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Chief, Lincoln

Chief of Station, "MhlagtOB

Operational tieport Essence

Attachedeport* froa KUot P. Rasamra relating to Eeeeoce activities.

Initially Essence had hoped to publiah "Pobiand related articles In EL REBELDB (eaeut before publioatlon could be arranged the police aletcd several tboueand cop lea of iesuend it was concliated that the police probably would cloee down the paper if the articles appeared thereafter. Essence then triad to han them printed in the independent press as paid advertisements (para.f To date they hare not appeared, and Raxmara haa been ina true ted to recover them and hare them prepared in leaflet form for black distribution. Unco In will be informed by cable as eoon aa the articles appear so thaton can be taken via SherwooJ,

s. fonsequence of Nutting's oral request that Raemara

study wave and means of gettingfull head" of pay choice! oal steam during th* final stages of PBSuoeeae. "Alfalfa- is the person working withlack aotlvities. Hia identity and biographic data will be submittedeparate dispatch.

4. elf-explanatory report containing laiscollaneoua by-product data obtained from fcssence.

Oeorge L. Tranger

Eticli as noted4




SUBJKCTi Hooting Between CAilTKR and Al&zatg

meeting occurred betweeniSKKTO on Thursday nifht,ay.

following information was rey-orted by

Jof the Baae Hilltor.

Monday,ay,en of the Cuarta CompaMa of the Base Vilitar left by airplane for Puerto Barrioe. They were accompanied by four machine guns,wo cannon,wc anti-aircraft pieces). They were giren no date as to when they wouldnly that it would probably be wi thinays, more or less,

Wednesday night the artillery pieces (rejorth) placed around the Baee were dismounted (ratirados).

Their superiors continue insisting that they will be attacked at any time from outside, and that they muet be prepnred. Day and night leaves are forbidden, they are restricted to the Base,

It is reported that thit. pastoldiers deserted from the Base| from the Segunda and the Cuarta compazine it is reported that these two compnBfas Btill are lacking Sargentos Primeros because of desertion,

The following information was receivedapitan (name unknown) stationed at one of the military banes in the departments, (CARTER has sent for the name and post of thishe troope are sleeping In the "galponos" (equivalent to stables, oupply buildingo,ecause the government haa given orders to mine tho Bases proper in order to be able to blow them up upon the entry of Castillo Armas' forces, should the bnses have to capitulate. They will not be blown up until after the enemy have occupied the bases.

has had reproducedoof the Comlteacional letter. being circulated through the departments, and ot. ilitar and other military establishmente. ere that thiB letter is receivinggiving the impression that tho opposition ieorganized and planned that they are working onof Communists after the present pavcrnmentover-thrown,

requests that the followingpaseed along to ANABELa and who ever else would CARTER does not wish tc make any flatcomit an injustice, merely alert ANaBELA, etc.d talking with Darlo Soto, of theErludiantes anticomunistas, CARTER has gainedthat this person is-and conviction in doing his work. He isthe Inter arrivals to the committee (within theornd his Joining seemed motivatedwhnt he thought he could grin than by what he Under pressure, or bribery, it iswould easily inform for the police, hencethat nothingerious or clandestineconnected with this person, nor should lt bethere are any connections leading froa CEUA andassociates to the outelde or to thethin Guatemala, Darlo Soto was going asPAN to the anti-Communist Congress in lloxl co. alf-scornful voice that he doesn'tasn't any interest inongress, etc. Jof "El Rebelde" was before the police inthe the latest "El Hebeldc" issues,nekedC here Darlo Soto vaa, nnd itwas next on th*-ir list for interrogation,

10. The "Pobinrticle, as well ns the cartoon referring to the clandestine radio Btation numbers, have been submitted to the newspapers. Whether the papers will print then: still ren^ins to be seen.

11- CARTER nnd ALFALFA are presently f. inr over plans in connectioninal cnmnnlgn previous tc the "action" whichise the opposition rrlrits to its rrximuo point.

CfiHTSR requests thnt thellc-ts scheduled forny Day use, snd grenades, ho gotten to hire sconcot*an be used in disrupting nestings,nd possibly forsass in henor of all the 'arsons who hare suffered death or inpxi senroent at the hands of the Guatemalan fcverniaent because of their rti-Ccmtnunism, Howover, CAItTKR requests that those materials be gotten here previous to the laying on of any sot plans, so as not to result in another Day" fiasco. They must know upon whet they can count, -ouantlty, sizes, type, caso or difficulty in operation, etc.

12, The next mooting between CAKTKR and ALKET.TO Is scheduled for Saturday,ay,


ertainty that the house ofS&lguero in Ciueod NucvauantityfCr uao by the government forces, tight menaeeigncd to guard this house (governmentmen ev^ry four house. CARTKR is attemptingthe exsct address of this house, as well asclan,

areomments concerningin Honduras*

Indications are Diet thc'affalr in Hondurasreater imj-ortancc for the Guatemalan government than appears on the surface, persons (he doesn't have the names) have been sent by the government to give ideas,o the Honduran -aorkors, and to try andolitical advantage from the strike. It seems that at bottom ia this idea -to assist the opposition (Liberal party) in Honduras to pain the forthcoming elections, inasmuch as the Nationalist party is divided between Cartas and Williams. With the Liberals in power, it would be easy for the present Cuateuilan government to gain the sympathyiberal government in Honduras nnd tc work in harmony withince on more than one occasion the Guatemalan rovernment has attacked Cnrfas, beeides having given its support to the strike. This can be the basis for gaining the mass support of the peopleew Honduran regime based along. Guatemalanoodly number of Liberal Party exiles who are presently in Guatemala would return to Honduras as possible sindical leaders, etc. Theae persons would bo in charge ofampaign against the Guatemalan exiles in Honduras, an! wouldcrloue threat to opposition (our) activities.


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