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Chief of Station, Ouaunaxa CitySUCoeaoouarters UHJOXH

Instructions (raxt II)

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; thct yousualLint he stoolii citlicv rv'-ara tlica to year files or destroy thea as eooo as he- hzc finished vith thea. *

cl the or.ier to ctirt ypfiritions deecribod Inf the sttsche- notes, to be given on/or iioutollowing very shoi'Uy tfcerceiter. ilavc^ accordingly.

fulle-gt ana fast reporting: on the progress of thest tacticalpreparations willcppreciited.


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la the second instrument of the "iiacreoDoy Inatr-jcticna"ve began In ourateday. We vere fcratiflod to learnafff*6u3 that the chiefb .for all city teans_ except one have alroady been selected

and that the other preparations, indicated in our first set of Instructions, aro mSdas cuick progress.

firet tasks of each City Chiefapart froang thoinfinclude particularly"

abUlMaj secure corrsinlc.tions ^underground hesdeuartera.

Tnere eiioulu cut one courier between oectu Chief and uead^oarters j

thislioalJ preferably not know the 'Chief, but eltouJLd beandc other point. Host definitely, he must notlocationout raist deliver snd'reeelve nil

tfcassoes elsewhere (saleriouse, livu drop). In addition, there should

anproce-iirc lor ftst cofswnnicatlons, telephone or telegram mx^KtfisJre-^r,imple open code for inatruetione like "Start oper tion'A* lrjaedlstely"q>oct now police measures tcday" or the like. There ahould be different oodes for wooh team so that, If ores code will be canpru-uised, tho others can be continued lo use.

rk! storing the ecniosent descries!a^iai c,

d) uivin^ his deputy allecessary Instructions as to how to carry on in ci.it be, thehoulc" get arrested orbrass to disappear in order to avoid erred or other cnony siafcaures.

3> Activities ol each tean (other than the preparatory nexcuresanu in f. Ib'l) aust Jider no circumstances begin before we ^ive the word, UiohouldIron any overt oppositionalive engagedor, better still, should be chosen froa among on especially active or at least arc not known to the localto the local ccmatnlcts) for such activities. co^lisnce withu :i. ftado u> well as in each of thfc nine teanflIs

iapen-tiveconserve our force* for tho critical phase. On tho othern.ilvun, all teams sliould become fully active at onee. It isthat you can pass the el^nal at ail timeshie deputy and

tliat he ccn alert his City Uhlcfs without delay, as suggostedjnbove.

ity Chief aust get in touch with the conrvnier of the Liberation Forces ln his city. Tho cccsaander will tell hla when and where to take specific local action within tbe general franework of the instructions vhich wo ere giving you This subordination is indispenoiule in order to avoid as such as possible local confusion and to insure au-rlmnaof all available opposition forces in eachplace. At present, each City Chief is only to be told in general .terms that he will be brought into touch with other opposition groups in hio area and the need for discipline end subordination must be explained to bin. Wo shall send you specific instructions as to when, where and how these oontects between/ City Chiefs sod the local consasnders of the Liberation Forces are to be made, in duo tlno.

$.lo give each City Chief detailed advance Insicca for

thetypos of operations, each of vhlch ought to startiven day. He flhould thereforeimple code word for each of those types of operations eo that the beginning can be signaled quickly e* soon aa ve tell you. (In. anaperation "A" aay bo referred toB" as "Uncle Beano",mOa for anotber citythe code word* asy be trees or flowers with the appropriate Initials, or" the Ilka).


cr cannSpecific thesvss for ruaors are to follow later:

explain to each Chief bow to got ruoors started (and

believe as ouch asow to toko specific cues froa the clandestine radio and froa further messages he vlll send. FIT, tho noin purpose ofaor campaign is to create tho right psychological ctriosphcre for the" final phase, to confusing and discouragint, our eaealep

ffiervenst eneny key peraonneltech City Chief is to "select

r.f enercynelivcrrsaont end policeT-iinistsrs, uniriciuily arny officersot acre than he andi cant. Against occb ofargeterier- of oen-ures siw to ce devisedill lower bis nortle, ii'la to abandon the enemy side or at least feet hin out of the way in theuro. ibesc iwasurcs must beBcaatoa. teilorei" for oacL inoividuil case, since different people haw dlf fervn. vulnerable spots and react in different manners, tone of the moans to lc used mi-hi include tho followir^ (plusOcCl Inventors nay suggest)'

ending dtith notlc*.;

fc) telephonelireat or'C warning: (either against impending purge, byor iovorn-acntor against being blacklisted by Liberation rtomoeat)

c) Ksrklng subject's house "hareoscowor the like (luninous paint/)

ding carJboerd coffin or's noose through nail or deposltlc

ueforo subject's hous* or office. o}ake euraaons, aakliig hia lo appear in ajiteaala

wt*-JTnswers of deviation frets the party line (ifPdT

r esabeitleaent orecrets (if *

governmentclal) f) Informing subject's wife thct hu Is in danger arui that she must see

to it that be seeksxposlng true or very likely dark spots in subject's private Ufa,

by telling hla, or his wife or oUMOuncing hia to hia superiors or

publishing the story via black leaflet.iiJ1jv:ire,uccessful businoas deal U> be

made, asking hla to come for lajportent mooting, or pretoiidlng an

accident whlcb befell family ncsbcr, mistress or close friend in

far-away place, to rozsovc him free, so cue for critical ncooot, and


(III) Lncourago people nf gJJtrigsjtdBa rJ>lto, by wordwf-aoahh "painting wave lengths and times pu wells, etc.

?- !

(I) Start distribution afnM^-lal (leaflet^hich P U "receiving "from you and vhich he'will have divided up aiaongTbe-^storage in advancesince bulk soirnieota to outlying cities ere likely to become increasingly difficult towards the final phase.

Start ^redaction and .ilsLiiwution of local,hed bulletins er> lea:letsoploitlnj; the local situation plus news heard on theradio, publishing black lists of dangerous enanies, cofiPTioiste, police infomers etc.urther step In the "nerve va: described in Operation ?bove).

> ft; rt pnlntini; slovens on vails.


t. lCK "C" (This is the net eensitivt par".'of the entire enterprise,ve it to your Judgnent how much of it you want to toll toT" j4ady now In any cent, he nwst notv of tiiir part tc bis City Chip's any earlier than isesssry^i

" 'tO JSsaitot. or"aloicob as possible, .hostile action by thoby the rolico, lor incterice

cy preliminarycd either at Uic aKLU'vaay sal police personnelhole or ct iniiviiial ci: inert and mm, considered potentially friendly to us;c7 organising, if locally futsible, demonstrations by wenen and ci.iiaroo ln front of thx police station or the amy barracks, slowingof troops, proven uin^ -Jiu use of lire *ms,or ti^ release of political prieorers, etc.

ill) rr-atr-te ccrsmuiist-lc- strikes or provoke, on the contrary,icii can helpiter* tioa novtaent (like all parts .of Uperitlon

thin on. hasrly carefully coordinated with the lc cocrsender of the Liberation forces, as oat forth inbovoxforailroad workers strike to hold up troop aovesients, strike at tho city electrical power plant plunging the city intorinters strike to prevent publication of pro-Arfcens rMmspocors, Iccflots or posters, aai ew rorth.

(III^ll locally avail, vie resources, leaflets, bulle-tins, possibly alx local newspapers and raoio stations, word of mouth, sjeetings (ifracticable) etc. to rellv theoj arouno the liberation roovenent, to keep then informed about the progress Ol* our action, to counteract eneny announccaents, propaganda or rumors and to provide dieciplinec mass support for the Liberation forces.

9. Ihe security ^Implications of the above ere obvious. Just as you will pass these instructions to]_ Anot earlier than JU turn will giveCity Chief and the men at hiseadouarters no information prior to the nccsent where it Is needed and will give no individual aoro information then this individual requires in order to accoraplisli his own assignments. Each City Chief again will pass an instructions to tho members of his teamtrict

basicwill cot reveal any sensitive fact ezjj earlier than necessary. of the Intended actlvltloo require considerable preparations, forcollection of'folevant Information for the "nerveefined above aaOperation "kmcut thiscc-paratively non-eensltivo task. Informationrations, whether withor vith th* local Corussader of

the Liberation Foroas, or any preparation for Operationn the other band, la highly sensitive and mist bo confined absolutely to the people vbo need theau lap res upon eren-ybody the fact thct atev noabers of tho entire organisation are likely to be arrostoJ during the preparatory purled, while other* night talk under theof liquor, wu.-usi or soncji the safest way orlie possibli daraagcs to lot nobodyre tJian he vnst knowor any earlier than lie ha: to know, JIo crwuni oi tcrturo or corruption can extracterson lnfornatlon which he has not got.

Ioc may esj*cl to receive the final act of our instructions as wall as tho signal to start wpar&tiotis ortly. Uoopletc preparations therefore as speedily as possible and keep sending us full reports on all phasoe of this work.

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