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Report SO. 42

Subject: Contact with Pancho and Hanuol,ay.

1. Pancho was requested to contact the editor of Pronto and instruct hia to refrain lnfroa publishing any storyo the uton boat)nless previouslyus. Pancho agreed that the story was rodiculous and that tighter control ofin Pronto should be established. He stated, however, that bo believed that oneour friends waa with . tated that to ay knowledge none of

of our group representatives waa up more-*ih PP me.ters. Ia this correct?

stated thatseamed reluctant to some forth wjtlu^

f" communism, but that ho vould maxo aether statement _to_ convince hia. In thosuggested that Pancho Include ai"xt speech

vhlch he will record. Paacho'a next proclamation, to bemsTBrek, will deal with farmers, laborers, vouon, professional men, etudunts, and the church. Soto: Pancho feels that he should not moke too many declarations of this sort since he believes that it eight ae too BUQO.ood thing. Pancho also has reservations about hia speech-makingried to impress on him that now iz the time to limber up and polish up hia delivery, since be will be called on to makeew speechoo ill tho future.and that ho ehould take advantage of Manuel's coaching.

considerable discussion, Pancho agreed that we ahoold proceed with our originalhaving La Vox take over completely from Ceuage. Ue requestedransmit thoBoto Kanuel ande set tho aper up os we saw fit. pancho sjetodManuel runs into difficulty with the student group, which is very attached to Ceuage,

he willirect order that it be done exactly as we suggest without further delay. Nolo: ransmitted this instructions to Kanuel and our next issue should boar the Ln Voz del Ejoroito, Organo del Comite Coordlnodor Anticoauniata heuding only.

I suggested that Kanuel take uiventage of bis trip to Mexico to set up the sau^lingfrom Tapachulo to Katatlan, Pancho stated that Manuel could aid in this, but ihi J

L ould actually det it up and run tho deal from Mexico. He agreed to lustrucy

i- this respect as

% Pancho stnted that his ideaot Justicielismo,reviously stated, are very general, that ho and Col. Plores nave not come to any definite formula., Pancho stated tiiat tho idea is simply that he porpooes to establish the idea that in all hia approaches toconomic problems i, bis country, ho will attempt to deal justly in all cases withoutany atxrata ln society any special privileges. Be stated that it was unfortunate that Foron hadern so similar and that heot yet settled on Justiciamo os the exact word, although the general principle will definitely be applied,

Pancho agreed to tbe useefugee who servedell insideay in one of out dramatizations, and sujjested that the case of Keodez be used. This was discussed with Andres and Juan Joae, and we agreed to have Mendozormal, notarized declarations and to agree to its dramatii,ation in writing.

Pancho agreod that it wouldood Ices to issue the intercepted docjaent dealune, but requested that the group make up some kindoc-ioent hehow to Manuelasis for the frumo up. Ho stated that he bolived that wo had the ncces-ory material up there to doctorocument of that sort.

On busies Orell, Pancho stated thatrios circulated herehe efrect that the boy ccemuted ejicide arc completelyd that the local embassy didiits best to alant such stories. Note: See attached issue of Grafioo, dtated lp may. pni(cho stated that the story appearing in this paper ia coop lately false and was inatioateu by his enemies ithe local caboaay. According to Pancho, vue near Morales when the accident took, but lt was deemed unadviaable to have ,ua mate any declarations to tbe presa. Pancho stated that Morales bad no reason whatever for comaiting suicide and that his behaviour did not give anyhat he waa consideringtep. Pancho stated that be bolived that the

boy may have bolived that he was firing an empty ccaaber but that since he was not very familiar with the Colt automatic, he dtd not realise that the revolvesulls the



tri^er. vu ^rr

Munuel and Colorado, and tbe odds finally coi^it upira.

suggested tbat if hia book la not to be used at present, it mijitood ideaexerpts on the clandestine radio. IfOUp ia interested, Pancho Kill forward theup immediately.

Attached are receipts for all noneyo Pancho for this south.

Attached also are copies of Pronto and HI Conbato auppliod by KeuUal. Unfortuiuttely, neither publicationvised in tiae to dropeal. as been sent to both to that effect. Attached also is copy of cooplete radio program schedule and Editorial and articles for the next isauo of La Voz. Copies of corrospondanco betvoon Panoho and are attached along with biov,raptii-,al data on j

lo connection with info given to Pancho froia. / n is utill here.

ba ose ttlkcr. He will ir.strucO that they clEmp

down on hia. Pancho s'tateaie ooyxious to get into action and that he believes that he will'du.blo oan when the time comes Lo pit hluork.

c* L J ls belnC investigated. Andrea stated tha. he haa idormod to that respect, d. rafl requires no co ment.

As stated In my cable, Kenuai statouo will run out of femccune program matorisl

soon. If group can not supply same, ue wil. attempt to manufdctare sane locally.


14. PnnchJ did not have the Fay-wuready but promised same bo lore he leaves on his trip .

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