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Chief of Station, Guatemala


Ittaohod le an operational report froa Eliot P. KA2NARA concerning ESSENCE:

2. ontains Informationurisdictional natter that yon nay be abla to clarify from ycmr and. NeanvhUa BAZHARA haa bean urged to pour oU on tho troubled waters end counsel patience la tba face of these occasional ad siwdere tending*. Closer coordination on euch. matter* would be helpful.

subfaa stated oartaln conditions ofyou may not wish to meat. Please advlee byare atlXl

interested In thia individual. (Prarlooa referenceI OuailSOo).

4. You have already compiled with tha requeat contained Innd no further action la required at thia time.

_ 5. In conneoUon with paragraphe repeat our previous oonoluaion that the Chlqulmula conflict baa been largely isolated and dose not appear to ba the pretext and forerunner of nation wide suppression of tha opposition. There ia no evidence on hand to support the allegation that fifty (SO) anU^ommunlsts Sara arbitrarily liquidated without trial,

following report states that ESSENCE reversed hia field withoutdecided to print the "M" artlnlea ln El Be bald* after withdrawing themin paragraph U.

hroughre self explanatory and require no comment.

. Trangar

Attachmenti operational report





A meeting occurred between Oscar H. CARTERon Saturday

W* * ' vr*' - :- V K$Mp*

r. The gorornnflnt preouureEO A* and tha antl-Commnlet fill ales throughout the country Is having the effect of spreading fear through the ranks of the anti-Communists. Particularly Is this true of the workers on "SI Rebel&e" and ln celta since the police interrogation following selsure of theRobe Ida* Issues* Ths secretary has announced that .cho la qui ting at tho ond of the avtnth* and others fcnvo indicated an unwillingness to continue lending their tine and presence to the work.

Iswas ftuTt in nharge of *BX

Rehelde" and CEIJA' oft for Mexico.

AHABELA has by-par, bo dwritten directly to

Cayo Qulfionex and Ublco (fmtj. both youngears of age. in connection with thelean anti-Comunlnt Cong roe sand ind looting toyouthsin this natter they can ignoreThlo haa had tho affect of Irt-

furlatlngwho statea that it undermines his

position in the organization, as wall, aa givesthat ABABEXA has more confidence inyear olds than in hisu Euxthermore, shouldout of suoh communications or the actionstherefrom, it Is not than" uors who willanswer to the police,who will suffer

under any questioning and torture.wanted to

quit working, hat CARTER managed to calm him down. This matter has also confused CARTER, who does not understand why AHABELA is risking the security and harmoney of the organization in this matter, and which also seemsout of his jurisdiction.

4. ao been offered through AHABELA to each person who makes the trip to Mexico. This money le for expenses above fares, passports, etc. Many persons are demanding this money now so they can begin to get clothes, and whatever else they will need. This ls creatingwhen they are told the money will be given them when they are ready to leave and all plans have been made.

Informed CARTER that he Is willing to


go to Hew Tori and work, hut under the following conditions! a) that this time outside the country will not be mors than one or onealf months, and b) that he will be able to return when he wantshat he will not hare to do anything that will dndanger his ability tosafely to Guatemala. These conditions are explained as follows* ths tlms lengthJequivalent to an alderman) In to* Guatemala City

he Is more or less in the publichat is* he'disappear from the local scene for anyef time (naturalacation) withoutas to ths ability to returnhison by the Tohron case and the governmenta radio technician, out of the country on ais in Honduras or one of the other nearbywith Castillolso the peoplethe fact that Jose Tohron has been heardclandestine radio. This means that Tohronreturn to Guatemala at tho present time, arrinot want to find himself in the Bame

c. However, it ls possible that onofC outside Guatemala and becomes aware of the extent of the opposition and Its intentions and capabilities, he any not insist on the above conditions.

7. It is carter's suggestion that Tohron writs hla family, his no via. and his employer or business partner, Jose"he letters to be mailed from tho United States, and in which hs describes his "touristic" imprsosions or some harmless sentiments along the same lines. These letters will undoubtedly be opened by the government, and may serve to allay government suspicions and prevent any serious interrogations of those persons who were associates ofere in Guatemala. In the letter to Honteros he can mention the fact that he is continuing to look for programs for their radio, or that he has learned some new techniques for use ln their programs, eto. Anything which night serve to cast some doubt among tha government aa to the completeness or veracity of their beliefs concerning his whereabout and his activities.

0. Reports received froa Chi quitate that the situation Is exceedingly grave. Using the affairretext, the government is going full blast to break up completely the anti-Communist net-work there, stating that these people are serving Castillo Armas and are traitors. The fear among tho people there is enormous. reat many are In flight or bidding in the area ln the mountains or at ranches. Somerassed through Guatemala City Friday oregging for assistance (money,o enable them to continue their flight. They report that the government has shot on the spot at capture some CO antl-Communlsta, giving them no trial or any chance to refute charges of treason. This was an area strongly organised by the group, bat CARTER states that it appears the wholeof the movement there la. in danger of being com-pletely broken.

9. Baltasar Morales, director of "Eln talkingroup from APG (Asoclasion datun de Guatemala} said that he had'heard from several sourcesubmarineountry behind the iron curtain had entered Puerto Barrios and unloaded arms. The newspaper men were all agreed that none of their newspapers would dare print suoh news beoauoe of fear of the government*

10* CARTER states merelyatter of warning that Oscar Gorki* (radio or newspaper mas) has stated on several ocassions that heery good friend of Crux Ver and that he owes Cms Ter various favors. Condo is an anti-Communist, but CARTER suggests the above be kept in mind whenever the group deoldee to make use of Condo. (or should the group deoido to make use of him)

U. CARTER ls bringing out volantes of the cartoon related to the clandestine radio. Bo answer as yet has been received from the newspapers with regard as to whether they will publish the "Foblaarticles. This Fobla articlem was coming out in "Elhut following, the seizure by the polios, CARTER had the article withdrawn*

IE. CARTER suggests tbat the clandestine radiobe more harsh than lt ls In itsarry more positive threats. This does not mean the use of foul language. Jokes*ut tho uss of the same kind of demagogery that the Communists use to stir up the people. The Communists have told the people that if the landowners resist them In the radlatrlbution of lands, kill them. The clandestine radio should advise the people that such and

each an article in the Constitution gives to every citizen the right to defend himself with any means at hisrge them to prenaro themselves, to resist, etc. Vhen the program is going to contain aa attach against an Individual, make sure that thatis presently in enough of the lime-light so every one will know of him and have an interest.

In matters such as that of stating4 will he the year ofon't make statementsthat will give the people the impression that things aro still far fromr that they will have to waitong time. 4 still has six months to go, and this type statement will decrease the people's eagerness and spirit if they think they have to suffer throughonsiderable time before anything happens* Thepirits or interest cannot be sustainedigh pitch for any great length of time,

Although caster is trying to get* articles printed in the papers* he is of the opinion that should his efforts fall, the non-publication will not affect the group seriously* "SS* has caught on aU over the country -it has touched some natural response within the peopletheir love for theroraantio, or anti-government display* These articles win in great -mart take away from the people their sense of thrill, of participating in the unexplained. It will he>.>

In San Karoos, one of the furthest points from the capital, the citizens nave painted atn the freshly painted houseoctor there whom they consider Communist. Becausearning from government forces at the time of the last presidential elections, the doctor made no contribution to the Yd ig ox as Fuentes Word was then spread that the doctorommunist. As soon as he had finished painting his house, the people then completely marked tt withto express their disapproval of. the doctor's supposed Communist leaninga.

CARTES is somewhat uneasy at approaching Honteros of Radio Internaciocal concerning replacing the equipment destroyed, and enough to providetand-by. neasiness is caused by the Tohron business and thestatement concerning the local technician. CARTER believes that if the material for broadcasting which is to he passed along to Honteros is too strong, the government will fall upon Honteros, connecting him with the outside opposition, and through Honteros the trail will lead to others, including possibly CARTER*

17, oronol Santos (fnu)tated that tbe house of Carlos M. Fellecer possibly contalna ama. This honaa if situated ln tho Averddn Jua* Chapln* and at one sideadio calsora. and ln front of vhlch la the Juegos Infant!les. The housearageide door. Large boxes, which fron their size and ah ape possibly contained arms, have been seen being taken Into the garage* Tha Coronal alao states that in conversation with another army colonel (namehe other reports

that among the high ranking officers (oxlcl alidad alt a) there are nany ln favor of the group.

18. The house of Jorge Torlello.e.l Cajm, la reported as alao containing eras* GARTER states that he doesut too tturh faith in this report because lt.can ba ate rely popular gossip growing out of association of ideas.

brother of C

Jofa Polixecmca* Isto our caase. On several occasions hevan Information, related toetc.connected with thefs retired

] ram the orar/ now* but be oontluueaolaxy*

oronal Jesus Mario de Leonays that he has spoken with various Onardlaa Civiles and they have told hist that the day that anything happens all those who oan will desert*

Many of the military personnel who are not on the active list (no estan de alta) "have indicated that they are ready to fight for -the opposition If they are notified*

Gloria Castillo, leader of the anrket women* is going 'to Honduras shortly. It Is not known who Is sending her*..

23* The Goaltvaolonal letters are, arriving at their destinations. uardia Civiluardia Judicial, talkingilitary person* asked hln If head liar with the letters. Re said yea* that he bad received one* and waa filling it out because the situation was ugly and It was necessary to be prepared*

24. The next nesting between CARTER and ALBERTO Is scheduled for Monday night,ay*

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