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GKMERAL Operational Ratters botes for LUGTOS sod CCT?RXCH

lucre are attached sterile notes for passing to LTOSOH and ORTRICB. These are self explanatory and are in the nataro of aonnary of lapertant operational matters of the past week. The iseJ^lsnto aftould study the consents carefully and use than In the furtbaranoeintelligence




Dear Andres,

Our efforts Jurlot. the past few dayson ii roc ted toward giving Lorenso noro directr-jl over the ectlvitloa of Leouor and ttdelia. It is felt that this is not only *ore secure, that it will result in vire. conrletenfomatloQ. voe aiich interview between Leonor,and one of our Lorensos taken place, and thus far 'Ai have not received tha completep-ilts. It is planned tohlaand thereby obtain all oos.iiblK inlomation which thesen have in ros]>ect to ouri Uose of the other side, ihoy indicated that their morale waa low, parti/ tt appears because of faulty eoraicjucatiouB via the old ayatan. Aa we hovo Informed you, this syotem ohoulJ not oclr. uhe future,so-ne S'oreeeen circumstances "lake it necessary. Any ou; oclisna -o have toin this natter will bo carefull/ considered.

Aouloa is the financial end of this op*ration. are endaororin- to straighten out the nattorbud cts and advances, but tho situation is still corewhat co. fuar.1. Ur. or aid FLiclia have been lax in ^ivia, adexruste accountings anda.probably oecause they have been loo buoy. Currencyroblev are also involved, but these are tot believed to tv y ir no barrier, cut we should knowit is FOlag. In this eoi-ectionfcuoVete tt -urea au -Itted by "ilria, are not consid-red satisftctory. There ahould bo lorepec! alii' for Jrrncrdo.

We still have not received wore fil*ront, but we shall keep after it. Are theolls still neceoe.ry' It apjeare that thisot. Doer Silvia havo a^ any papers as that, ^nd are they important? If so, have we received the in.onoation therein nr^viouely?

roor statement that Silvia is enthusiaBtlo Is encouraging. Iou should not foal bad about tha fact that ths decisions are being made by Juan Jose and you. Thla is ss it should bo. All you have to do is to continue to direct things, and If possible load Silvia to believe that she ls Lhe bona. Prom now on we should definitely be la the driver's seat.

?loaae take careful note of our latter regarding the need fcr detailed infonaation cn locations and identifications. This ia important, especially as there will probably brew oves ot Lhe part of Lorenso units in the near fat-re. ave ew section devoted to that estter alone,

*hat about our friend Clotilda? Ha received your report about her new Job, but no co-ran ta from you with respect thereto. Did she know auoh about tho workings? Also, we are expectln- Lnfoi-natlon froa you on the photographer who works for Silvia. The report about his previous connection* has no aupportlne evidence, but wa should do everything possible to set at tho truth.

:iir-'o .. ii en/ViVa-t.c oltfters wior Mi.'irt "horo oth'n- in it, at la-tot wa enoul^ bo able u hether- jww-rce tilthianc?entered Sernardo. *i" ra, it la tssow that Ms.?; taker, cere of.

abl* taUrestu-Iband md.ll ttivUsjft - > iirUnee. Everyort ehould he *uds - U't- ie detellea infer-wilon ahc'it whatn. ev* ttf-ti;ot' in^ qo.

ir still withpcavhctabout our assets,

but it if beli*vi> t-an. It Is now hoped


Uon ends, ru see* f. bo soaatiat tneojjrata. Tor exanpleYolaaquee. ubl* :io cerreborratory evidence

at all o, "hit en*. Ta the !'uf:;rct be -is* to cheekatuff

a bite o evaluate it Mwre.

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