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(Beware of Illegal, brutal and reckless police actional)

Kvery day, our people's opposition against tha Arbenz-Fortuny regime rises higher, -very day, the nervousness of Arbons and his accomplices rises, too and his frantic desire to "save" himself from developments for which he has primarily to blame himself, and his blind submission to Moscow's demandseven though he must have well realized by now tbat his case has became completely hopeless.

Liko oil cotnmunlst Satraps the world over, be relies in those frentlo efforts more and more exclusively upon thehose chief, Cruz Wer, has already boon exposedecretforty member. Since oursod our laws limit police actions very atrlotly, especially for politicalruz Wer and his minions must resort more and more to illegal acta, to brutality and provocation, in order to carry out the orders of the would-be dictator.

We bave haomy examples of this police brutality and illegality in recent months' treatment of tho prisoners of Salens, assault on Radio Internacional with police connivance, persecution of those accused of painting" symbols, censorship on political radio programs,of oppositional newspapers and periodicalstiese areew

examples of what the "progressIn" police has been doing recently to prepare our countryull-fledged coBBunist dictatorship.

o every reason to assume that the police will be even moronore reckless, leas conoemed with the latter and the spirit of our Laws In tha next days and weeks. Their action ia likely toreat Kany fellow-oitizena who hare neveraw and who therefore do not know how to behave in the faoe of those police methods. Tor their oenefit, we shall discuss now sone of the things which you ahould know and follow carefully.

Our constitution guarantee* freedom of tbe press. If censorship and terror prevent our legitimate press from telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about evenis ln thla oountry and abroad, you are perfectly justified in reading papers which evade this illegal cenebr-ohip and terror. Cofiecon sense oust tell you, however, tbat you mist be cautious and circumspect when you receive, read or pass on auoh an un-censored. clandestine papor.

.ton'tt in presence of others orlace where jtou can oe easily surprised. Jon'I show it to anybody but pasu it on ajionymoualy, by

dropping it into fJie Letter boxeighbor, shoving lt Into another aan's pocketrowd, leaving itublic reatroom,ailroad train, oractory. Spoak about ita coo ten to, but oo not say where you read such information*' IX asked about tne sourco, eayriend told lt to you In confidence, or that you forgot where you read or who told it* Don't collect clandestine publications as souvenirs, but help to make than circulate as quickly as possible.

Our constitution guarantees also freedom of speoch. letare time and again prevented from holding meetings, people arenot to attend such meetingsdo you expect to reoelvethe Agrarian Reform, if you participate In subversivendlvirhiald upon by government and

Undor thoso clroumstauceo, be easeful not to fallrap which might be set for you by some undercover coovauiist, Do not engage In political arguments with strangers. If you goeeting of which the government spies muat not know, make sure that you are not being followedolice "shadow". Do not discuss confidential matters over tho telephone* your

telephone line may be tapped, especially If you ere veil known for your anti-comnunlot views* Be oaroiul about what you are writing in letters, especially if you write to friends abroad: despite our law forbidding censorship, you must expect government agente to open your letters. ST'ora^snT1 aaaresse's "youj"

olice officer, oven after proper identification, umts to enter your apartment, ask him to "how you his search war rout' he is not allowed to enter your house, unless heourt order. This is especially

Important if ho wants not only to enter but to search your place, whether for leaflets, for arms,landestine radio transmitter or what not* how cwi you know that he isurglar who wants to exploit the present political situation for his purely personal gain, unless he shows you official papers authorising him to enter ana to search your house?

olice officer write to arrest ypu, ask hla to show you an arrest warrant,i the law does not permit him to arrant youarrant, unless he catches you redhandod whilerime. If you are alone at tlie time of the arreot, demand to telophotxi or write or otherwise inform your wife, your paronte or someMdy else close to you so that they knowappened to you andea may not simply "disappear". If the police officer denies this request, attract attention from neighbors, passers-by etc. by shouting,indow or tho like, asking those people to inform your family or friends.

If you are known as an anU-communist or if you have been denounced aswhether correctly or not, instruct your wife, your parents or anybody else living with or near you that they ahould inform your lawyerriend in case yen denH oome home at night or' if there ia any other reason to assume that you hm boon arj-ested, kidnapped or otherwise met with foul play. In case the authorities refuse information about where and why you are held to your lawyer, your family or your friends, tlio latter should address themselves to the congress man froa your district (if he is honest andervant Ofo the independent press and to any

anti-communist group in your town or district.

When you arepolice, do not answer before you have been allowed total*awyer of your choice. As first of all to be told what you arc accused of* never forget thai, under law tho police (or, in court, the public prosecutor) Bustve that you are guilty of tbo offonsu of whloh tiiay accuse you. It is not your duty to prove yourself innocent* limit yourself to disprove any specific charges preaented against you.

Jbun under interrogation, bowarc of police traps* they may tell you that your boat friond or your wife lias already "confessed" and thereby proven your guilt; they may tell you that your best chance for an early release is.

to conform and to implicate others. 3on't beliovo any of it, even if they showritten confession, signedamiliar-signature! Don't try

to tell lite, interrogators olabor&te liosoommunic-ta nave usually very thorough secret police training awl canie. especially if lt isarefully prepared, "profossionwl" lieakeshift story, invontod at the spur of the moment and therefore in most ctaes full of loopholes.

Stick Rteadi'fiutly and stubbornlyimple denial of all the charges.

Whenever possible,orimco, mt>ke vague statements, sa. that you cannot romember. Have always plausible explanation? ready for natters which you oennot deny! Tor instance, If you travel to another town to transport clande- tint newspapers, always count on tho poesiuility oX being soon ourlng thia trip. Therefore, be sure to visit at your destination also an old. aunt who can then truthfully testify that you mode indeed that trip to visit herj

Under no circumstances lmplicato others (with the only ex .option of persons who are dead or of whoa you know positively that they have loft our country for tbe duration of the Arbem-j'artuny region). If you ore reallyan, denouncing others is not going to help you any. Hut if you succumb to tbat temptation, you areellow-citizen /oi helping the government to play oil one patriot against another so Kbit they may more oasily destroy you bothl

Our basic task is, ol course, to free our countryhamuful regimees these police metnous possible, in the meantime, hovwver, let us all be cartful and clever uul let ucthe efiorts oionchaen to stranglu our Id.boratian Movement tl:rough oommunisterror.

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