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Worried Over Oppoeition (loves

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Isaac DKLQADO is llvint; atuatemala City,ouse ownedl 0UE31CA, Also residing in tho came house is Julio Erwin SPAATZ. DRLOADo workc ir. the government office which has control of radio stations, SPAATZ Is employed in tho prooidont's publicity office and ho aleo has charee of internal and external press natters,

Julio ARAGCti Zeraeno, who was formerly in tho Cuardia Judicial and who ie now retired, statedhat President Jaeobo AR2ENZ is afraid that he will havo to fleo the country fron one day to the other. Reportedly ARBSKZ hit, been *ble to learn little re-ardiog plane of the opposition. Because of hiEocentl wip of confidential ar.ento under his personal direction. He Is also reported toonsidering the formation of special settle vh'ch would be riajor Cerlos ij.AKRlOS Pena,

aArUUCS vaa reported to have beanin the organisation of anservice for Col, Ro&alio CRJZ Wex inu. BARRIOS ts now scQklnt collaborators for the new crovp, and AtlAOOH eaid that he had been approaches RIOS with the request that he lend his help. According to A'tACOK, ho weeood ealary, <md he was aleo informed that ARBEHZ would pay aeum as well asafe departure from the country, to anyone providing information re^rJln. opposition plans. BARRIOS said that there wo-tld soon be denouncements of CilvZ Wer, Col. Joee Ruben GONZALEZ Si-ul, and Col. Isidore HkULFF- Oarrunxa on the (round that they aro involved in core movement, Z learned of the planned action and warned MORALES.

h. It ia stated that Col. Jaime XOSUUXKC, director of the Cuardia Judicial, is ver/ worried about opposition movenente. KOflfatESGhas indicated to subordinates that there are manytators among the prieete and that those persons are being watched closely, iie added that the toverre-ent also hao sto! priests in ite service. Special amenta hove been sent to tha borders and they are ln daily contact with Ouardia Judicial heedquartere.

It has been reported by those aponte that'A flfci. haea finca La the north, known either as Loa Guayablee or Las Guacanayas, on which cotton or citronella le srovn. ihe Juardia has learned tha. there ie an electric plant on this farm, and ite suspected that this plant lenerjy for the clandestine radio pint ion directed arainet the (toverwent. irtVKi*other rich lnnd ovnere are believed to be financing the station. Por the presente only beinp watched.



r-i* Judicialote froa the Presidential palace stating thatenj& should work in cooperationanor unions snd the Partido Ouatesialtoco del ir^bajo. Orders to thishaeV Wfr dispatched to. all bases' throughout the Country. ep Lai* to'r-'say aoSSKBSR said thatvero*ent is threatened ond that eseh'x-st unvote hineelf to his.

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