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Q. Obrero

piroi raiicczriS, Biadgiaartmra

acting Chief of Stat on,

Aocinp umei of Station, Guatemala


are sending youe analysis of We raallae of course that it la rarely fair to derive final eoncl alone from only the flret issueeriodical. Ileve?-thelesa, etrtaln of the pointe made in the attached analysis deserve yoir attention and require possible action,

TUlatoro's attitude tOtttfdB nomwinlsn appears to be completely aoceptable with the possible exceptor*e describing the communists ae "eternal opj/ortunlato" (pagearagraphttachment). In Latin Aaerlea where virtually all politicians seen to be opportunists tho term appears toecourwindatlon rathereproach* moreover lt is entirely unjustified to describe the cijwlijIi to aatbey are actually fanatics, doctrxaalree,etc. It mightood ides to put VI1 latero straight on this


3* Ve reserve Judgement as tc the effectiveness of the paper's policy and labor line. If Villatoro and his paper aro capable of undermining communist leadership in the unions and capable of developlag*antl-corenuilet movement, the limitations of hla political eoncepin to union and related labor natters seacs isnedlFtoly Justified. It renal nx to bs seen however whether ha and his paper canangible contribution In thi* direction.

Lt. We remainepl; toee H,


fcieloeure aa noted JCD/ Kl-^cr T, Lukety/ sgwU Dletributioni

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All, with encloe"je

pbrgo Libre, Nudoo,U. Raspoua'ablai Ruben VILLA TOKO

Judging by tba aditorlal* and the editorialon OutajnlaiU recent history for vhioh Ruben vtLLatoho olaiw the roe pons lblllty, beeft of center union organiser in the traditional soolaliat mould. Be defines, for example, the activities of tha union in the follovlng aacner

To negotiate eoUeotlr*n tracts, to guarantee their fulfillment on the part of their meaborahlp, tad to exercise the rights and actions which are born of such contract*.

To collaborate with governmental organisations for Labor and for Social Security.

To represent ita member* in all tho confliato wMch amy present themselves.

b. rlve for en urtderetarding between labor snd management on tb* basis of Justice and actual respect,

To supply union culture to It* af

Toita affiliate* inllness, death. Invalid, etc.)

To defend th* economic interests of It* affiliate* and to have confidence In th* solidarity with other onion

6. To oollaberat* in the legislation of aooial lam* and in thalr constant improvement.

TlUatoro is more interested in the rights of tba worker* than in the plight of hla own country and be is well versed in the labor movaoont* of th* Westernrobablyesult of hi* orit affiliations. Be is bitterly denunciatory ofmaanilsm which be characteri see as imperialistic and opportunistic and be la equally vehement in orltielting Trojillo and Soaosa although bo la kinder to rerun who pretend*oncern for the working nan than to soaosa who does not.

Villatoro maintains an independent position In viewing Ouateaala'l recent event*. The dictatorsRuflno Barrios, Estrada Cabrera and Oblcohare blocked tho country's progreaai

Dicta tore hips hare olgnlfied the turbulent pacification of the opinionsation which has, therefore, not been able toolitical education.

Villatoro affirms that tha Revelation of Octoberwvement of the whole ettlcenry which daring the pr**ld*ooy of Dr. -hunABOTlIO mad* great Social progress

egime of democraticorking Kan's Cods, the Industrialisation of the oountry, the fightora slavated standard ef living for city and country vorkera, tbe Agrarian Reform, eta.*

Thia moramant, he deeloree, was seised upon and asnipalated by

totalitarianroup of greedy biu-eauorata, or false rerolatl on ariastodaywho hare capitalized for themselves on emr aerolntlon."

eolaree Tillatoro,are tbe eternal opportoniote."

The Communist* are the teas ef tbe guarantee* granted by the political organisation ef the olUsenryi they neither oarriodweapon onoulder the day of* nor did they draw up tbe structural laM of tbs new Guatemala."

Villatoro outline* the spaoifio steps by whlob the Qommuniats maneuveredontrolling position! tha consolidation of union powerfalse iunifying1O and ita counterpart on th* politieal front tmr**gh th* device of the Fr*nt* Dsmocratioo Pee tor al. Ha picture* for thaonely rale in fighting' against 'thsse moveo and the cooseqaent porseoutien of the union.

cannot and we mot mot protectrogiae born of the beat of popular aspirations vhlch ha* fallen late the same errors a* othar dictatorships and* Into the oppression whlob It practice* byoctrine whichha anla of democracy, and where thatill nascent, poos over Into being mere appendices oftotalitarian State, manipulatedatchwords.'

Tillatoro appaara to be, considering Mm to be sincere and to th*to vhlch he oan be Judged by thisonely Independent who refuses th* easy politiealof right or left to aeeempllsh hi* goal* ofand improved standards of living! bat beyond the diffuse goals of literacy and free union* he ha* nothing to offer.

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