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3RNERAL Intelligence Hettoreor Identification

1. With the arrival of new area In Ouetcnel* and tha Government'e growing anxiety to ward off oppoeltion envesvident that than wtll be increased noveoente of troope during the ooeang weeks. Me suet expect that there willegroaplne of tha Arasd Porces. and lt la nanwntlal that this be followed cloeely. All lnfomatlon with reepect to each aoveoonts ehould be reported proaptly la order tnat we any keepatwngth and oquipoeot) records current. Zen are requested to forward all pertinent lnfaraaUon by priority cable, with tha details following by pouch.

P. In order that lnfomatlon regarding troop aovenante end locatlene any be properly used It la neeeaaary that we receive se accurate identiflca-tlons aa possible. In each instance we need te know the noaber and description ef tho parent battalion and. If poealbla, the company. In the past many reports nam been seat Indicating that thereundred aen etationed here, that fifty nan wer* sent there. These reports aeon little unleoe we are able te tie than site tba overall picture. There are only do manynd officers In tbe Amy) If scan are tranaf erred, aayorder area, they nest be taken away froa acne other district. It should be rolntlvBly easy in noet instances for th* agents to get this Informti on aa It elaply requiresaldlor what unit he la connected with, where he has cone fron, and whore he la going*

3. another Better ofin thia connection Is the need for pin-pointing of all references to places, except In the ease of larn dtlon. The stations and SOtfJffIC have been provided with asps and the grid eyctoa of coordinates for this purpose, and those ehould be used in ell instancesvn the exact location.

lu In order to aake reporting easlor aad more concise the EZX quontionnalre Can be useduide, and information detailb aen eheply be keyed to paragraph rusher* in that form. Aleo, ia naking reforencec te




the nine target areas yo. should ure the codes fumiahod in UULA-IiO, tho PsycholOiical Intullireneo directive.

he Guaisnala statloo ia authorised toupon SKHABTIC the importance of tne foregoing, in the naw.LIGtEISj and this is to bo back*topped by LUOTOH in naicLng aimilar requesto of STMCAKP sources under hie control.



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