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Chief of Station, Guatemala


K OperationalSJ""sS::e

1, Attachedeport from idiot P. RAMAHA relating to hi* oontactn t6 Kay WSi.

Z, hroughontain Information of InteractiJI and The Iteti reported ln paragraphact confirmed by the Air Attache.

?. Paragraphshrough ZZ contain coaawnta rer,ardlr,i- tbe paper eent to naeparate cover

ncloeure tlsi aelf-explanatory report fronto date on the organlnation of the underground propagandaln lnl*

thlB enclosure, resides in Puerto earrioa and can be contacted atwhere he works. Re waadepartment of

Juliana, "uatemala, the aor af*nd C

j both residents of Puerto rtarrioc at tne precant tine, subjectBarrio* and Ir. the be*ror of cedilla

Hueportedly' ar> tl-communist and bai &

aon who

e the ton ofC


progress roporte regarding the eubjeot oflU. oe forthcoming.

Oeorge L. Tranger

Attachments! eports


ayo tri butttt



SDBJECTi Meeting Between CARTER and

inebetween Oscar II, CARTER and ALBERTO on Tuesday night,ay.

^iv*Dpietole,de lcB Somites

worTfe ln the Paiacio and ia connected withystem) reports that Kax Salazar.

iilh'Saat toaan (names unknownj to work against the opposition (poBBiblyentes in thla caaoj.

a man named Tialloe (fnu) is

being eentwith five other men to work against

tne oppooition there. The names of the fire men are not <nownf nor is the exact date or manner of their departure Known.

5. The governor of*--

Jreports the following, enturean interview with Arbenz, he overheard ArSenz

Ejercito, that the candidate of the Communists for the preBidener in the next elections waa the caneiller Toriello.


6.C ays that in the talk which he had with ens. ne asked Arbenz for arms for the Guardia Civil of -J, and he was refused them. Arbenz told him that h itnecessaryCould ask for soldiers from the Zona This zone haB been reinforced and there are some TOO soldiera ot the base. The baee has been completely

told C -Jthat he must be verythat an Intense propaganda campaign against Castillo

^Sraas waa ordered. Arbenz Bald It van known that theuardia CiTil wae frequently crossing the Honduras-Guate-aala frontier and thatC- J3 ahould not permit thia becauee tbie puts. ln contact with Caetlllo Annan.

aid that inthere had beenidestacamentos) oi soxdlerB to maintainsupposedly during and previous to thedetachment had arrived from Zacctpa and has nowback. The other detachment arrived fromand the order has now been given that it tootroops were at the orders of the governor.

that at the Clpresales air-

field (in iront or tneement works) ArbensIn constant readiness an olive colored (aceltuna) amphibious (anfivio) plane. Thftsw. plane is only taken up on flight checks, outside the capital.

Jalso reports that the rumor going aroundpalacio presently Is that the socond armsbeen captured.

Alsoloe has reportedly been formed among the highest ranking military porsonnel (among which figure Parinello, Sanchez, Diaz, Cruz ITer, 3nrzananona, Gonzalez Sigul) with the purpose of Beizlng power at the beginning of any action against the government, and thenoverning triumwerate and seeing if tbey can enter into agreement with Caotlllo Armastop control themselves). If CA does not provs amenable, thsy will turn to Roberto Barrloa_PoRacandidate do transscclon. However, in any case, ffiey are deternined to try and maintain their control.

This manwus involved in an uprising which occurred in the Occidents some four ynars ago, in which Caoado (fnui wasas made prisoner along with whan' an amnesty was declared Inter, bot* thesewere releaoed from prison,,

very poor, andiend, C

J, gaveob with theaa

anC Jln order to help

looked upie now

believed to oe wording with PAHCHOand told

him about his new Job and began passing him information.*

15. states that heatholic,

hence, his opposition to tho government. He sayo he is not asking for anything, but only that the opposition remember that when the situation is ohanged theyhe has helped them and that they do not puniBh him for having been an CT 3

16. This Guardia Rspoclal of theen, and apparently wae formed because of Arbenz distrust of Cruz ffer and Rosenberg. The Guardia Espocial is inroup ofince the president felt ho did not Rant to havo to rely on Information which first had to pass through CW and R,

Toriello is pwportedly buying thewhichAttache, Col. Vernon HartIn, hno The owner has giveneek to getIsash for this houso.

He0nd0 balance will bo paid at the end of the co-ainp week.

Puerto Barrios come reports that thois that two more arma shipments ore arriving,revolution can break out at any moment. BothGuTdln Civil patrollnc isvy. ThloBO Guardian from theucrpoof the GC inarrived at tlie port, with machine guns. new OC arrived, Max B, Gonzalez, tho Jefa dalrelieved of hie ooramnnd (replacement unknown)faixlure to comply with orders (so tVie rumora go).

Aleo rumored ln Puerto Barrios is that the bomb or dynamite which waa placed to blow up the train carrying ar'aunenta to Guatemala City (and whicho off) waa in reality placed there by the government to scare the peoples'

stntes that the paper "La Voz delveryowever lniscussedbe has three suggestions or critlclaae. The0.ue Salvnr el Honor lUlitar" uses too muchhe tone isRojista" Incalling and vituperations. The article should be

ore serloun and dignified level.

SO. Ths ui-por right-hand corner box, containing the eentence "nTlnpdn militar acatarA ordenos que impllquen la comleldn de unhould be in larger print (if possible sltellar to the print used ln the headingue Salrar el Honor Militar*. CARTER states that thisie aa important to the military as the articlee to the civilians,

article on tho last page, "Bombeswhatever faith one might have built up inof the paper. The paper is addressed to thoany section of the general Guatemalan publicof receiving the more serious type propaganda,the EJj4rclto, ond thay know that no atomic arme It ia too easy to see through. the tendency could be to think, "if this article

alsehood, probably the ethers arend tha effectiveness of the paper ia lost.

CARTKn suggests that the pr.per stressPopulares" as oppoeed to tho Regular Army. Ho stntes that nothing saema to offend and arouse the army ao much as the idea that the government ta and the Communist party are meet arming eaapeslnos, workers,o fipnt agMnet then.

The next meeting between CARTBU and AI-BKRTO la scheduled for Vedneaday night,ay.




Tho followingrogress report on tho formation of the underground propaganda group.

In Puerto Barrios the group tarter IsC

e wooypewriter andmameograpn macnme, pnper, and Instructions. He has now returned to Puerto Barrios.

Purrto San Jozi the formation leadershiparound two men. The man tc he the lenderbe

Jof tbe port.

Ths person dlspatchod to Zacapa rjid Jutlapa to make contacts has not returned yet.

The person chosen to be the leader in Coban is exported momentarily hore ln Cur-teronla City, to receive Instructions, equipment, etc.

A delegation has bean diajsitchod to Ouezuitcnango to offer the position to z. person there.

Mazatenango and quiche"cannot bet least during this week.

One of the difficulties in this organization is that not everyone spproached was willing to accept ths responsibility, or efter e. closer inspection*ecidedc offer the position. Another, not always enc wintering the person in thr tr*>a, or the contact peroonnsl aro out of toon,

Ther.chinea are being bought in the name of companies that hare reason, bacousa of their advertising,o use them, or ln thf name of schools, etc. Whenever posslbls, these companies or schools are outside of Guatemala City.

The first two BUtacogrnpha were bought in the naoe of the Ccleglo La Pstria of Quezalt"nungo. oraon frca nuehuetenango mode- the purchases.

Tha next purchase will be and* in the name of the factory "Laf Antoniohich company periodically auixea lists of its products and prices to send to tha departments, using Rlieogra*ih. Xgleelaa is pro-goTerranent.

Thee being bought through "contratlstaa" who supply the typing schools.

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