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i tfu, UCO hrs.




started tha discussion by stating thatC- "zl had

arrived onj aoout lljOO hrs. He was billeted at the coiumuithenour briefingfirst determinec

cijjwirfjj3ijmaaatk3jaai)what story C- given the pilots ln Hawaii. 3had been able to3 qualified toargo Klckersftwo of whoa are crew chiefs). He brought PHS for the pilots and background information.

The pilots had been approached by C ndividually andersoi basis as woro the crew members. C- 3that the recruitment was completed by him of themersonal basis, that tbey have confidence in him and accepted the job because of him. The commitments which he made were semi-firm but he told them not to burn their bridges behind themoophole in case something else should happen. The pilots were advised not to tell their employers their reason for leaving or where they would be going. C_ ould not be granted tvo months leave through normal channels by his organization unless ho can produce somo military orders. Ho said he felt tho orders would have to be military and should be backstopped in case they were picked up by his boss.

At this point the pilots are only waiting for advice frooC efore coning on. Q s to be it charge of their contract liying.

5tatad heinutes

on cur oar support/ problems.

On 1? as introduced tcwho questionnod him

about the approacn winch ho had used in contacting uie pilots andand what tbey actually knew about their proposed Job. c. 3they knew little of what they were to be doing: they were curiousthe pay was so high. c old them that friend

who was Just trying toittle business his way anc inat thersdanger ln the flying; that they vr>uld be flying south of Florida.told the prospective crews thatC-ouldn't have called himhadn'tood deal. C- 3asked C-f the pilots onddo the Jobnot there and no said he felt thatif thereogical reason for him not remaining onthat thereossibility that they could get-1

M asted what had to be done toward firming up the pilots. As soon as ne has something definite to say, he will call and tell them. j3 that they wouldefinite answerays.

rybat pbsuccess


that if it was desired for the men to be on their way byi they should be advised of the decisionays.

C sked about the possibility of getting fighter pilots since the c- olonel behind this thing had askedtf6 pilots, too.aid that be had good contacts on the west coast and felt that he could recruit two pilots and crew chiefs for.

Discussion about themeeting then follow*

was heabout

the operations,Tormatton, oaccmg, iinancing, etc. of this vibration.

c ad asked vtiat kind of money the aenpaia in and had been assured that they would be paid inccordance with SECURITY briefing, he was told thatcolonel

ot of money andelt the big American companies "Sere providing dollars. aid he would not be surprised if. goverr jnsnt were not interested xn fighting communism down there. C aid this was only speculation on his part, he really did not know. However, the colonel in charge is well thought of and hadember of the staff of the equivalent of the West Point of the country involved. No names were mentioned at this time. L told him that he, himself, had been working on moving arms for the last several months and that this colonel now wanted air support!re-supply, drops,lso told him that though the contact was for two months, they would De flying very little of that time. C as also assured that if the period of flying extended beyondonths time in the contract, salary would be paidro-rated basis for tho extraerras of payment were discussed.

Mr. BARMES asked what type fellows the pilotsirline pilots? National Guard? C aid that two of them have ATRs.

C 3triedascertainctually knewthat he did not tninkC 3 <as on active duty with

tne air force. Said that heas really working for the guy down in d e does not associate the present group with the group who bacKea tne previous show over in Japan. C probably thinks that this is sortSteve Canyon" deal.

r_, as interested to know where the group was going toj?s.

c tha area" of operations was to be.C lso

told himersonally kncK riena of

thee olonel. C "3 was tola that tms operation would be run from an airport in c hat the length of the nights were to be; that we were fighting the Communist-Controlled Guatemala; we were attemptin to overthrow the Guatemalan government; that. government was not backing us in any way; that there were very few Africans involved in it.


C - 4 to dl8CUflS theirhat all ttm matters diacussea were classified.

stated thatolt that there was only one possible

pool of Latino id-lots(those trained by PAA or Braniff). Latinos almost always fly as co-pilots though in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia they do fly as captains. The pool of Latino pilots who haven theays is very small. Most of the Latinos do not fly withor at night.

Possible defection of Guatemalan pilots for our use was discussed.

z3 Baid-thafc Ifoum be persuaded to supply both aircroit ana pilots, it would be iae*l.

i7 American crew there will probably be someone in It who has flownoo, and could brush up on ltew days. Ideal is for the pilots to double in this respect.

It was stated that it was most desirable to have complete control over the pilots.

itemized the poos QUI ties for American pilots:

One eurce would be HfcCXEY Airlines in Ft.hey fly tbe Caribbean area. Discussion on this possibility followed.

Second choice would be SEABOARD and WESTERN Airlines whose main office is in Kswhey work in that area. This would te no problem since they (the pilots) could easily become current in the usoi7 again.

ersonal basis,itting cut-out(as In, the usenited Airlines pilot on the same basis on which Chad contacted Q. 3

b. Againersonalnstructor. Air Force contract school at Bartow wouldource of pilots.


1. "Takeolicy the Saturday discussion in which, if these guys are captured what can they disclooo? They must behia rulos C ut as an operational pilot because of his proviou: activity on bmhaU of the Agency even though ostensibly unwitting.



xcuse for being In the Par East was that be wasof CAT. O saidhired to fly aby theutontract basisbeen advised to use thostory only in case of necessitynever used it. "Coverover."

8 not available unless we get military orders fornd C aid military orders were not trouble but theihat iid military orders he could not be used operationally.

said that as far as he was concerned security was OK.

ould not be usede does nots with the flrmj the other crow member would never have any reason to believe moro tha: that thoy were working for tho colonel who wants his country back.

Mr. BARNES felt that any alternative would present the same problems. As long as security requirements are satisfied we can use any crews we can find.

3 joined the discussioni0.

said that there would# pkga. in

the planesu theywouldrew masterelpers.that two of tho prospective kickers rocruitadrechiefs.two American kickers would be more effectiu

ixed team.held oute now has U

indigenous confirmedmericans confirmed.

Security in usingasf they were paced on an isolated strip then they would be out of coramo reach since no provision ha; been made for this.

Thereengthy discussion on the various planes to be used in the operations. Re-supply by airay is OK if by night.

As soon srL gets an answer on this and the deal is firmed up, then lt can be laid on lor the ti pilotsickersUwo of whom aro crew chiefs) to EGO. i7 pilotsrow chiefs for same In the US are be recruited byr^ ^ Orders for are to be wirXten.

Meeting adjourned




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