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SUBJECT* Position

premise of thi* paper isha consents, shouldto emerge, either shortlyay oxay as the ChiefJunta then exists and as the head of the new Interim

to ssy,^, ctual power position has long beenof doubt. This doubt nalr been crested, first add foremost, by

C jhiMslf t he has vacillateda tenants to th* effectwished to berivate cltisen" and indications of Francis T, HTLKES speculated, probably with sonshave been prompted by long-range ambition

rather than disgust. In view of the conflicting evidences of

real desires, it will be Important to flash him oat at theosi If the general concept of this paper is agreed

can be approached by RSBLFOOTonorste proposition, whereas inthe GROUP has had to ba guided more by what appeared to bef" , wishes In the matter of his

3* There Is now available sufficient evidence to Indicate that theJUNTA, no satter how composed, will be fraught with considerable internal rivalry. Tha distaste of C HUAX end other leading Quale, raalan army officers who oould prebmoanly?won to the anti-Coarauniet cause, if thoy are not already passively dedicated to it, for CALLIOERIS is established. There is every reason to believe that CALLIGERIS reciprocates such feelings. To be on tha safe side. It must be assuaed that there are other factions besides those of C. nd CALLIGERIS who will bo wanting to share poet-revolutionary power,

U.is not now and has neverarty to this

internecine strife In the array. Ha has the appearanceatriciantampenaentoderator. Properly guided, he can cut anand relatively non-controversial public figure. Accordinginformation, heood reputation inisliability, hie association wo-lld Pre-

sumably no longer be asiability altar tne rwvuj.ui.ion,


5. Based on the foregoing, it is concluded Jwould ba the mostnd conciliatory front for the revolutionary Junta.


s -

He would give the Guatemalaneeling of calm and oonfldeneewould moderate, or at least conceal, the mutual recrimination ofparties to victory. Jao the public figuleaf forJunta, tine would be gained In whioh the strugglesand others would either be hermonloasly dissolved or

aeciose tn favormilitary leader was able to eobiliie the moat power. WlthC_ he helm these conflict* in the Junta could be sufficiently concealed or placated until nuch tine as they no longer redounded to the benefit of tbe Without^ ind of umpire. It Is possible that the rivalries withinooold eruptime when the antl-Cossainlat forces had not get oonaolidated their hold on tha country.

the foregoing concept ia jcould be launched byof speeches which he would make over SHERWOOD Just prioray programs and consolidation posters, now featuring the


rtralt and prose of, could be re-printed in the nanat way also be possible, by arrangement with ODACID, to have the OUAOLU representative, at tike appropriate tine indicate to the victorious revolutionary Junta that it isnderstanding ^la the head of tho Junta.

foregoing la obviously dependent on two principal factorsi

to accept this projected role and


of certain assets ia botn the civilian and

rdlTtary spheres of Ouatemala life.

Tha so points should be explored withC- Jet the first available opportunity.

is believed that if the foregoing personal focus is givenho will be able to plan hisprogram much more effectively.

Jeremy T. NUTTrso/gfbU


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