fighting it of coursebut that if we stood behind the Dapartoantthat with that thereood chanc* th* Department could gat th* ship ordered out without discharging. Kr.ald certainly be would stand behind this. Kr. Winner said that ba told Mr. Holland we would not stand for claimsbat Kr. Dullee replied we could elver* sell tbe stuff and pay the Hr. Wiener said that wae right bet the amount claimed in special damages,r. Dulles Interrupted to say that In thia cap* be thought the Departvent would stand behind th* Director a* matter of policy and that be (Hr. Dulles) would provide tho funds. Kr. wianer queried "And ve would probably get thaa to hire the lawyer*7" Kr. Dulles replied that he didn't know about that. Kr. "isner then reef ftfesed that as to policy "Stat* would take that rap tbeaeelveo."

o Kr. Henry Holland 3il2 P. K.

Hr.idora talked to alien aad wo will ataod bohlod yco financially bat tho andoratandlnc i> wa ara standing togothor oa policyStat* la awtklng tha> policy dotorwinatlon and mm ara backing you np? Holland aald "Tbat La righta gratofnl to yon.* Rr. wiener addwill fight thia thing through orory oonrt tooro la." Rr. Holland replied that ho would quit tha Ooraruaiant and taka tho caao. Hr. Vianor aald firmly "Wo adot, however, pay what tboy clalai aa damagea." Hr. Holland Just grantod.

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