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Chief of Station, OuatamaLa tC-


1, Attached le an operational report fron Eliot P. HAZMARA oorarlng hla aootaot with ESS3WJ1

The tubject matter of paragraph* t,as cabled to LINCOLN, Information SHERWOOD.

5. ontalno tvo anecdotes regarding Jose Manual PORTUNY and Ouillermo TORIELLO.

George L. Tranger

AttaobaamUi (I)4





la ooting oocurred between OaooxCARTER and ALBERTO on Monday night,ay.

Marking" will begin around. Wednesday evening,ay, and will contlnuo until at least 2iOO or. the morning ofh, unless police action is so heavy ao to prevent this.

It la the intention of CARTER to uae red paint on the gasollnera at the corner of Avenida Bolivar and la Arenlda. " in crayon will be used to mark tha rest rooms of the Lux Theater.

CARTER requosta that no etrong tie-up bo made between tha outside and the painting of He states that although none of the persons to be engaged in this present pointing action may bo caught, the police oan always retake tho prisoners they capturod previously In connectionnd if enough pressure or torture Is applied, other parsons can be involved to tho detriment of the group*

Rodolfo*fesivera Ariza, the father of the Rlvora boy, leaves Wed no ed ay for San Salvador, CARTER hashim that hs should not go to Honduras* Sr. Rivera will bo at tho Kuovo Mundo Hotel In Ban Salvador Wednesday to Friday, CARTER requests that sifmeone oontaot him there and give him word ln regard to hie son. Otherwise, Sr. Rivera is going on to Honduras.

Some oopies of the latest issue of "SI Robeldo" have been brought out of tho imprenta. However, tho owner is ao frightened and worried over the police interference that he insists the issues be smuggled out vary carefully. This ia true also of tho volantss whloh have boon prepared.

plana and first etepe in thetbe propaganda underground axesmoothly.

3 The first two mimeograph machines am typewriters WW oe bought today or tomorrow.

Zocapa it la reported thatorohave arrived, with machine guns.

rofB(not Jeeps) on

all tho roads and tha railway Una. The bridges alao are guarded. Reportedly each complete train which leares from Puerto Barrioslat car on which isachine gun (amotralladora da pis).

10. The gronpa reports that'its man ln Puerto Barrios are ready and anxious for action,

U. CASTES can change anotherquetsales.

12. ill pass tho money, two pistols* and the ditto-machine, (and anything else available) to CABTBB tonight.

olice arrested anti-Communists insmall towns, including Jicaro and Bstanroeln if) in the paot

ordays on varione charges (trunpodheae prisoners haws now been releaaed.

sands his greetings to PABCBO and aaka

that he be exeosed for not having written hia directly- but that he haa been too busy, and furthermore is not good at latter writing.

.between CABTEB and ALBERTO is

scheduled for Tuesday night,ay.




1, Tha following incident la reported to he truei

Jobs' Hanuel Fortuny reoentlyirthday. argo cake wae ordered for the guceta, and waa placedoom apart from the general reunion. At the hour for the eerrlng of refreahmenta Fortuny invited nla gueBta to paee Into the othernd there wae the Birthday cakearge sign etuck on It.

:. The followingoke going around concerning Willie Torielloi

Reclen rcgrooado do Caraoaa, Toriello naon un elegante "free" que el habla oom-prado.

Al verlo, un invltado la dljoi

ique "fraoaeo" te trajiete de Coracaal

Toriello le oontoatos

JKo- ee do-aaatre guatemalteool



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