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SuBJECT^sracipK Report oqet|Tltle8

1. LINCOLN herewith forwards two reports on CEUA activity, these wore sent Jin response to hie request to CAJLIGERIS for thia material. The identity of the author of the two memoranda is forwardedsperate dispatch.

-he third attachment ia an auto* Utic copy of an ad which CEUA placed ln La Bora, Guatemala City, on li Kay





datedpril, toith translation)

on the activities of0 April (with translation)

La Hera, GuatemalaU.

- '

Ky dearALL10SRTS):

I have wanted to write to you for aome time but recent eventaadded to former obligationshave occupied all my tiro; butn now emerging from all this, lhe bearer (of this letter) will inform you of purely pereonal matters, unforeseen events, which, however, far from diminishing the interest and enthusiasm in our coanon affaire, are added incentives to continue forward until we reach tha desired goal.

In regard to the campaign and to the tasks of my workers, everything haa been carried out in the best manner, the latit assignment being the painting of thehich has caught on like firo throughout theven little children go along withn their backs and on their bicycles and they paint it where ever they gohallenge to the police who, powerless to pursue and capture criminals, have devoted themselves to capturing those who This propaganda has worried them and 'Jioy concern themselves with it because they considerortentthey iiaoediately threw the blame on CEUA and they connect it with then. Up until this date, they have not been able to discover absolutely anythingo prisoners they have captured. Even little boys have conducted themselves as TRUE ANTI-COWTONISTSj if Ood doas not conmandhall continue on until the end.

He hare had to augment the production of EL HebeIde in repoaje to the demand which the interior of the Republic has made for ii. already been increased0oubt that thla will be sufficient einco ln the capital the acceptance and consequently the demand is now enormoua--whichittle known fact| it. Beams' that the thernoter is going up or perhaps haa arrived at the top. Tbat which has boon most acceptable is the slightly religious tint which ve have given itelieve that lt la necessary at this point to availittle of Religion,whereupon we have presumed upon the proper authorization for this. We have encountered soob obstacles on the part of the police but ve have surmounted them; that which we do indeed desire Is that when the latter Jumpecision tous, it shall be with glory for us and because something has been published which wounded them; for this we only wait for the appropriate order.

The people became very enthusiastic immediately after thoyour manifieato and it is indeed gratifying that in distant places,myself have been able to determine, the peasants, oa being asked ifdisposed to fight, answered with all Bineerlty "yes, when myorders may be said that the people expect

him and have faith in him whom they have chosen freely as their liberator.

Vlth regard to tbeampaign, it Is only proper that you have knowledge of the worthy task undertaken by the different groups of the CEUA and especially by the Antl-Communlat Youth Alliance which at the risk ofpainted the now famous number on the Presidential House and Palace itself*

For purely personalm faced with the urgent necessity of being absent from Guatemala, and in Mexico, for aomeays. My preoccupation ln this matter Is great because of the Incertainty of the events which might take place in my absence and forould never forgive myselfevents which would be the punishment for leaving CEUA leaderless for eorae days; however, beforeo departI will leave everything arranged so that nothing will be disturbed and everything will continue as it has until today.

RAMIRO will explain to you that which Is necessary in regards to our campaign. Of all tho boya,n belonging to our cause, has known how to render services of great import, principally- In the intelligence field.

ake pleasure in receiving yourwait your estimable orders,m as always disposed even to sacrifices for the symbols of our fight! GOD PATSIA LIBERT!.

Your servant and friend. Tin.

P.S. eg ofandshake with all the boys In my name.






Tasks developed by the Secretary General of tha CEUA

Secretary for Juridical Matters

Agrarian Branchi

The email farmers affected by the partisan application of the Agrarian Reform have been defended; thla defense having succeeded, the majority of the attempts were ineffectual.

Penal Branch!

Every kind of aid haa been re nee red to the affiliated members In those cases where they have been imprisoned for agrarian or political reasons, succeeding in obtaining liberty for those detained when this has been possible. Especially in the recent case of" event, lt haa defended the imprisoned and has paid the fines.

Worker'o 3ranchi

It has rendered technical assistance to the affiliates, especially

to older workers on the national fineas, and in some cases has succeeded

in obtaining an appropriate indemnity.

of the Filiale

Recently fill ale have been established in the eastern zone of the Republic, particularly in places wherein by reasons of the ideology of the Inhabitants It had been impossible to establish ccemritteesj such is the ease of Puerto Barrioo where, in the beginning, the workers wore affiliated with the official parties. We can now coun"ommittee of the etauncheat people in tho Republic as we can in all those places where the Banana Companyoncentration of workers.

Mien the scarceneaa of funds has made it possible, nearby filiala have been visited as well as those others which have solicited it. Constant communication has been maintained with the fill ale of the interior by means of circular letters in which they have been instructed to continue in the fight and to work zealously in behalf of Uie cause. The newspaper. El Rebelde, has been sent to them weekly,umber proportionate to the Importance of the filial or to the municipality; this Secretary has been asked to augment

the printing0 copies more In order to cover the demand, for0 printed In the beginning turned out to be insufficient.

Perfect control is exercised over these filials, they being more disposed te work when the Committee thus orders.

Secretary for Propaganda

He has directed that all kinds of manlfiestos be printed which the people have ordered; he has maintained the radio hour recently suspendedew days as the result of an attack; wedges have been made among the radio newsrecently, actingecomraondation received through ESSENCE, the painting of" has been organisedthis event being carried out in the capital in one night only and ln the interior of the Republic on the following days, according to reports which have been received. The press campaign in this affair, although somewhat disorganised, has contributed to the people voluntarily" in front of their own hemes. The recentspecially, has emerged in the newspapers aa the principal news of the day.

ersonal lty has been made known widely with the surety of Its having been widely accepted with sympathy and aa the only hope for national salvation. There have been occasions on which the peasants have already acclaimed ClLIJGERB as leader, according to reports.

the Boutin del CEUAGB and the propaganda which we have received has been regularly dlstxiSutedT astoral Letters have been ordered to be printed through CEUA', with the contribution of the public, and they hatoe been profusely distributed throughout the country.

Miscellaneous Matters

Reports of great importance have been dispatched regularly throueh feasible channels without having the security that they would arrive at00to this effect having been received. The

? continues with excellent success; the request foria greater every day and two known persons are placed in chargenew fllials to avoid01

* ta0 ftUoMH charged

5?StinBT gI,en^ connection with the campaign.

c of fche Principal announcemont, appeared later

In the Indopendent newspape rs.

a moee direct contact is neceasary between the CEUA and (CAILiGEHiS).

ouldthe beginning of the month in

order to satisfy the needa of tho CEDA and to fulfill the promises which we have made in the economic line and which ahould be satisfied in advance, according to arrangements. If this ia banded over In portions, as has occurred lately, then the work la interrupted.

The press ia sent daily but we do not know if it is received regularly.

Jhe people await Impatiently the conclusion of their fight. The delegation to SUMMIT is being organised.

P^co Persecution of CEUA membershey dally revise the sptJsoS0erMB provont Robeldacontinuing by ttxlngout the

CEUA Is determined to continue forward until our causes reaches its glorious finale.




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s^roti iomunesnstali.

rosp-viio1 Kan ccmj'l.'ioS nojorei -andicii: js. siondocon'stion In pi? isoo; hesta Insiidirt con min In eswildi-,o plntnr. pur 'loiviomc snn poliM-.psr* persef-jlra;jtjmr del'ncuentes, se ha -Jedspresnrdel )fl ialo pnp^w'enla lis hsorque la cons Heron cow wdi; Is ecu an ala rcls'ilonsr.etso-

Stasia la fecha, de los presos sue *mn cldo, no nanio saber nbsol*itsiDC(ite ned><* 'f-istiinOs su Km. pert tide coraoiTiOiM.'MlST/.S: ioa no disponei adelnntc lusts el fin.

tl nemos ie aum^ntur el tirsje, s aomnnde Ml Miami iivocii. del Interiors. -etc -o. ya ccudo queuflalantn yn n Ism povw jonoci-io,: lai^ cs ;iio:.- pari>n Hcsfi el in.*> n el time un pne^oreostas alttms Iiay que vnlernos ta.nblon ur> poco decllcloti, pnrn lo qup doedp I'iogocanorreapondl-nt'i sutnriKa--clOn. 'laaas cncontriido sl^ii'BS trebos de parte de Is 'allele,


ero las hemeso jue si decssrlae al -lalosrt'je clnus'ttsiic, sir :or. ^loriuor^oa sees dtile; para ell" sole esD'i-romos Id order.

a re'z de lae nu maniflesto.el>lor. lu^nreS apnr*.adea, Cumo yo

mlsoo Jo he pudldo ccmprotsr los caispe:inos el proKun'-erles ois l'jcht, cur< Xoin slncerldsd oontest^arisndo lo ordtnebribolor olio se podra dsr ouentsel pueblo loienenhan esco^ldo llbrei-ientQ como su llbei-tauon

Sona carnp&fla, meruce que usted tengallento de laeacor loseru-pesel grupo delan.vintLco-T'.uilste.tarcelende plntsron y. j* feiroso numero ;r. In proplp Cassalocic.

'n- ssU'it-Ju^ni-ionolta tergosocaidad de auser*.arioe Je Juatenrilf paraunoaies) al prfOCiipf-,'ton nl reapecto es grands por la Lr.certldi.abre de que Idsi nl os pueden snccderse en ml auncL^.Si Ij que no ce perdooar's yocmi Of dejer acffalo siaiosjn-iue antea de jartlr. si lo lo^ro, he de dejar todo arrisrlsdoqueu/rey que toda bIro como hasta hoy.

If ejpll:arf lo necssarlo refsrents i< lsodos los muchac'to?!ha sabldoa cn-isn praiitan-do servlcio de oiuclia linportenclu, prlnnlpalre'itc en cl campovO'


best available copy

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Se6 Mprlairagc 1enraamif.lado radio raeienteoer..*

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aentldo, aunt'ia ur. ooooontri-buido opecial-noUe lo dc le oa^.fla de Jitlao(Congr-so Jem.nen-


lal^ -ii leier.lM n> si- leiej,

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Congreso Contra la Intervention Sovietica en America Latina


Comite Directivo Nacional del "Fren-te Popular Anti-Comunista decor-d6 prosccutr la campana en contra de la in-tervencion coraunista en nuestrooor-dinar nuestros esfuerzos con los organismosares en los demas paises Latino-Amori-canos y, para el efecto, prepara un Congreso Continental contra la intervencidn sovie'tica en la America Latina, en el cual partkipen todas las agrupaciones que integran las fuer-zas vivas de nuestrosas personas que se hayan signifies do nor su criterioa intervencidn den esta viitud el propio Comite Directivodel Frente Popular Anti-Comunista de Mexico convoca al PRLMERCONTRA LA INTER VENCF.ON SO-VIETICA EN LA AMERICA LATINA,


ue se efectuara durante los diss dellayo prdximo en esta Ciudad de

La Campafla que el Frente Popular Anti-Comunista de Mexico ha emprendido en contra de la intervencidn comunista en nuestro pais, se basa. en sintesis, en quetiene, como todos los pueblos del mun-do, el derecho de forjar sus propios destinos, dentro de los linearaientos que le marca su soberania, sus costumbres, su idiosincracia.

y, ademas, en defender nuestras institudo-nes social as,olitieaa; asi como las tradiciones cristianas de nuestrosreemos que los demas paisesse hallan en idehticas drcuristancias,ienten como Bosotros.

Si aceptaramos la implantaddn de un gobiemo sovietico, forzosamente habriamos de aceptar tambien la direeddn de Rusia en nuestros asuntosomtitulrnos en una dependenciaocial de la Union de las Republican Rusas. Esta misma acti-tud sosteneraos hacia cualquier otro gbbierno que trate de invadir la soberania de Mexico, eon la intencidn de supeditar nuestrosa determinados intereses de cardcteros cuales Mexico ni puede ni debe aceptar, por considerarlos lesivos al engrandecimiento de nuestra Patria.

La campana que es tamos desarroLLando notro interes que el de evitar que los sovieticos se aduenen del poder publico cnn el roe to de la Americay obedece, tambien,os acuerdos tornados en oonvendoncsegionales anteriorcs.

El Comite Directivo Nadonal delPopular Anti-Comunista de Mexico

ma necesario que todos los sectores sociales, de todos los poises Latino-Americanos, parti-cipen en este Congreso, aportandorograms') de lo que debe hacerse en cada uno de ellos, para luchar en contra del comu-nismo en una formafecto de que los resultados que se alcanceria intension que motiva esta Convocatoria.

El hecho de que seamos nosotros quie-neae que los diversos sectores acepten la invitacion. noesde luego hacemos la ada radonel deseo de que se fusionen con nosotros en la lucha; sino que sean coordinadasereas de que cada sector disponga, con el fin que ya queda ex-plicado en el cuerpo de esta Convocatoria.

Eleguir es no permitir que seulas comunistas en cada uno de los grupos que forman el conglomcrado acti-vo de Americaue cada quien, en su radio de accifin, tome las medidas que es-time convenientes para defenderse de lae los elementos al sorvicio del Kremlin.

Hacemos una excitativeos trabajadoresntcloctuales, para que modi ten sobre la importancia de las su-gestiones que hacemos en estaeuestro mo vi mien to,o tiene como objetivo rcivindicar el amor de nuestrasevarlas por un camino deupcracifin, hacia la realizacion de susos sectores in-dustriales, comerciales, bancarios,ara que presenten sus puntos de vista sobre tan importante asunto.

A tenales raones, el ComiteNacional del Frente Popular Anti-Co-munista de Mexico,nCONTRA LA INTERVENCION SO-VIETICA EN LA AMERICA LATINA, de conformidad con las siguientes:


Congreso tendra el ca-racterugnara por no permitir que nuestros paises se conviertan en sate*lites de lae las Republicaseabo durante Ice dias delle Mayo proximo, en la Ciudad de Mexico, Distrito Federal.

hace extensive estaa tod as las Centrales obreras,burocratas. estudiantUes, de maes-tros,ntelectuatesodas Las fuerzas vivas que se hayan significado por su tendencia anU-comunista.

erto-nas que acepten nuestraeberan registrar, con cinco dias de anticipacion, susl Comite Directivo Nacional quo suscribe se reserva el derecho dequcllosu juicio reiinan Las carac-teristicas anti-comunistas que deben preva-lecer en el Congreso.

agrupacidn podrarepresentar hasta por tree delegados, los cuates se acreditaran debidamente con la anticipacirtn mencionada en el pun to

QUIara asiitir alue convocamos no implica ningun compromiso deeentro de este Frente; sino solamente de coo-peracion mutua en la lucha contra el enemi-go comun.

estrictamenteodos los rcprescntantes queste Congreso, aprovecharlo para hacerde prosclitismo, pues doben privar las caracteristicas de un respetoodas lasugestiones que seana considerationgreso.

Congreso sera prcsidi-do, en sue Apertura, por el Comite Directivo Nacional del Frente Popular Anti-Comunistaico.

rograma de Trabajos, asi como el Reglamento Interior que regira durante las sesiones dely el local donde deba celebrarse, seonocer oportunarnente.

as Co-misiones Dictarainadoras, deberan seleccio-narse entre los Delegados de todos los poises representados en el Congreso.

Los trabajos de la Sesion de Apertura, el Juevese Mayo, se desarrollaran bajo la siguiente:


del Congreso. Discurso de Presidentes dey Secretarios de La Mesa Direc-tiva, que fungiran en las siguientes

de Comiaones Dicta-minadoras.

alocucionos de los Deiegados de los distintos paises, por orden aliabe-tico. Receso por La tarda

Orden del Dia en lassesiones sera como sigue:pa-sara lista de los Deiegados.del Acta de la sesion anterior. Discusion yen su casedeproba-cion, en su case, de los dictamenes que pro-sen ten las Coroiniones reapectivas sobre las ponencias de las diversas Delegaciones.Generales, Tribuna Libre.

Sesion de Clausura se sujetara al Pro grama que elabore la Di-rectiva nombrada por Las Delegaciones en el Congreso.

Por la Potria. laa Democracia. Mexico,1 de abril

por ex "frente popular anti-comunista de mexico"


Jorge Prieto Laurens.

Secretario General: Lie. Arturo Amaya A

Secretary Tesorero: Cesar DavOa Gomez.

Secretario de Relacioneslorcncio Avila Sanchez.

Secretario de Accidn Obrera: Telesforo Ca-rio Reynoso.

Secretario de Accidn Industrial: Francisco Lambarri.

Secretario deropaganda: Lie.Amaya Mann, pf-

Secretario de Asuntos Jurldicos: Lie. Isaac Olive.

Secretario de Accidn Vniversitaria:ie Manuelrce.

Secretario de Accidn Prolcsional: Ing. Raul Gutierrez Mancera.

Secretario deorrespondencia:Sil Ortiz.

Secretario de Organiiacion en elugo Martinez del Campo.

Secretario de Accidn PoUte^nica: Horaoo Lecona Serrana

Secretario de Accidn Juvenil: AdalbertoCampos.

Secretario de Organizacidn: FranciscoCells.

Presidenta del Sector Femenil: Profa. Ale-ja Huerta MogucL

Secretaria de Accion Femenil: CarmenSoas.

Deleeado de Accidn Revolucionaria Mextco-nista: Mayor Manuel L. Reyes.

Oficial Mayor:neio Pulido Floros.


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