Created: 5/24/1954

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Chief of SUUoq, Guatemala 3. XHTOi Chief,rogrBa^ 3

Outline of an Appeal to the Guatemalan Offioara* Corpa

1. Attached herewith, we areerbatim copy of atoploa whichlike to aaa covered in an appeal addreeeed

by the Ouateiulan people to the offioara' corpa. There oan ba no doubt that

Jhasot of thought in thia paper end that it oan be presumed to reflect in eaeenee the riewa being entertained by hia and hie associates regarding the internal developments of Guatemala. Too say find thiaultabla baaisarafully thought-out presentation of the main lsauea at ataka, geared to the requlrementB andintellectual standards of the average line ef fleer who, ae ^repeatedly pointed out, le baaloally iiill' ibut devoidore than superficial and inarticulate undero tending of what this turwoil la all about.

Z.to eonvey to the coneejo, that on psychological

grounda It would ba lnedvleable and actually defeat the purpose of thia treatiaa, were lt to be ma da available in form of "hojaa sueltae". He reoomnenda that it be put outandy and well-printed booklet whloh an officer can carry in hia pocket, something which he la inclined to hang on to

that all tha facilities of oonsejo be brought to bear in order to make the paraphlet availableaximum number of offioara. It ehould be ourto put lt into the hands of every Amy offloer and "if need be, lt ehould be drooped from an aeroplane.11

5. Too realise that[ ill be keenly interested ln finding out what. If enyVilng, hasone to make use of hia presentation. He mould, therefore, appreciate you advialng us at your earliest convenience what your plana are and to make available to ua the "consejo'a* version. .Should thereroadcast, please eable the tine at which the transsdeelon oan be heard.

E. Bumette

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