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ProgressUCCESS for tbe1J*


The following events of operational significance occurred during the reporting period.

A- Sight black flights were ccaipleted

C 5 pounds ofonsistinglSiitlon, medical, supplies, and rations wore lifted. Onpecial cargo' run was completed fromir Force Base to Miami.

SYKCABP organization will attempt tc defect Guatemalantheir aircraft within tbe nextays. Jhaa been advised of this the defectore and give SKPKT^STTCARPto the defectors and their aircraft f lhas alsonot to release the defection atory Tpressauthor'.wition from SKUWER.

report frorc Lincoln dateday reflects that PBSUCCESS isfair otnte of readiness as far as PP and Fl tacticalconcerned. However, it io believodinimum ofwill bo required to put PM, communications, andtate of readiness.

Ifonduran Government has requested the cooperation ofStates under the Ric Treaty in opposing the dangerthreata of international ccemnunisn". InHonduras Covemoent also requested. warshipsoff Puerto Cortes, Tela, and La Celba to be ready forpressing needaUght develop. Ambassador UILLAUERabove request with the exception of several reservationsregarding the warships. However, he has requestedfor direct local coordination between himself and anycccsmandcr who may be selected.

han been reported from both El Salvador and HondurasOSORIO of El Salvador is now receptive to officialoverturesesult of the recent arms shipmentsually reliable source reports thatinterested in obtaining anas and oxprossed willingness



to Invade Guatemala if so supplied. Final briefings of Honduras Foreign Minister VALEIJZUELA are underway prior to his departure for SI Salvadoreeting with President OSORIO.

A cable from Sherwood reflecteduatemalan secretary attached to the Guatemalan Embassy in Nicaragua may haveinginto that country. urveillance of subject foiled tohis activities. However, on lfi Kay, the owner of Quinta San Salvador, the site where the arms for use against SOMOZA were cached,elegram, to SOMOZA requesting permission to rent his house to the Guatemalan Embassy secretary.t

J nas been urgca

to urgeo nave tne secrawiry removea lTora Nicaragua iomed-htelyesult of the break in diplomatic relations between the two countries.

General Cabell made the decision to allow Charles RESELLto return tcwind

up Ms persuiBti auairs. naj.igr.LL was adviseaT3.she would not participate in any operationalas been notified to this

It was reported during the periodincoln courier ento Sherwood was detained In Havana by Cuban Immigration Officials and subjected to bsggoge examination. The Cuban authorities opened one of the packages ho was carrying containing tapes for Sherwood broadcaot. According to the courier, however, he was able to pass the tapes off as pertaining to movies, and the Cubans did not learn the true nature of the tapes.

Eliot P.taff agent in Guatemala, reported that the Guatemalan authorities were getting ready to round up members of the ESSEJJCS Group. This group ls still actively engaged in the dissemination of anti-Communist propaganda. Loss of this PP outlet willecidedly negative effect on internal operations.

visited Headquarters to firm up plans and secure

ctie necessary supplies and equipment for the immediate iraplementa-trlcn of an intercept program designed to provide vital intelligence on-:

Guatemalan knowledge of PBSUCCESS

Guatemalan Intentionsis FBSUCCSSS.

The S3 ALFHLM completed discharging cargo at Puerto 3arrlop,and departed for ^Juevltaa, Cuba,0 onay

^ "ias been alerted for the arrival of the ship ami bas wi:


requested to attempt to contact andRune JAHStCH,ngineer of the a' jaXfSSOK is reportedlyeaving the ship in Cuba and willtry to contact, the Swedish}..

h. econd ship, the SS TSAHEVTK (also receivedo be carrying arms and ammunition, is due tr. arrive soon in Tela, Honduras, where she will discharge some cargo. Tlie ship is frcn Harlehann on the island of Aland and may be owned by the Sriccsou


M. Onjf it was reported by the Guatemalan Stationiember of the, has boen directly involved in planting cases of arms, ammunition, and light field pieces (in knockdown condition) at strategic pointe in thevicinity of Bsnanora. All weapons are. manufacture, and the crates bear markings of the 'Jolted Fruit Company. CARKERA is workingeam involved In providing the Guatemalanent with fake affidavits and depositions token frcm individuals, possibly notional, who swear that they arc encaging in seditious activities against tlie Guatemalan Government. Source personallyake surveillance report which indicates that CATJ3ERA has met Cuban planes for the purpose of accepting instructions, etc. It is Guatemala's plan to discover the arms within thirty days, cm-duct an investigation, exhibit the affidavits and depositionsnvite members of the diplomatic corpssist in digging up and uncovering the hidden arms. During the resulting publicity, the Guatemalan Government will violently attack the United States and the United Fruit Company, banking cn the possibility that the Department of State cunoot help the United Fruit Company.

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