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rtauueat for Identification of Autcao'ciie Re(latretloc

1. Ttm the deecriptlon of tb* eutoaoM lo lloens* plaU *ti oat ln Um dirpatch of reference, it la hollered tba plaU la for tba year UU, Por that year, licence platea In GuaUnal*ark background with whit* mmbera. Por tha currant year, Ouateamalan plateehit* background with black moabere.

Z. mi able to bar*heck sf tba entoeeobile re filtration record* within tho Qoardia Civil aad baa ascertained that lieenae plat*I) waa leaned ta tha Dlreceion da "aarlnoe Sata al Atlantlco,anobo." tha aaaee source haa aftcartalnad that lt la th* praotla* of tha Ouardia Civil ta aeeijn licensen blocks of tan to tha varicua govanawsot aaawolaa vhlob nqslrt Hoeneee for th* private aatoanbllaa of th* eaplayeea of tbat aaaney. In th* event th* autooto-bll* la to b*or official purpoaee or la tha property of an official of tha agemay, th* lleonao plat* leaned Is an "Offlolal" orplat*. If tho autoanblla la not to b* need for offlolal purpoeea or la tha property of anlat* la laaoad each aa th* aboro. Jud^iru- froa that, source lo of th* opinion tha autoanbllah* private property of aa lndividoal ooonected with tooaaobo."

8. Thereuoted below the text of aJnat reoolrodAir Attaehe to thla awrbanay. Por tb*f th* reader, c aeaal source of Information for the Air Attache.

ago e

oday and offered th* following information:

* 1. An Individual whom be daaorlbedondurmn national(flrot nam* unknown) la on* of tha principal courier*GUATEMALA and the North Coaat of KWDliRASI Tbla Individualto have aad* two trip* to th* Northithin tha paatayduring th* current *trlk* aad on* Just prior to tha strlka, forof delivering fond* to strike leader*. Aooordlng l a anof th* Guatemalan Oovernaent in oA LAMA, working oaworks project thmr*. Hia immediate superior on thl* projectto b*AX TEJADA, and it la ha whoiver*to ZufllOA for him to carry to HONDURAS.that thia

Information ia cuna id*red by him to be extremely wll-rounded.

* atatadr. Erneit^raQKR, whom haaswho haa worfcad closely with thia fckbaaayumbar ofunderlolon by"group" aay tha QUATEMALAN

Ooverraaent. Raww dUUjmR haa gone to MEXICO twle* within thamonth* and tb*r* haa baaariving an aatomoblla withplatan AccordingKROOt la reported

to have bean attempting to purchase arms In MEXICO for thathat, wail* BERGER belongsall-known anti*

CcBBBunlst familyember* of this family have toldrecently

that they do not trust Mr. 8ER0EE.

8. This itemb*sadumori He atated

that aoaeay* ago, thra* CZECH planes landed at LA AURORA Airportoaaamrolal miaaioai thathet aoae days later, thay left eight maaaad thatnn ara pilot* who mill fly aircraft which areto b* coming to OUATEHALA at soma unspecified data."

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ay USA


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