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^kVOf PBSUCCESS RTEAT classification


rROM i chief of Station, Ouateaala C_ ^INFOi Chief, UHD


subject: eeaauL- rograa

There is boine tranonitted herewith to each addrefiaea office one copyelf-explanatory wuorandua writtaoah an L. Page to ESQUIRE. hird copy of thia aeaorandun is being retained in tbe file coveringrograa.








Enclosures i one Memorandum


ci ass" ication




ftia letter will serve to refreih your reeolleotlone of certain topioe not yet adequately covered and others not yet broaohedi

Ve ore curious to know significant end representative resoktlonsoorpe lixoibera to tho shipment. Weeooster to their pride snd noraln, strengthening the slleglanoe to the regno, or are tbey noncorned abont oertsln lcngrange ianliantlons of the eTsntf snob as the probability that iron cm-tain supplies are penally foil owed by iron onrtain inatruotors and technical experts?

Detailed Shlmont Data. What lteaa. In what quantities,In what state of repair What abont srssmltlonsT Did tedmloolsns onae along?

Us are vitally Interested In any info leading to the tlnely discovery of futnr Bhlnoents uhjere in the offing.o spare no effort (snd no expense) to assure us early warning of such sMjBvmte. lou can assureJthat tha nex Una the shipamt won't pass. Differenoss of Ofdnlon on that score have been Ironed ou snd the oonsejo's views will prersil ths next tine.

elicately re openOonsejo still ls snd will continue to bo be byJ prohibition. But isn't lt shoot .ttssi to sink parson si differences snd Join in oosssoB oause which Isu^tanslan tfaioe?hat thes aerlotisX concernedapidly tletexiersting altusUen resultex&rzr? *olipM of Ouatsamla behind the Iron curtain^ necessitating hapy the CS* Cdnsejo strongly feels Ousts ahould poll themselves up by their boctstxaps. Point outJ harping on need for arny unity and at sane tiro dsepeniug dbaatt;hotween pro-and exntrs-^lastlehange ln hla attitude would not entail JBRwdlrto change in the present setup, hat vould restore our freedon of notion In determining atnd to what extent Oastle should be let In.

Had outabouthat far oca dose he ocaxandt what (active or passive) contribution could ha naVainch? What are his feelings shout Oaatlat r

inVL hat ha knows about ax-Oolnnel Quillsrnb TU^SJXDJ Be ic -iV* hief jdlitsry aid* and wields considerable Influence. Ifavorable view, your are authorised to tell binRE3 la one'or the Junta's outstanding solitary figures, iff nctorop the lamia.

Stress the Important role played3 Depiat bin aa the Junta's leading poll figure to whom Oastle defers on ell natters oonoerning political strategy. Throw ln ss aside that C t had given you the inpraaaion that the oonaajp (off the record) unanimously baok bin for the Presidenoy, eanealally If It should torn out that ba snjc tha trust of ranking militaries, snobr P. Carefully reoard f'i reaction.

Oontlnue prosolng for the identification of other trusted associates. Assurr that no independent spproaohea are oontor^lnted, but Isportsnt tbe oonsejo be told. Illustrate this point fay mentioning that tha oonsejo van greatly heartened byudgment regarding tho "doso friend" borne out.esult the situation ln tha oapi haa already tskonairer oonplexlon.

licitviews regarding "the Anbsasador* without letting on about hie Intended use. Could he be relied upon to keep In strictest xmfidonoe overtures on the part of ranking Gust officers?rust bin in an osjerganqr?

ny Indications in whlohi -an result of thewith the TJS ere of Inportsncand should bo able

piik up store than one oryptle renark. Vhat ore prevalent spoonlatlons regarding TO pol ln respect to the Gnat situation.

U.he oar situation is unsatisfactory soaurltyvlse end that herivate vehlile. Ve ere willing to contribute to the tone of Qz

So naah for the present. Hope yonleasant weekend .

yours as e- or,

c 2

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