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Our libraryesearch-analyst study all by-line stories by Sydney Gruson In the FEW YORK TIMES during the past year to develop "pro"ntl" pattern of any nature.

Our representative in San Salvador determine without objective being known what Marshal) 3annell, of NBC, Reuters, Hew York HERALD TRIBUNE,e stringer) thinks of Gruson, his views, etc. Bannell was expollod at the sans time as Gruson but was not re-adnitted to Guatemala.

Similarut gel information fro* Jules du Bois, of GuatemalaHICAGO TRIBUNE Latin American correspondent, who was seriously beaten in Guatemalaang of Rsds, allegedly for hia -anti-regime" stories.

<M determine what is known there of

Gruson and hi3 activities since he Is permanently based there for the HV YORK TIMES.

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CIA historical review program releaseas sanitized


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Kemsndei was removed as scrictsry general because of his Indiscretion. Bat It I* significant that he wu replaced by Julio Kiiiu'ln de la Hoi, who Ist0 b* even closer lo theand thai no on* wilhirf either of ths two major partiesuarreled with the ideologies! pn-inlie Sefior Fernaitdri Foncca

They Are Still in Minority in Congress, but Membership and Influence Crow



Communis tt

In fact there wasusht on SeSor Femandes Foncea'a Ideological hand wagon that the Communists were embarrassed Into declaring that this was not what they wanted at all Theythat this

GUATEMALA, No*. of Um Communist*osition ot dominance ins pounded, mala hu continual Oanag IN* railfA Mxvident thai from tha I'.ilH Stale* point Ua aluationin going wore*. Recenthave been alone two On th* one hind Ihey have ilwwn actual growth in Communist in-

us was on Internal af-

Into than ever.

brought the Communists mora open admission before of their real position.

floence and on the otter thev tawffiijfSf?"

Notody knows the exact num-

reform and th*

beiled swiftly to allow the "na-jtlonal democratic front" to push

foTwsrd with the work of land

winning of Sice from


sitice bit rear. Charges by othra

segments of the country's politics! ^T'".T'C^ v' hi? that theho^ Y

her of members of the Communist party butecent organization jjniiTd Statist meeting it was announced Ihat the, within ih* Purlin a. n_ party, membmhipubW^^mS^tte LtSSed'

bolted thothan aimed at

Socialist party or

Communist program and theral belief Is that the rebel) ioilwm1 concerned primarily with internal patronage affairs and did not stem from ideological opposition lo the Communists.

There was another significant development in connection withof tbe land reform law.

int titrating rural In great atrennlhCcromunieU ability to mu.le.supporters (or the Jobsnone of tnT *t* ha.Tenm*haveWlUl

SUll Mmerlty In Congrcus

In Congress the Communist* still hav. only four seats outotal of fifty-six. The two major partes in the Government coalition along with th* Communists are th* Partido Action RevottKiofuru witn twenty-two seats and U* I'arfwio ee ta RevchxSoe GutlemsKeca with sjleen seals.

hesOmrsBlst members ot th* Govemmeat cf President Jacobo Arbens Guimsn have long point ed to uus* figares as proof that th* Com muniEts haveinor roleegime composedot (artist mil non-Communist rational parlies.

Recent events within the two larger parties have dripped Diafrom this pretense. Thererief reaction of shock when Fmndaco FemandeE Fonooa. aec-general of the Parttik> Ar.


ment editorially that wnenever (here was friction between any th* revolutionary parties the (oflfliel always wasinof Use Communists aided by "luaerfui umsMt hand."

"What sucapr Ocalgn development fitted snot her fcruard* th* Communlsi partythe slowly developing As speeding the fatal processcomplete Communist au-lnounced by Fernnndeiashed. "Perhaps U

on't be Song before thawtn Ithem-elvea remove Ih*Ih* result of an aimed elun, Attemnting to answer thlagroups of Indianreeeed toat th* villaga el Tepocapa conclusion that Presidentraesnbsrse Cim-jB buevolution Gust cms Itcta and th# inshore be to Voag agoofrirtali of Ih*Agricultural Workers

nun Kevoiucionana. stood up In Congress last month and said that the Communists ware the only true revolutionaries for whom the other parties would have lo give way in time.

that th* Communing wer*th* land reformanner. It had beenthe Communist* local committees andlaw so as lomud tOew own paapli land and to insure theirIn the countryside.

The Issue was settled in favor of the Communists, leading tne newspaper, K5 Impartial to com-

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