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from Chief of Station,Operational Report



Infot Washington

attached report froa Eliot P. Ratnara contains important observations resard-lng the attitudes, the capabilities and the organisatione Essence coaplax and the opposition in general.

At first glanoe sow of thc dworvations nay seem unduly pessimistic and suggest the urgent need for morale boosting. Such ia not the case. Ibis report uasat length with Raaoara, and we are agreed that Itealistic appraisal of existing conditions and morale boosting per so cannot dissipate the feelings described therein. Some of Uie reluctant oppoaltlonlsts probably uannot be reached by any kind of propaganda. TX anything inspires them to action it will be the first sign of action itself.


Tho tactical instructions and plans outlined inere received following the preparation of Uie attached report. Possibly some of the persons who have participated in overt acUvitiee In the past will be unwilling to take part In the proposed underground coaplax. However, it la our belief that the fearsin the aLtachmd report will not materially interfor with implementation of referenced plana. In fact, we feel certain that the apparent security of the proposed underground net will dissipate some of the reluctance now felt inquarters and enoourage participation to the degree necessary for our purposes. Frequent progress reports on the subject ofill be initiated as soon as Rasnara has completed his comprehensive discussions with Essence.

historical review program

release as santcizeq

as noted4

- Lincoln- Washington




cess/si classification



Brtln?between Oscar H. CARTER and ALBERTO oa Tedneed ay night,ay.

8. Turned eysjening,ay, the government seized the oopieeio* "Elhloh were being maiiefl to the departments. The government states that the paper usee ths ease theme, "Dioe, Patria, Libertnd its articles are slanted along the same lines, aa

bylUo Armaa partis ana In Honduras and si Salvador, and over the clandestinehat it has subversive tendencies'.

8, Those oonneoted with the paper said that the Mtl-ConmunlBt opposition within Guatemala had adopted the theme before Ihoae on the outside had. and there was nothing they oould do to prevent It, Furthermore, there was no connection between the "El Rebelde" group and these os the outside,

i police were naked if this seizure meant

oould no longer be published, the police would give no positive answer, not even to the question contlnue t0 PwMinh the paperf. Only a

esterday those persona who went te tha police to inquire about the paper's seizure were finger-printed, and all pertinent data taken concerning them.

s much as CARTER and those involved can determine the eelzure of the paper was not the result of any oneather le an indication of the government'spreoccupation with the increase in opposition activltie particularly thecampaign, and the clandestine radio, aa well as the growing boldness la hints of motion tothe government^

CARTER reporte that goverrmsntto track down and break the eouroe of opposition within the oountry are increasing to such an extent that feex is developing within people of participating even In the overt activities cf the antl-OoamunlBta, and some, because of discouragementhange will ever occur, axe aocaptlng and participating In government prcgrama,completely from active participation In anti-Communlem.

Orejaa and police have been placed about all the anti-Comouniot flllalee throughout the country. They are oheoking on all peraona who attend meetings, go into the headquarters, or in any way assist in the anti-Communist activities.

CARTER reports that the result of this increasing government opposition to the antl-Oommuniet aotlvlties, and the fear ando ou rag one at it arouses In many of the active antl-Communlst workers, la to increase the dlffloultv In distributing the propaganda.

CARTS suggests that requests for the distribution of the "theoretical" type propaganda be kept to an absolute minimum (propaganda dealing with Coanainlst attitude toward religion, alava labor eenpe la etc. Ibis informtion haa been widely distributed in the peeti what the people wantf they can't get anas, ineteid ofaa manyo propagandaocce-thing that at leaat hintseal relief to come in tbeand propaganda that disturbs and

To continue the diseemlnotion of the theoretioal lype propaganda only serves to unneoossarily riek the

UISHth0Bendistribution, and to expose ohannela of oosxounloatlon.

Th!?efilislee In the oountry. located In the nmjoFTopulatlon centers, which have been evelopederiod of time, and at considerable work. In the majority of oases each filial in turn maintains oontsct with, and control over, three or four population oenter. or areas in that locality whioh are torBoattereV or sparsely settled to support an organised fuU-tisje filial.

13, oonunlcat ions ohannelilial breaks up or la made toolve through fear, di alnterset, orcause, lt means not only has contact been broken with that town or pueblo, but with the whole area oonneeted with the filial, and possibly evan with other fill alee. Tha people bearing the major responsibility in these areas hare been developed usually through personal contact and onlyonfidence ln their ability and trustworthiness has beenll involving time. To obtain replace* menta for them ln the event of their compromise wouldremendously involved prooess, requiring much time, effort, and perontact.

1*. In the departments, away from ths independent news organs end more organized and vociferous public opinion, the pollea are suoh more brutal towards their prisoners than they are here In the oapltal. Prlaonere are beaten, tortured, and oonfined, and frequently no one knows what happened until the prisoner returns (if he returns). All that his family or friends can be sure of le that so-and-so has disappeared one day or night, and that the authorities and police deny all knowledge of his whereaboute. Eenoe, when peroone Involved in anti-Communist work know this treatment ia fnelng them, they are not particularly eager to expose themselves in distributing much propaganda they don't oonslder to be very effective or which is merely more orepeat of propaganda which haa gone before andnf ormatlon whloh everyone knows anyway.

la becauee of these organized fillales that such


ogramn aa" cacpalgn can be spread rapidly and deeply rough the country. " oampalgn had suoh sue cess beoauee itifferent type propaganda and the publicity resulting froa the arresta, automobile pick-ups, school-child reA,xoited the people. The newanese and hint of something subwerelvoroud eehange was also apparent In the case of the Comlte1 Reivindioacion Vaoional letter, and in the clandestine radio. These things give people the idea that they are not exposing themselves forunch of words, but that at laat after all these years, something soeras to be brewing that has teeth.

unlimited, an! he states that

of the government measures in checkingthe cornedtteee and envoys sent out by CARTER CoCARTER le finding lt necessary tothe personnel of these groups. The supply is not

diffioult to encounter freah, uncompromlsed personnel to fill these roles. This is another reason why the personnel must not be exposed unnecessarily in the distribution of any propaganda whioh dees not cntimially serve to heighten interest end seem toittle bit more than was offered or said in the preceedlng distribution.

13. The governmentn el daring requiring that all purohasss and ealee of ooffee be made throughhis measure will give the government striot control over the ooffee flnqueros' inoome, ae weal as preventing those flnqueros from keeping their money In bank deposits In the exterior. It will also provide the government with an additional eouroe of income since the government will control the buying prioe from the flnqueros, and any rise in price from the time the ooffee Is purebased by the government to the time It sells, will accrue to Ihe government, rather than the finqueroa.

The parents of Blveraoueln of C,

'"IwhO 1awith PANCHO, arrived at CARTER'S

nouao^ye sterdayhey stated that it laweeks since their son. who isears old, leftthe oppositionand they are very worried

about him, whether he arrived safely,nd when hebook, CARTER tpld them that he knewhad no connections with the move-

ment,ut advised them that forfety of their son, ae well as themselves, they not go about talking of this matter. CARTER suggests that Rivera write his parents, telling them he is safe and not to go about talking,

15. The next meeting between CARTER and ALBERTO is scheduled for Thursday night,ay,


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