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ProgressBSUCCESS for the1^

X. Operational

The following events of operational significance occurred during the reporting period.

A- Elpjrt jjlack flights were completed

5 pounde of-cargo consisting mainly of amunition, medical supplies, and rations were lifted. 1pecial cargo* run was completed from Boiling Air Force Base to Miami.

SYNCAR? organization will attempt to defect Guatemalantheir aircraft within the nextays.

^fouo "been advised of tMs end has beon requested to assure asyTuS to the defectors and give SKMER/SYWJARP covert accese to the defectors and their aircraft. ^Jhaa also "boon requested not to release the defectionhe press without prior authorization from SKBWER.

report from Lincoln dated May reflects that PBSUCCESS lefair state of readiDeas as for as PP and PI tacticalconcerned. However, it is believediniwio ofwill be required to putcomuolcations, andtate of readiness.

Eondurnn Governoont has requested the cooperation ofStates under the Rio Treaty in opposing the dangerthreats of International cooaaunlso". InHonduran Government also requested. warshipsoff Puerto Cortes, Tela, and La Ceiba to bo ready forpressing necdadgbt develop. Ambassador WTJJAUERabove request with the exception of several reservationsregarding the varshlpo. However, be hoe requestedfor direct local coordination between himself and anyccflsaander who may be selected.

has been reported from both El Salvador and HondurasOSORIO of El Salvador is now receptive to officialoverturesesult of tho recent anas shipmentsually reliable source reports that OSORIOinterested in obtaining arms and expressed willingness




to lnvndo Guateaala If to supplied. Final briefings of Honduras Foreign Minister VAIJ3EUXI* are underway prior to hie departure for SI Salvadorectiiuj with President OSORIO.

F. able from Sherwood reflecteduatemalan secretary attached to tho Guatemalan Rabaooy in Nicaragua may havelng equip-incut into that country. urvelLLanco of subject failed tohie activities. However, on Ifl May, the owner of Quinte Sen Salvador, the elte where the arm for use against sohoza were cached,elegram to SOMtfA requesting permlaslnn an rent s Ma house to the Guatemalan Kmbaasy secretarr. fT

has been urged

to urge SOMCZA to "have the secretary removed frca mcaragua ismed-Btelyesult of the break in diplomatic relations between tbe two countries.

G. General Cabell Bade the decision to allow Charles REHHEILreturn to hie station and wind

up his personal affairs. as advloed prior to bishe wouldJn any operational decisionsreturn Tho station has been notified to thio


B. It waa reported during the periodincoln courier en route to Sherwood was detained ln Havana by Cuban Isndgrstlon Officials and subjected to baggage examination. The Cuban aotborltlea ope nod one of the packages he was carrying containing tapes for Sherwood broadcast. According to the courier, however, be waa able to pass tbe tapes off oo pertaining to movies, end the Cubans did not learn tho true nature of the tapes.

I. Eliot P.taff agent In Guatemala, reported that the Guatemalan authorities were getting ready to round up members of tho ESSENCE Group. This group Is still actively engaged in the disneminotion of arrti-Cammunlet propaganda. Logs of this FT outlet willecidedly negative effect on Internal operations.



ami haa been

K. Tha HS ALFHEM conmueted discharging cargo at Puerto Barrios,and departed for Nuevltao, Cuba,0 oniae been alerted for the arrival of the ship and fins


requested' to attempt to contact and debrief Rune JAH35QN, second engineer of the ship. JAItSSOH is reportedly desirous of leaving the ship ln Cirtw and will try to contact tho Svcdloh Consul.

L. econd ship, theRABBVIK (also receivedelieved to be carrying anas and ammunition, is due to arrive aooa ln Tela, Honduras, whore she will discharge some cargo. The ahip Is from Marlehamn oa the island of Aland and may be owned by the Erlccson Covany.

H. Ont was reported by tbe Guatemalan Stationenber of the, has bees directly Involved In planting eases of arms,and light field pieces (In knockdown condition) at strategic point* in thevicinity of Bananera. All weapons are. manufacture, and the crates bear markings of the United Fruit Company. CARKERA Is workingeam involved in providing the Guatemalanwith fake affidavits and depositions taken froa indlviduale, possibly notional, who swear that they are engaging ln seditious activities against the Guatemalan Government. Source personallyake aurvolUance report which indicates that CAlfllEHA has met Cuban planes for the purpose of acceptIng instructions, etc. It is Guatemala's plan to discover the arms within thirty days,an investigation, exhibit the affidavits and depositions and invito members of the diplomatic corps to assist in digging up

and uncovering the hidden arms. During the resulting publicity, the Guatemalan Government will violently attack the united States and the United Fruit Company, banking on the possibility that the Department of State cannot help the United Fruit Company.

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