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departure of Joe* Manful Fortany fron theof the POT, Guatemala'a Ccamamlet Party, renovoa fron

a poeition of power one of the top Coaannlst theorlste and the Communist leader eloeeet to President Arbens. There la no Indication that the ousting of Portuny willak an tha Communist poeition, batperture does provide the opportunity for another eonfidanta, Comnwnlat or nOD-Cconranlflt, to fill tho breach.

reasons for Portuny1removalill speculative.

well nay be the result of internalfor lt la wall known that Fortony ia awho baa eonetlaea rtlaajjeiiil on practical issueVictor Manuel Outlerrea (Ccasaanlst labor leader)aona of tha Internationaln the POT.

ia alio poaalble that tha PGT agreed toat Arbons'a lnelatenoe in an effort to removeof CoBKamlaa froa the OOTernawnt and fron theof Presidential advisers.

respect to point (a) above, Communistbecome ao widespread and tha Party organisations sothat Fortuny amy bo considered expandable at thiait ia entirely possible thateriousbetween Fortuny, the political leader, and Ontlerrea,leader,how of ntrength was called for andforces won. There is even the remote pooelblltyOuexro, seasoned labor leader, carried tales tohis current trip behind the Curtain, alleging thatnot carried out In good faith the instructions beMoscow on hla trip there In

A. At this point the on una of tha removal la not as significant at Its probabls of facta, There la no ralloblo Indication that Forty utrength or lnflueooe in tha Gcrvernment (aolde frco tha laportcnt advantage of Fortuny'a intlnacy with the President) will decline sharply. The appolnbaent of Bernardo AEFARADO Honsoa aauccessor in"lea teebusiness aa usual" vill be the thane. Alvaredo. one of Forfcpmy^ closest as soda too/""

j haa had ten yeare of experience ineiiaire andTnas aaergad aseader of the Party.appears to be In good 0trading with other Party leaders, and can be expected to take control effectively though his role will be leae conspicuous than Fortuny*a. Alvaredo Heetaon la Hated as an alternate and therefore probtbly will succeed Fortunyember of the all-powerful Democratic national Front, the real policy-Baking body of the Qoraruaent, ooapoeed of the PAR, PRO, RN and the Ceaaaanlst Party.

balance) the major loss toaaunlnt cause and

the greatest opportunity for gain on the noo-Ceaejuniat side center" aboutloseness to President Arbens. The Arbens-Furtuny relationship dates baek to0 presidential oaarelgn, one year afterrand totrr of the "People'shere he probably received Instructions for political action. At any rate he vigorously entered the campaign activities and boob aed* hlneelf en Indispensable eupporter and aide of Arbens. he held political eastings and stumped for Arbens. whenaae too worn out by the pressures and tens lone of the caaopeigc, Fortuny wrote speechee which he handed to Arbens to deliver as the Latter was rising on the platform. At one time In the campaign when Arbenz did notublic appearanee for three weaks Fortuny delivered speeches for him. Since that time Fortuny hasind of poet for Arbens to lean on. It Is reported that he dines with Arbens In private once oreek. The loss ofasy asoeie to Arbens, therefore, willerious one to the Coaaexnlst cause. Uvr-ndo Honson Is not known toriend of the President, Nor la Victor rnnael Outierrei. although ho has been Invited to certain large official gatherings.

conclusion, ArbonB nay be looking for ato suooeed Fortuny. Aside from the personalfor such succession, an Amy of floor probably would beVest position to win tho confidence of tbe Preeldest.


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