Created: 5/25/1954

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This note for SHEHWOOD is based on

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(Politicaln Ouabcnalsn amy expected)

We br-nc ywtatement by joh af theay Uf.icore un actiw Juty whooober oi our U'per*.tlon ^ordttoe


robber ofilcem end fellow ctticensJ deepive you very sheoeful new. as this autyn corrviocedould cstray ay oath o. ofi'loo,ould not Inform you ofave luarnod Just now. heel assured that this news bas oobb to ao by say ofrover tibia evidenoe.

Our sovornrdunt bac Justoo rot plan lo Insure tho complete pulltLct loyalty of the -'road Ferdee in any emer,.ency. This plan consists of tvo steps* first, aanyeers snd enlisted iaen, now on active duty, are to be Jisoiseod or transfer od lo reserve status, because they have been reported by confidential Informants to hoL-anU-ccoounist views and ore therefore suspected to liiaa,;ree with the political Intentions of tho Prvoldent and of bis Jaoinet.

Second, communist* ana connunlet sywpethisere, coneiJered aifilolonUy reliable by the ^resident's Secret Service, are to be appointed to the positions fruu which the aboventi-conds-nietc will bave been rmnovodj noroover, ihey aru to fill the ranks of the Amy recerve so that they are available for iisnodieto active duty, This willncludeioere ana nun iron the so-celled Jerlbeesn U> ion.

InpLsueaUivlonose rnmr-ill nowince tito iTe.sldent and his suvisurs re-.lire thai disclosure oi rift)resipaont iron the iovictr has cunvinoed oven the aostliIleal ji'lccrr and ntn In our Arnod Korcou thaivornptent is setho sailnur ship of state to the chilly wind wiiio-'i

iilovs froaote* tat ioru. thot the ^ovomnoiit le no'- cocrouniat ore no longer Deihg hallwil by anyL>xr/ who hne eyoo to tM and bralne u> understand.

L therefore expect that the planaveoeoribej to yon will Ln to bo roalleed in the next few dayat or at the utoost, weeks.


ton havetatement by ana oi the eenior Aiwy uf.icera on aoUvo Juty aseaber of our Liberation Ceanittoe.

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