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official dispatch


Chief of Station, Linooln Chief, WH

general Anti-Conmunliw in Mexico



Popular Antl-Cominiate de Mexico

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- Lincoln /


State Department Policy Information Statement for USIAanuaryk


Reoent reporte from Mexico indloate that the Trcnte Popular Antl-Coramiflta de Mexico (Popular Aiiti-Ccammnlat Front of Mexico) iaemisphere-vide meeting to be held in Mexico City fromfor the purpose of unifying hemisphere support againat Communist infiltration. The report claims that the conference will be financially supported by tho Mexican Coverment and that Senators Wilev and McCarthy will attend the meeting.

This group has been known to the Department and the Embassy in Mexico City On occasion it has cooperated with the US .'A ln the distribution of non-attributed anti-Communist material.

Its leaders are Jorge PRESTO UUREMS and *Wencio AVIU Wiez. Information made available to the Department, statea that Prletoresident of the ioont, ls considered to

vila, the SecretaryRelations for the oorBtary Dulles and Aasietant Secretary Cabot in At that time he outlined the planeroposed an tl-Communist conference to be held in Mexico City In He did not asktary support (although he showed himself receptive to getting some funds) but urged that an unofficial delegation from the United States

5 <l * of any official u. S. participation would have to be studied.

iib, xa^ea thatinformation had reached him concerning Arila's behavior inStates. He described aorta "fantastic schemes" which Avils discussing with various persona in the United States". Hethat Avila had no official status whatsoever, that thepassport he had, had been declared invalid and added that "ifStatea Imndgration Authorities should catch up with himMexicans would have no objection." Heote with thestating that it had come to hishat Arils, tfco wasthe United States on an expired offiolal passport, had beento solicit fundsonference to be held in Mexico City. note stated that the Embassy was disturbed by this activityfeared that people in the United States rni.-ht be duped intoorganisation especially eince Avila identified himself as aand Personal Represent tive of the President of Mexico,the Embassy stated, was absolutely false.

U. In July,the Mexican Embassy

called in pereon at theto discusVAviU. stated that

In October, when Information reached thet tha Front was planninp to hold an anti-Cooiturdet ocettng in Kexlco Cityhe uepartoent requeeted info motion from cur ^wbasay in Moxloo City conoornlni; the oonforenco andes to feasible if. S. participation. The Embassy reply vaa baalcol Ij negative. Thead no poaUive infomotion indloating that air/ ef the other American republics were planning to pertleipata officially in the raeetlnr. or weru claiming to lend financial aoslatanee. The EBbaesy also tiolnted' outeating ofc would have little ohanea or beinv sue cess-ful unlessell or,ar* le and res:>onaible The lasbtjay alao oueatloned the orer-all effectivenessioet-in* o>d,

In answeratter fr-jei Senator Wilwy, whou contacted dlroctl; byurene, Le-ortocnt Inforcod Senator UlevUd Slates ^rto-wl wo lu not parUclp*t* la the conference which the front had planned In Our EaWst/ previoualy had baon in-

at rue todfor* Trioto Laurense poaitlon.

7a Our private poaitlon ia tha Um Front and Its leaders have ehovn theaaelves u> be highly unreUable end unpredlota.le andonsequenoe the United States Governmentot wish tofficially identi-fiea wltn the group or Officially ptrlioipete In ita propooed lax ting.resent lndicatlona dodloat*he proposed eieetlnr. If bald, will be effeotive, should It reault in the activation oi private onU-Ccaaunlat groupa In the Jo^ephere, thia would be useful tnd tould contribute to the attalnnant of Q. j. forolgn policy obie':tivee in the area.

8, Our public .osition iseourse, interested ine: forte to combat Runlet intervention, as evidenced by ourthia aubject be co aide red by all of the American republicsforthcoming .eath Inter-Aaerican Conference. teleInforxstion SUtaaant for USIA will be iesued shortly CO this U. rivate organisation ia calling the rweting, itelsar Uut any U. S. clUsans who partiolpaW do so aa If the oonferenoe is helu and privet*idatrepublics are atrenefcwjned or activated, it'

will further U. S. foreign policy objoctivee to lend enooyregeinont to such iDOvenenta, although care ehould be taken to Identify the United States with them ainee thoir effectiveness might thereby bo leosened.

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