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hief of Station, Guatemala

subject: GCNqul-

specific- KUGOWN Operational Report

1* The nature of recent operational requests suggests the possibility that new personnel bare been assigned to LINCOLN who are not familiar with the contents of our recent review relating to tho organisation and capabilities of the ESSENCE complex. If our assumption is correct, it is respectfully requested that such new personnel acquaint themselves with the contents of that review and tfauge their requests accordingly. We make this request so that all concerned will be aware of the limitations of our assets and to avoid tbe additional correspondence that ad sunderstan ding invariably creates.

2. We are particularly concerned about the apparentthe extent of our effective contacts on local newspapers. definitely limited and of variably dependability. More so, due to

3. The originator ofndpparently has misjudged the assets available to ESSENCE for carrying out the operations outlined therein Neither ESSENCE nor the station has the desired operational background dataccurate and complete mailing llstc) required bo carry out the assigned tasks on the scale contemplated in the above references, "furthermore, you anist know that there are0 possible addressees who fill the requirements stated lnf At best, ESSENCE hopes to be able toopies of that particular letter. ack of complete and accurate mailing lists containing the names and addresses of target personalities also makes lt impossible to carry out the operation described lnn the anticipated scale. Accorpllshment of both tasks is further complicated by the fact that ESSENCE does not have unlimited clerical personnel to employ in tho mechanics of the ooe.ralion.p

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In view of the foregoing, ESSENCE will be instructed to mail the minimum number possible of each letter and depend on the effectiveness of "leaks" to achieve the desired impact. If we can contrive publication of either or both of these letters without iinpairing the black quality we believe that the desired objectives will be realised even though we fail to achieve saturation distribution0opies, respectively).

In any event, please do not expect immediate results from either of the letters discussed in the foregoing. Preoccupation with the priority natter outlined inS1 may prevent ESSENCE from handling distribution of these letters as quickly as might be desiredi

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George L. A'ranger

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