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historical review program

releaseas sanitized






Consolidation of New Guatemalan Regime

task of consolidating tho new Guatemalanfalls into two partsi

devolving on the Guatemalans. Thisbeingator memorandum.^ *^

devolving upon ODYOKE. Those formof the present memorandum.

duties devolving upon ODYOKE are:

a- Diplomatic recognition of the newmust clearly take tho lead ln recognizinggovernment, not only because otherexpeot It, but also because such earlywill capitalize most effectively on thethat ODYOKE has made against the Early recognition by ODACID could dore-affirm ODYOKE leadership ln thocover and deception requirements of covertbe satiafled by other means and should notto hamper early overt recognition.)

b. Economic and tochnlcal assistance. Thore should not be extension of Amorlean economic aid and technical assistance to Guatemala alone; this could be Interpreted by other Central American and Hemisphere countries asecently Communist andnation, without corresponding help to nations that never were Communist. There should be aneconomic aid and technical assistance program for all Central Amorlca, aa recommended inction: ODACID and POA.

c Coordination of UFCO Action. Immediateshould bo initiated with tho UFCO,iew toward coordinating ODACID and UFCO action ln tho consolidation period. Specifically, UFCO should be advised that ODACID will not support UFCO requests with diplomatic notes during the early months of the new government; while it was necessary and proper for ODACID



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to support UFCOommunist government,be improper for ODACID to make the samean anti-Communist government. Likewise,be asked not to mortgage the politicalof the new regime by pressing its olalms Rather, as JMBLUG has recormended, UFCOthe call of tho new governmentointln view of the Influence that pro-UFCOIndividuals will have in the nowSUPERIOR,ho UFCO should be able to

await and Join inarley with equanimity. It maybe advisable for the parley to agreo to turn over the Guatemalan-UFCO dispute to an impartial commission, chosen by tho parties tothe dispute. It maydvisable for the new government to levy promptly the increased taxes that the UFCO has declared itself willing to pay; then the issue of compensation for expropriated land can be masked by the tax "victory" of tho now government; compensation might actually be made In the form of taxes lower than they would be otherwise. Action: ODACID.

The AFL, eithertho ORIT or independently, should bosendighly qualified team ofto assist anti-Communist Guatemalanin the purging and re-organization ofand rural unions. These instructors ahouldwilling and able to cooperate with thein Guatemala. Action: odacID-kubark.

Security Conrnlsslon. pecialqualified personnel should be dispatched toon request from the new government, tonow govornment in the detection andall Communists and pro-Coamunlsts fromInfluence in Guatemala. This mission shouldcosts shared betweon the two governments. to secure the request from the newkubark to prepare and dispatch the team.

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secret rybat/pbsuccess


I. Civil Aid

Purpose: Civil Aid immediately following hostilities will obtain the good-will and.restore the confidence of large segments of the population. econdary purpose is to alleviate authentic hardship cases caused by civil strife.

Soup kitchens should be set up in urbanfirst under the auspices of the SYKCARP Army..meals would be provided, consisting ofand the Ilka. Beer and cigars would beto our partisans. Reconstituted milk should

be dispensed to children and old people. Eventually this progress coulc) be,taken over by the Guatemalan lied Cross, per'.aps. surpluses and assistance.

phase of Civil Aid is medical Requisitioned trucksed Crossthe side panels would"be used as ambulancesambulances were not available. Additionalloaded with medical supplies should beand readied for shipment. When shipped^thecontain sound amplifying equipment, wallposters appropriate to the consolidation task. not he actual ambulances, but theirgive the populace an impression ofby SYJ3CARP. Arny and civilianbe commandeered to care for the wounded andemergency medical assltance to the population.

At least ono phase of the medical service should be Public Health; specifically the prevention of epidemic disease. Reservoirs and larje sources of water supply should be suardec" by aroed units and the purity of tho water should be maintained by constant analysis. It must be recognized that during the first few days following the Consolidation Civil Aid will be primarily an internal matter, although the American Hed Cross as well as the fled Cross organizations of contiguous contriesan be readied to provide relief.

II. Political Consolidation

To obtainthe politicala large mass of(as well as thethe programnew soverrcent.

Purge of tho Army: SYKCAttT sympathizers should be advanced; others should be placed on probation, neutralized, exiled or executed. rogram of Information and Education ahould be iaroediately established for all troops, explaining to them in detail the genesis of the Revolution.

Political Purge: Conspirators who survive the fighting should be given an early and brief trial which should be prevented fromounding board (as in the unfortunate case

of Mossadegh's trial). Death of some of the men in prison would diminish disposal problems.

who refuse to return fron their posts abroad should

- 2

, be exiled and indicted in aom la. If AREVoutside the country at the tine of the takeover he will undoubtedly refuse to return. His lands thereupon should be confiscated and declared government property. ssistance of. Treasury Dept. and the

should be, obtained ln freezing his personal assets, looking toward their reclamation by STNCARP. The presumption is node that at the onset of the action the United States Government will Immediately freeze all known Guatemalan assets and will encourage other Interested countries to do likewise.

All passports should immediately be declared invalid, with temporary revalidation to take place through presentation to new consular authorities abroad and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Guatemala City. Aa noon as possible the passport format will be changedistinctive nainer to

fraudulent revalidation by forged cachet. This will curtail travel of Guatemalans now outside the homeland and control entry and departure of Guatemalan citizens.

1. During Consolidation Phase, STNCARP propagandists

should have available the facilities of radio, air-dropped leaflets, newspapers, handbills, sound trucks and posters. Through all these media wide publicity should be given to tho Program announced by STtCARP. Tho economic fate of the populace will be the question of the day, aid through controlled means' that question should immediately be answered. Statements should go out concerning

benefits and the future of the coffee and fruit industries. Patriotic music should hark back to pro-AREVALO times and much should be aede of traditional non-Cornunlst heroes. Where possible, quotes from national non-Communist heroes should be used to justify tho change ln .government and its subsequent political actions. Sound trucks shouldupply of ready-cut discos for continuous use, inasmuch as the supply of professional speakers immediately available in behalf of STNCARP will be extremely limited. Records covering patriotic music and such nostalgic melodies as Ta Marimba" should also be stocked for sound truck crews,mv^-Jtet, [, "J

withto thecornmisarxn the WeaJfrhexpelraand is bafinved to be^jjr Weal ings vy^rMm. [

I visingto prevent as*"counter attacks o' ie pressytn the Weste

upr. AlhjITto GAINZA pSaWfomc Prenjpt In Bucnos^Kires. This^roupntly stuc

edom o] thexamine thejSlt^tllon of tho "free p|



SINCARP should receive the benefit of approbation.

Efforts should be made by Headquarters to

atives sent to Ouateaala eBmVsBaOcnovn/to be

favorable to the Free World


3. SYfCARP will of course have to appoint new diplomaticaround the world but much of this activity will depend upon State's success with the pre-coup political action program aimed At early recognition in latin America and elsewhere in the free world of STNCARP.

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