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Honorable Henry F. Holland Assistant Secretary of State State Department Washington, D. C.

Raymond G. Leddy

Officer in Charge Central America and

Panama Affairs State Denartnent

of President Osorio of El Salvador toward General Ydigoras Fuentes.

It is requested that you give us your considered advice with regard to the following problem which is vexing us at the present tirce.

We ore, of course, entirely mindful of the decision arrived at several weeks ago to the effect that Ambassador FcDermott would not be used or requested to take any action with respect to Calligeris and his movement. More specifically, it was decided that Ambassador McDermott would not act as an lntemedlary for or spokesman on behalf of Calligeris, or introduce any representative of Calligeris toOsorio or any other officials of the Salvadoren Government. it is not believed that the proposal set forth below for your consideration would amountontravention of this decision.

ongSalvador has been reporting that President Osorio looks wicn ccumiderable favor upon General Ydigoras Fuontos and his movement. At the very least he has given Fuentes house-room in El Salvador and does not appear to have harassed bin. /Tn fact weumber of reports to the effect thatriendship for Fuentes end Fuentes1 influence upon Osorio may well have been one of

the reasons for Osorio's coolness toward Calligeris and his unwillingness to receive the retired general officer who sought to approach Osorio on behalf of Calligeris.^ It has never been clear, however, whether Osorio has provided or has been willing to provide tangible assistance and support to Fuentes and Ids movement.


J|. During the past ten days or so wc have received numerousof Fuentes1 rising concern and agitation about thi; way things are going, and of his attempts to obtain support for himself fromsource he can get by the nane of Lanuza visitedrecently representing himself as an emissary of Fuenles end seeking

toearing froa US authorities including CIA. elieve you know about this approach and of the fact that lanuza was turned away without being given any satisfaction whatsoever.

received yesterdayl Salvadorto the effect that Fuentes has rep. wanted thatay an offer of considerable assistance from Osorio..that thepurporting to represent

C Jtold fuentes tne

Salvador is willing toilitarywith the United States.

will provide full support tc Fuentes,for an internal Guatemalan movement.

wasist of Salvadoranhelp Fuentes in border crossings.

is not in favor Of any outsideCalligeris) passing arms or nen through

It is obviously most important for us to know whether Fuentes is telling the truth or whether this is nothing moreeries of unfounded allegations cooked up by Fuentes for the Durpose of obtaining backing from thee are attempting to check on this questionwe do net believe that such checking will produce the most depenaable and satisfactory results.

In our effort to hitetter means of checking, the following thought occurred to us:

BBSAM sent to Ambassador KcDenaott,by State Deoartment,

inform Ambassador "cDermottrtf the substance of thison the part of Fuentes and instruct him to findopportunity to speak Jabout someperhaps military assistance to El Salvador or aboutof Guatemala to the security of El Salvador. along in the conversation, haveasual way about ?ue;>tos, asking

pinion of Fuentes and his evaluation of Fuentes' "well paollcltod claims of ability to do something about the situation in Guatemala." Ambassador Meitereott might also


refer to the fact that ho has heard from Washington lhat Fuentes has sent representatives there soliciting support for his movement. Ambassador HcDerwott would be Instructed to say nothing whatever about Caliigerls, and ifC should ask questions or make comments about Calligerls, the Ambassador would say only that ho hod, of courso,reat deal about Calligerisand nothing nore.

9. It seeas to us that this would not be an unnatural orfor discussion between KcDormott and c 3 l backing Fuentes, and being on notice of tne gravefabout tho situation in Guatemala, he might well saywould serve to confirm or reject the claims of Fuentesgiven the suggested opening. Finallyas stated abovenot seen to us that this proposal would run counter to theto employ Ambassador McDemott in connection with obtaining

support for Calligoris.

^ FRANK G. wisWER Deputy Director (Plans)

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