Created: 5/28/1954

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fkom Operations Officer, FBTD

Radio Silence


Guatemala City, the official abort-were station of the Guatemala Corernaent has not been beard eince ita broadcast ofhorough aearch of all short-ware broadcast bands indicates clearly that the transmitter (which is normally well heard) has been taken off the air. The reason for this silence is not known, but it does not necessarily result from political causes. Technical reasons seem more probable.

TGWAather old transmitter (power outputM) wbich in recent years has disappeared from the air for prolonged periodsesult of equipment failures. FBTD has just obtained, through prirateurrent official docmmant froa the radio atation which mentionsW) short-waveIs about to be installed. It is entirely possible that thla

work is aow underway and that space or other requirements have necessitated tha removal of the old transmitter from the building to make way for the new one. It is also possible that another of the frequenthas occurred in the old transmitter.

TGWA document also statedewVstandard broadcast band) transmitter will be installed. medium-wave is not normally audible to FBTD, the operatingthat transmitter cannot be determined by our monitors; however,improbable that simultaneous equipment breakdowns would occur,that the Government would remove its program froa thefor nev equipment installation, at least without publicwhich certainly would have been intercepted by FBTD on



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