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Rerort on ESSENCE Aotivltiss

Enclosed herewithurther report on the activities ofgroup. Thisetter from ESSENCE 1 dated 2tiwas written in responserequest for ideas and plans.


WDP/ Ebser F. LUKETY/ ogv

Distribution t





Three dayseceived your Abort letter asking reeries of facta and idaui eg /OUT pardon for not having written beforeoring written r" odlcally,id not Co so in order to avoidcooear/ dangers, am always told our nutual frie.-tds,nly devoted to the cause and they can always count on ne to do the bestan do with that which is Intrusts^ to me.

In regard to those facte for which you have asked rm on differentave passed then to our friend eo that he may pass them to you at once.

The :iewspsper ls cosdnr slong very welli there ls rare denand for It ln the Lepsrteents every dayelieve that it ls Metingood reception aaong tlie ctmpsslnoe. saw problewelways. eg of you to send ns articles froa tins to tins in order lo nave rre eat* work.

Tho radio programs continue, the problems concerningave directed that you be informed in the usual manner. esult of theof Radio Interntti anal, where they wereave taken steps to see that tln the air as soon as possible) t this broadcasting station will be carrying our program at tho latest in throe days. nssaulted the Radio Inbsrnational vaf tie Chief of Arrests, Civil Guard, Reglnaldo ARCHILA (eonfirwed).

I have been providing the different fillals with sufficient fropagande and ull site that nay necescary for tf-elr work.

Everything ls going well with regard to 'blACk" propers-da, considering what ls possible. av* had seny of ny toys hrreetedi sow of these after being released are afraid and do not continue working! each day it becones more difficult to obtain recruits for work| everyone hopes0 thine, no re than propaganda and thoy do not want toh-we Ives for things when they cannot see the conclusionespecially In there the author, ties am greatly annoying. There are0 imprisoned by now asres-ilt ofast operation and three antostoblles are deccraissioned,

I hsve succeeded Inubstitute for that event'iality inight not bo available)o not expect to be forced to leave osxeptery extras* case.

I Maintain individuals in our political parties ou that in an indirective instructions and try to see to it tliat tl* work is carried out alone the fom> linos.

Zroup of. -lc yoin, back and forth toortnents ln order to see to lt that propaganda Is well distributed and that they don't lack for anything.

Ther canpaiontln <ea and lea already hoeesultr,are notified the one wit)orrespond.

In Selena we have done Uat which we co Id do to maintain tho norale of the oovs, but that wJiich we could do wa* very llttls and always in an indirect way in order to preventies who are with the prisoners fro* finding out anything* Their situation is very difficult.

11th regard to yoirhouldudget andr thr future teas* ne nust develop1 have not wanted to dofor we areifficult and Ins'-cure situationo not dare tolan wMoh aannot he carried out satisfactorily later. hink tlie beat thing is to continue aur work with all the fore* we can snd to ddaut these tasks to the circui-etancce of eaci, day. Tou can be sure that wo shall not lose ono opportunity nor one Momerit In drawing out the tree tost advantage fro* each event.

I have already taken steps too recruit for propaganda those persons on ths Westernn the two places) shout when you asked re.

regard to tl*all try to draw up ths most appro pr'at* one as soon as possiblehall sen. It tlirough the usual channel. In this respect, itnsa* to say itr fellow-eltlsene but it is diffleult too do anything without supplying the* with the nsansien been telling you, there has already entered Ouetsnala the disease (of relying on) that which will cos* fro* abroad) everything is now reany and no one wishes to expose hinself now to do things which seen pals lnwith that which tlcy expect.

In connection with the sans problem Is ourequesteceipt ln order to showeceive all that is necessary. Inave to lnfor* hi* that everything arrives ok. Thshich nay lave givsn way to doubt, nay be motivated by the fact that the person who fomsrly settled the amounts passed his list of obligation*Vakly and sons persons *sy possibly not have been contacted. Oa the otherave tried to give nonarynd only in accordlist of expenses, to those personsbeerved did not cosrply (with their tasks) or who nade poor use ofhing which annoys acre thanperson. Furthermore, sndewer tellan give tlie* what trey ask ne for on ths first request, for if some spy penetrates us ltiii be dangerous not to be able to show whore tl* none/ comesurthermore, to give -ttnay freely attracts unecrupuloue people and haras those who are working without personal interest. hird point is that lt could jive doubts, es above. atter to our old, now wi Uatrswnndicated that four remittances had been sent to a* for the expenses of

th* propagandahia vm In tho days of thow), id not rooolvc thie sot mod therefor* coaaMnloatad this to our fri*nd vhoold hia furtremor*ildnot to receive en; 'uui without some predetermined purpose in order rot to haw auch jrobLan* ia th*old hia alao that that *Mcr was neoesearyhat theb* giveno that everythinf. wlcIn on*tralis*d. o not know or any nor* than thoee four Incident* andnay b* another aid* to th*

I wish to aak vol to do we the favor of greeting pjf friends on th* othar *io>o not writ* to anyone* ag your pardon for th* toofor*ine* and tha dry at:nd the poor organisation of thia letter, lent ranr b* ewe,av* toldhat all Vat can' Iter* will be dons "cont what lt nayve told our beloved friends.

lour friend, BSKHCG


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