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from : Chief of Sta

Kugown Operational Report


IS,ndf Uio attached report from Raxaramilitary nature and should be routed to interested PESuccoss per-sonnol. Highlights wore previously reported in.

oncerns two cards sent to Raznara and Essence for suggestions. Copies of the finished product will be sent to youollowing report*

efersery interesting reaction to the *SZn program. The one copy of tlie clipping su brut ted by Ratrara is forwarded to Lincoln only.

,elate to Sherwood broadcasts. Highlights were cabled to Lincoln, information copy to Sherwood.

The neeting of the ^iplonatic Corps reported in in fact held, but itarewell social functioneparting nereber of the Corps. It is Interesting to note how quickly runors arc bom and circulated here.

The remaining paragraphs cover mi3cellanoous developments requiring no comment.

as noted4

historical review program release as sanitized

- LincolnHas^Jngton wye;/encl



SUBJECTi lfeetinp Between CARTER and ALBKRTO

A meeting occurred between Oscar H. CARTERLBERTO onay, Tuesday night.

Attached aro the birth announcement (announcing the birth of Liberty) and the mourning card (Inviting prayers for the aoule of the CoMamists).

The reception (reported In localee attachment) held in Retalhulen for the return of Manuel

X"*oraa from the capital where he had been takenrl-eoner for having's* on walla in Retalhulou, wae organized by the local anti-Communist filial to express their appreciation for his actions andorm ofto others^

moole are reporting that theyvoiceon tha clandestine true, that he la broadcasting, he ahould maketo disguise hia voice, as repercueeione oouldsslj not only to hie family and hie no via, buthla friends of the oppoaitlon with whom hein Guatemala.

arrived at the house of CARTKR* a

no via, quite upset and praocoupled over theae reports. She etatedetterJin Boms time. CARTER auggeatB thatfj Jwrite her. telling her not to worry and not to go around talking aa this only invitSB danger.

6. uggeotion from CARTER for the programe and information emanating from the olandeetinehess programs orhould bepparently


on one of tha first programs eomo roferonce or statement was made to the effeot that an invasion was coming from ho outside. ubsequent program this was denied and/ or tbe information given out was that the defeat of tho Incumbent government would be accomplished from within. Tbis type of inoonsistency only serves to confuse tho listeners, and to destroy any confidence thoy might have in those responsible for the program*

lies or exagerrated stories are going toabout* let them be consistent lies and liesnot easily seen through or prove* false by the An example ofome timeistCommunists was published in CEAUGE or oneother papere put out by the exiles. This listtbe name of Davidyrela. Although apologiesto Vela, and..ho stated that he was not inannoyed, tbe damage had been done. Mo oneconsidersommunist, and since bisincludedist of reputed Communists, thosetbe lists had doubts as to the veracity ofthat tbeee names were of Communists. Thuseffectiveness of the list waa destroyed, and notthe lists, but suob slips give rise to doubts as to

tbe serlousnsss and knowledgahility and sense ofof those guiding tbe opposition,

suggests that tbe radio play up Ifidea that tbe opposition army le going to use Tbe rumors are going around among some ofpersonnel that this Is true, and It ban Inspired

a tremendous fear among the soldiers* CARTER'S group la trying to fan this rumor, but he suggests that tbe idea be played for all it Is worth, not only on the radio, but in any other media available.

s 9. CARTER suggests that the psychological effect would be so great as to make it worth the money and any trouble that FARCHO secure one or two of these flame-throrrers. Thets operation, even without any intent for actual death-dealing effectiveness, should serve to demoralize tbe common soldier and greatly weaken reels* tence,

CARTER received the report that sometime around



of the

Diplomatic Corpe was convoke* in the Mexican Embaeev.

by the Mexicanie not known tor what purpoae thle meeting wasthe rumor going around la that Arbens (Jacobo) la ready to leave the

, ^i'^ S' theofup and eent to Chlqulmula. Also

ttfrmilitary bases here'

oy airplane to Zacapa that night.

Also thle peat Sunday word reached the Babefrom the Plana Mayor that the Guard ia de Honor

SvtMk word reached there 6Tenlne' andwas alerted u

ooting. The Base la

eurrcunded with artillery piecea. Hear the Guardla de

h ' re75. Hear the Bala de

there ie another These are placedfortloatlona (bunkers) (fortines de tierra).

Jher"/ar0various other spots araound the (exact locations not reported).

Again the word la being paeoed around the Base that the situation le getting eerlouB and It is beet that they consider how they are going to escape, because the invadera are bringing flame-throwers and it is imposcibla to stop these arms. If this happens. It is beet that they throw themeelToa into the barraocos. (La ttvasien trae lanzaue oeae arnas no las pueden perar. ftue el eso paea, que major Be vayan para Ice barrancos!)

. s reported that the house of Macedonio>*lcento of San MateoJilpas Altosmailemail arms hidden there by tha PAR.

* an Bartolo there is another quantity of email arms In the house of Gilberto'ivelaequez,

eached by various persone, and

of the factpecial guard of Guardias Clvilee hae

MSigned to the Rancho Niraajay in Antigua, indicategovernment has arms guarded here.

It is believed with more or less" certaintyrmB aro hidden in the house of Arturo^sformeJo in Antigua.

Aleo in the houee of tho woman DoctorXrrejo in Antigua, because several persons affiliated with the CommuniBto have becB advised that In tho event of necessity arms will bo given them.

a meeting, believed held Sunday, inAgraristas froo different pueblos In the vecinity,by CeoHlo*Gaitan (Secretario dol PAR ofAxquimido>fSoto (Secretario de la Gobernacion- Parista) someampesinos gathered. that if the Archbishop of Guatemalain affairs of the Government that ho shouldfrom the country, ant or tanks and machinebo placed in front of the archiplscopal palace

to quiet him. They also agreed that the business of thewae the responsibility of the stixlents end that tho students should bo pursued and made prisoners, because all this was directly against tho government,

Guordias JudicialeB have been sent out Into the departments to try and find out wbo ie paintingecause thess continue.

Gobernacldn has asked for an increase in the presupuesto so it canuardian judicialos more, in view of the strong work which is noted in tho ranks of the opposition.

Tho clandestine radio continues to cause uneasiness in the government circles, and arouse interest in tho public. However, many people are looking for the program and have not been able to find it on their radios.

CARTER has sent out delegates or comitfis to tho departmente to encourage the filialee, etc. At present there is fear among the ranks of the opposition toia too much propaganda against the government because of the uneasiness which their presence is causing among the people. The comites had as their objective the campaign of defaming the government circles, creating fearsmong them, threats to the Guardiae Civiles, eto.


26. CARTER has received word that the PGT has presented Arbenz with several petitions, signed now aa the "Partidof Guatemala (majority partyn one of these petitions the PGT asks foriputados as their share in the next elections.

26. The other parties aro pretty well split* This has reachedoint In PAR that the 'bases" of PAR paidattention to the list of diputados for the next elections that PAR wants to present* but the bases went over to the PGT.

** Tho case of Chiqulmula has caused seriousto Arbenz. In the first encounter between the Guard in Civil and the campesinos. there were someeaths. The following day the Military of the zone arrived and attacked tbe campesinos with machine guns. It seems there were some DO deaths (unarta cabal). The government doesn't know whom to blame -they can't blame the Communists* nor can they blame tbehe result is that tbsro are serious dlocu ebions In the Palaclo because of this.

26. The next meeting between CARTER and ALBERTO Is scheduled for Wednesday night*ay.


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