Created: 5/17/1954

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SDBjucr: Alternate Site For The Sherwood Program, oahte Fe

Complete arrangements have been made through the Regional Office of the Weather Bureau and CAA to make the alternate installation for the Sherwood program on Sante Fe.

The two-wan installation crew will travel from Tampa, Florida to Sante Fe on WB travel orders. The technical equipment has been delivered to Tampa and will be shipped as WB equipment using WB address labels ando bill of lading.

The WB Regional Officer has sent his admin officer to Tampa to arrange for the shipment of men and materials. The admin officer will accompany the men to Sante Fe where he will explain that they are from the Department of Defense workinglassified project. He will assist in executing secrecy agreements with the WB and CAA personnel stationed on Sante Fe (for cover story to be used see attached memorandum from Liaison Control Branch entitled "Contain!cations Test Equipment Unit").

h. The WB assured us that in the last ten years there has been at least eight classified projects working on Sante Fe and that this will not at all be unusual. In addition the Jurisdiction over Sante Fe has changed from CAA to WB and there islurry of activity into which our people will fit very naturally.

The admin officer will also arrange for the installation crew's messing An* housing with the WB and CAA personnel. In addition he willfor the assignment of one building which will be used to house thc installation.

Personnel and equipment are scheduled to depart from Tampa, Floridaay and the alternate installation for Sherwood should" be in operational readiness on or about the date requested by the DD/P.


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