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Aotin* Uhlof of Station, uuawmaxa CityKUCOaSS, Headquarters LINCOLN

C lao tractt II)


that you1ith the tjg usual %wSC Uxt h* tboelA ciU.cs- WJUato ycur rile, or aes^xoy thee,ooa aa he- has fin,', .hod with

the orior to start Operations oMrl'-cd laf*haCto tc civea,hortly thereafter.

Pollnst ana fast reporting on the procress of those tactical^ propsratlons will be erectly ap^roais-ted.


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i. Jiatri-ationi

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la tha eeccad Instalment of the "cskergancy Instructions* fee (

which we bacon in ourl. dateday. Ve were grttilled to loarn froa your wire golO thct th* chiefs for all city teem* except one hare already been selected andhe other preparations, indicated in our first set of inotructlons, are caking cuick pro^rooa.

first tasks of each City Chiefapart froa astsc-iling ti*iininclude particularly1

j) -statliaiLt, stcwi* coxumic* tions withheadcuartera.

Tuereeast one courier between each -. andcourier shooX: pj-efcrcbly not know the Chief, cut should beand return to,other point, llost definitely, he must notlocction oeY%idevarters, cat oust deliver and receive his

Bkssayes elsewhere (safe house, live drop). In addition, there should

an emergency procedure for fast coesamicstlons, telephone orimple open code for Instructions like "Start operracediitcly"iwt'.olite measures tcoay" or the like. There should be different codes for each taaa so that, If coCv willxprir..ised, the others car.continued ic use.

ro^irist and storing -he eciip=tmtIn paragr.ua;

wiving his deputy all tsKi necessary instructions as to how to carrye, the Chic, -hould get arrested or *aK*lla liavc to disappear in order to avoidt or other enemy motsureo.

of each teaa (other than Ue preparatory mtasuresaiu. in > oust -nder no circuastsaces begin before we ^lve tho word, -he tofc^stherefore'withdraw iron any overt oppositional activitiesIfacy zviy haveter still, should be chosen free- amongifian especislly active or at least are not known to the local police

(orccnmtrls Is) foractivities* Itiict cc^Ilsoce with this'rule

ttu^Jcr^rouni Headquarters as well as in each of tlifc nine teamsis

onserve our farce* iot aba critical phase. On the othernal is given, all teams should became fully active at onae. It Isthat you can pass the signal at ail timesto hie deputy and

that he can alert his City Chiefs without delay, as suggested inbove.

i. ity Chief must get in touch with the conxaander of thein his city. The ccesunder will tell hla when and where to takeaction within the general frtntework of the instructions which we are givingsubordination Is indlspensaiie in order to avoid as such aso Insure suvn'mua integration of all available opposition force*given place. At present, each City Chief is only to be told in generalhe will be brought into touch with other opposition groups in his area andfor dlsclplin* end subordination cust behim. Ve ahall sendinstructions as to when, where and how these contacts

City Chiefs and the local cctsseoders of the Liberation Force* art to be suae, in due time.

5-to give each City Chief detailed advance instr-ctioos for

the following rypeo of operations, each of which ought to startiven day. lie should therefore arrangeimple code word for each of these types -of operations bo that thr beginning can Jk signaled quickly as soon as we tell you. (In oneperation "A" way be referred to as "aunt Arc-la",a "Uncletc. while for another city team the code words nay be trees or flowers with tho appropriate initials, or the like).

6. OrV'-TLOK

(I) Kjaornspecific themes for rumors are to folio* la tori

y }iaust first explain to each dhlef how to got rumors started (and oeliere as much acow to take specific cues froa the clandestine radio and ircc farther neesages he will send. ho main purpose of the rtuaor cenpaign Is to create tho right psychological ctaosphcre for th* final phase, to confusing and discouraging cor enemies.

ervelastey personneleach City Chief is to select

a limited nurdio; of enesry pers <oalities (rovernmont and police officials, CTTzuiirt leaders, uniriuiuly army officersot more than ho andra car. effectively handle. Against eccb of there targeterier of necrures arw to it devised widUh will lowerorvie, IX poss.-iehie to abandon the enemy side or at least get hir out of the way in luc critical lisurs. Qaaji measures axujt be"custom It-lore iR i'sr oacd inuiviliuJ. case, einet different people havu different vulnerable spots and react in difXercct Banners, -cce of tbe means to be used ni^ht incluie tho following (plusocal inventors nay suggest)*

endia- deith notlcr

elephone callspreferablyhreat or't warning (either against impending puvs> by rJT or iovernaeator against being blaclOisled by Liberitlon Movo-ant)

c) .Xcrkisg subject's house "herent" or the like (luminous paint.')

5arjboerd cof "in or hangman's noose tarouth maul or dcpoaitinv

uefore subject'sr ofi'icc. ex Undineake roaaonz,iaar in Oui-teuala

-ivyinsnur-.es of deviation from the party lineC-T

r cabeszlenerit or bctreysl oisecrets (if a

^ov-rnacnt official) f) InforcdriG subject's wifehe. is in dcajer aiu that she oust see

tc it that he seeksiccposing true or very likely dark spots in subject's private life,

by telling him, or his wife or denounclaij him to his superiors or

publishing the story vi-lcaflat.wHiv-ire,uccessful bus! near deal to be

made, asking him to come for important meeting, or pretending an

accident which befell family member, mistress or close friend in

fcr-awsy place, to remove hla free eceue for critical moment, and

ea forth.

(Ill^idpecurageT*'VTTi *V worewf-aoahh prop^iriCEi^ty painting wave lengths and times onwalla, etc.

7- c',ttOK

(I) Start dJjrtrtbatlnn of Uv rwVrlel (leaflets, raters) which/ s nxce.viag from you-and which he will have divided up osoog the oitj leess for storage inince bulk shipments toles ere likely to bcccce Increasingly difficult towards the final

art procnctdoa and distribution of local, nineocriphed bulletins and leafletse^ploltlnc; the local situation plus news heard onosAna radio, publishing black listserous enemies, cccroniste, police informers etc.urther step In the "nerve war' ueccribed in Operation V" ffbove}.

'u.rt painting slogans an Kails,

* if"." ^lni*part'ol the entire" eaternrise.

c.-ve it to your jadgaeat how nuch of it you want to toll tcC In anye must not tell any of thir part to bis City whiafaef than is eoeolutely necessary**

LS^aatj. or slot:cj. ssiLla, Jiostlle ccticn hve rolice, for

^reliminary propa^-anaa sddned either at L'ic military an- police pcracnnela whole jr ct IniiviJul oi'iicers and men, considered potentially friendly to us;

y organising. If locclly feasible, osi&oootr&ticns by weexm and children in front of the police station or thearracks, slowing down tht dt^i. Uiru of troops, preventing taw use of fire arms, clo-wria- forrelease of political prisoners, etc.

trite coroat-iist-Lw strikes or provoke, on the contrary,cfc can help the licerttioa movement (like all parts of operationthis cjk has to pcrtictlarly carefully ccordiai-ted with theore^nder of tbt Ut-eratioa Forces, as set forth inbove 1forailroad workers strike to teld up trooptriks at the city eleutrical power pltnt planning the city intorinters strike to prevent publication of pro-Arbens newspapers,tf o- posters,orth,

(III* Uye all locally avail; sic resources, leaflets, bulletins, possibly also local newspapers and rooio stations, word of acuta, nee tings (if and es practicable) etc. to_rellvg around thw liberation mc^eaent, to keep them iniormeo aoout tbe progress of our action, to counteract enemy simounccntints, propaganda or rumors and to provide disciplinec nasr. support for the Liberation i'orees.

?. The securityht above ere obvious. Just as you willearlier thanturn will'give each

^il> .me. arte, Jic men at hiseadewartcra no iiuormation prior to the cedent where it is rvjeded and will give no individual more inToraatlon than this individual requires in order to acccoplish sis awn assignments. Each City ^nicf again will pass on instructions to the nembers of hie teamtrict "need+to-know0

basic an- vlil not reveal any sensitive fact any earlier than necessary. of the intendea activities recjuire considerable preparations, forcollection of'relevant infomation for the "nerveefined above -asOperationut thisomparatively non-sensitive task. Informationwhetheror with the local Commander of.

the liberation forces, or any preparation for Operationn tbe other hand, is highly sensitive ond mist be confined ebsolntaly to tho people who needmpress upon everybody the fact that atew members of the entire organization are likely to be arrested <hiring the preparatory period, while others might talk under ths lnO nee of lioccr, wumcn orhe safest vsy of keeping the possible damageinis&im is to let nobody know iiore than he raist knowor any earlier than lie lias to know. *Io ceiount of torture or corruption can extracterson information which he has not got,

10. lou may expect to receiveinal set of our instructions as well as the signal to start ^er^tions "Aacitly. donplete preparations therefore as speedily ss possible and keep sorrily fdll reports on all phesos of this work.

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