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Meeting between WiUfradlower and

REFi guat 6g1

AA previously reported, WilUredloirar made hie first contact with F! VAHTTO and .': KG ANT on the nlRht of By previous arrangement he waa tokena'ehouae by ESCQBILLA, and &UUa*flC -ae aalting for hla there.

aeourity precaution wa* taken in that Glower proceededeYioue roateoint in the city frost where, be etarUd welkin*:. He waa subsequently picked up by EWOblLlA who had alaodrtrtnp for EOoundoot tbe olty prior to making this pdok up. There is no indication that any of the principals involved ware under surveillance. As soon at contact wai> aaoe oetween Clower andIlU, tbe latter waa given /_ American currency, aa

related by. Clowereowipx; itom KICucILDV and ESOOBILLA, after lntrodoeinro SBttWTIC, departed.

very pleased to meet Clower and stated toat be bad long

been desirous of seetlnfin theince tbe -repe" channel badod-send to Una*

5. The followinginformation was given to brJiAHTICi

now has two autowoblleaj^one pick-up truck,wim trucks, and one with toe exception ofls equipment is used for operational purposes, and

in seem? instances, tlie trucks are used for tram.porting goodsrofit. Tbe purport- oaoit of this le to keep the trucks on the road ao the truckers can inform :At-TXC ofarious police and road control!.. uKAIt'IlC tleo believes that oonitaht wopearance of theseill tend to reduce any suspicion concerning toees.

* tared lnfdoctortrueted lieutenant of twjvurtiC wnorivate co-Aral trips overoi" uoaceaalaavail to locate the formica planee wJiloli nave been widelybeing in tdit country. The planes naturally will be used alao in case of



necessity for emergency flights5ECA:JT.

SWAHTIC Ib not happy Kith the drop-aonco being pickedroup beine; sent in by Sone of these sonos have been checkedSJ'e people who consider that they ore too difficult to got to. JiTIC believes that the "PjTJencia" drop rconee will be of value on fi-llay but not for earlier operations. He would like one drop to be made coon eo that he can study the probleas involved and he suggests that the "Ruflna"ne be

5, SWMTIC is attempting to find an individual wno canc inionaation deeired concerning theable,

fi, fTJC stated that tbe "Pepe" channel has proved so superior that he wishes all communications from WSMOPS, or visd versa, to go by tbat Channel, Ho further added that he would turn ovor to "Pepe" any future ateueagee reaching him by the courier eyetera since he believescceesary for "Pepe" to be Kept well Informed of their activities.

7. ^HWJTTC advised that Hone la Fiance, tho fomor bodyguardmberto Oonsalet .inares and an officer in the Carlb-can Legion, is training senarm ownod by Minister of dovernsent, Aui-usto OaAntfAlH) McDonald and located near Chat-nerico.

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