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Arrival of Arms in Puerto Barrios, Ouatenala



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1. Tbe SSALFKEM.of Swedish registry, arrived at Puerto Barrios, Guateaala, onu. Col. JoseHEZ, Guatenalan Minister of Defense, supervised the docking and unloading of the cargo, believed toons of ansa sent consigned to the Guatemalan Government, unloading of the oargo on to trains was delayed because each container had to be weighed tofreight charges, as there was no manifest showing the weight of each crate. SANCHEZritten order to officials of the International Railways of Central America (XRCA) that they must handle the freight despite the'faet that the Guatemalan Government has outstanding debts for previous freight shipments.

2. it was estimatedorains would be needed to carry the cargo to

Guatemala City. Onlatcarsoxcars ordered by the Guatemalan Government departed from Puerto Barrios for Guatemala City. The flatcars carried large crates believed to contain heavy field pieces. The orates measured' at the base,igh, with round topsn One side of each crate is perpendicular; ths other side is slopedyramid. Each crateounds andiamond-shaped mark on ooe side. Thischeduled to arrive at tho0 hours onay, was unloaded immediately upon arrival at La Gerona. The crates were believed to have been taken by Army trucks to Base Militar. Ten boxcars arrived from Puerto Barrios in Guatemala Cityours onay. rain of six cars arrived in the capital

from Puerto Barrios at lSOO hours onay. Another train, pulling an unknown numbers of cars, departed from Puerto Barrios0 hours onay.

3. The unloading of tho ALPHfM is ectioated toinimum of seven days,

SANCHEZ'S efforts to speed up operations. Although the cargo iato be arms and ammunition, the ship's crew is not taking the pre-csutions usually taken with ammunitions shipments.

Iu Seanen on the ALFHEM reportedecond ship, whose narw may begin with

letter T, is due to leave Szczecin, Poland, for Puerto Barrios about the time the ALFHEM leaves Puerto Barrios. hird ship will leave Szczecin after the second ship returns there, which may indicate that the third ship will be the ALFHEM.

SANCHEZ, Alfonso MARTINEZ/head of the OuatemseUn National Agrarianand Col. BAHZANALLANA, accompanied by bodyguards and aides, have remained in Puerto Barrios at the Hotel del Norte since the arrival of the ALFHEM. Within the past week additional Guatemalan troops have been flown into Puerto Barrios.

Tha ALFHEM reportedly is owned by the Thorden Lino and la registered in Dddevalla, Sweden. The coagany manager is Captain Knud Hordendolph.

1. Washington Conmcnt. See It is possible that the armament cargo described In the above report was negotiated by Alfonso MARTINEZ on his trip to Europe inU.

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