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lanuza appeared at the Administration Building at about Iff. this day, stating to the receptionistant to speakombody about nuatemala." He was referred by the receptionist toto the Director.

Lanuza is of medium build, strong features, wears horn rimmedprinkling of gray in very dark hair, erect in his stature, speaks English well butistinct accent, seemed to be well balanced andery favorable impression.

3- He left El Salvador oopril, going to the Mayo Clinic "to get well." He arrived in Washington, checking in at the Lafayette Hotel the evening of Ik May. (He has subsequently moved o the Park Hotel.) On the morning ofay he wasetter which had been held for him from Generaligoras Fuentes,ay and stamped as received in the Hotel Tafayetteay.

h. Making frequent reference to the letter, Lanuza narrated the following story:

He is associated with Generaligoras Rentes in ao effort to dispossess the present government of Guatemala. lotc plan to accomplish this was furnishedr. Hill in the American Embassy, San Salvador, onk- Mo reply has ever been received from Mr. Hill.

to General Fuentes one

ndicating ember of anGerman military group,to Fuentes that he

was aware of Fuentes effort to overthrow the present governmentand offered him financial assistance in accomplishing Fuentes asked him if he had anything he could Rive him ottime to indicate his icmcdiate good faith.T 0dollar bills, then "pumped" Fuentes as to who inArmy Fuentes was counting

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/'Lanuza stated that since Fuentes hud previously been taken "by Armasimilar manner,hake up in the Guatemalanhat Fuentes was reluctant but did Tsome names. He ^ Jwhat group he represented andQ he would tell him later. He said he was contacting himesult of the papers he had given Mr. Hill, of the American Embassy.

Fuentes then started work on his plan butubsequent meeting 3CLune inll him that "his chiefs" bad told him to cease helping fuentes.

At this time Lanuza statedFuentes'

heft TI) represented Central Intelligence and was backed up by f vthe United States Anay.^ Jsaid that General Mullins wasan interview with President Osorio, of El Salvador, that General Mull ins had been denied this interview, and tbat if General Fuentes could get General Mullins an interview with Osorio ^would see that Fuentes got more helpimited way." Lanuza stated that Osorio would see no

about this else General Fuentes' intelligencehim that Armas knew that Fuentes was trying to get help This Information came to Fuentes through onewho

works for United Fruit Company- Fuentesknew

of Fuentes' activities and yet Fuentes did not Know about Aims' plant l ^answered that Armas was Kept informed by the United Fruit Company.

At one entes that under certulnhlc group could furnish Fuentes with arms und anything else

he needed through El Salvador. Osorio told Fuentes that he neutral but that Fuentea could pass the necessary arms through Salvador. Lanuza said "we knew Osorio was treacherous and would seize the arms- We feel that underneath Osorio has anwith the Guatemalan Government, we do not know whether it is because be likes them or fears thee."

^msked Fuentes to arrange an interview with' Caneesa, Minister of State, El Salvador, for Generalwus out of the country at the time, but when heapproached him and Canessa said it would be "suicidal"Osorlo's help. esult ofFuentes his

group could not help him any more.

anuza says that General Fuentes feels action must take place quickly aad that General Fuentes can accomplish the mission If be Is given adequate financial assistance.

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