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Summaries of broadcasts9 May,





L 1




Rolle Koe;a cheduled for Broadcast TU&Dtyj HA> /&

Afternonni "Miscelanes Musical '> Mre"i Jens it Redomc ao corny that it hurts. BSpmoi n bov visits Fortuny. Fortuny oceehe boy is staringhim ond asks why- 'Because my dad told me vouelf-madepys the tot- 'That'sortuny ewella, "IS pnan1. 'Then why',the boy, 'did youyours*>lf no wly?-.

"tfvestrr Catena RndiiO'i AdpMntirn of article. on personal defense against provrcetion.

"Cptruniemo al Deenudo'1! An ennlyeie of recent proas reports. What they mean to Disectien of thc Government inspiredwhich screed throughout the world, lowering the country's pres-

a Petrlo*! Never underestimate th" poweroman.

Thia program, narratedenele voice, tells the wotaan how she can becomefighter eeainat Co-muniem. How croud we women are go-in* to be on the Great Day. because we vill be able to say that we took pert in the great battle.

"Rompiendo lee Cadenee,,i The signifleans of Tbe nvmbol of the new day to cone. Arfcmr. now only heo one way to otop: the appearance of this simple number which seems to frighten him eo much, en^ that io bv falling. There will be no" when the constitution is no lower being violated.

"Quedonde Vanos"i eakness of Communien end Its dangers for true Guats. The messy results of Comunierc. Whet would these" ncidents be like if superimposed on the map end thehistory of Ouat.

"Bsi'e al Son oueoquon" i of Arbenz defending hie Pou^hly, "TVommie, IS Just on idiot". All presented ao en offering of the "Cficins ce Prcnsaublicidad de le Presidency Por Is Potriae Fevolucion Kot Vsle Hucvo".

(The abovft day's broadcaat cor.teined the following ennounccmcnt, which wBn rcpepted throughout the r'ay: "t'rrent message for Pedro,messagero- I> no* rerry cut tonight's plan. Do not carry out tooUht'c plar. Vou will be contacted tomorrow hy Pepeioree". With this.Kv-th" eppostion by three members. Futurewill increase In te-tpo).

Rolls d for Brosdcalltl

After no or! "I'.iscclwe! Aire": The commemte cn tMe proTrcir. for

variety's sake, teke the form of onc-eided telephone converaations. Innocent nueet'.ona that,unanawered, show Redf crea^nt regime. JPba at Willie ond Jacsbo.

"Nueatro Ce-roana Redial"i The ground of Guate^eler^ic tc Conu-unism. it eennot continue to tolerpte It. Tha tank of erecttn-suchdoctrine on the .country can only lead to cataatronhe. Some examples cf the incongruity of Conrmnism forountry. Tha Cosimuniata cannot nos?iblyolution tn the problems of Guatemala, they car. only offer chaos.

"Cc-nT-iamo al Deenudo'i Voluntarilly or no, Arbenz ia now the number one Communist of the country, Peeeivity in Ma high position hoe mode him so- Hie position before the denrer of Coirmuniam has made it difficult for ell to maintain their honor before the world. mntter whet he may claim, he must now be rewardedp Comrouniet, in essences, and in fact.

Evening! "Ira Patrie'i other apeak* to her son. Sentinentel

and sacred duties toward mother. How Communis- can only obliterate theae fnrily duties.

"Rompiendo lea CBdcnaa"i Guatanalo hee become the dongeroueof countriea which should be ita friends. each-head of activity that can only lead to atrlfe between countriea which ahould be on economic (nothing polical mentioned) bloc of power in world affeira. The distrust now prowin* will mean years of mistrust in future negotiations.

"Quedonde Communismanger to national integritv and honor. The promises of Rede hove never been kept, and their ultimate goola will never allow them to be kept. annot abide Communism becauae it calla for -nothcr love $reeter than love of country. Experimental machinations of CoTflauniem cen only atain with dishonor the hands that touch lt. How it has dene ao with those in Siictn^ele whe have done eo -

"Belle el Sonlc Tocmen": Th* atteopts etde, and those which misht be tried, by the Governnent. How we muet defend oureelvee from false starts, and those the Government nirhtersonal nreperotion for the "hour of truth". What about your neUh-borat Whet arc their activities? Where to they reet? tfhere to the"er, not et bore. Markwell, so the record will beendoy comes.

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