Created: 5/29/1954

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Acting ChUt of DIFIM C for EtnMtTT)

r*ft"uVJ.Lo:', Haedcuorters


itfcTt C (oot sent C

rleane forward tho attached note to WOJAMK with tho usual sscurity warninc.

attachaont9 Hay



e note with eetlefeoUon that you axe following up our euczeetlon regerdine dhurch ectivitlce. We etnuvXy rveosnwnc tiiat you try oetablishini; sons contact with tbe provisional, oonalttee In quoetlon as quicklypractieable,elnee tine la running ehort end the aheenoe of the Archbishop any be pro Lanced.

I. ur mark that C Jveeaa retiier norlbwnd without aggressive leadership" deee not oono entirely unexpected, hot reoviree aerertheleee aapllflcntion and further eotlon. nemee let aeowplrt* report aa tne preeont statue ofC Jlte

Try to eun up not only tho facta but to arrive at aperatlonel ncosnendatlane and tu take whatever Irradiate laaoiim. aotion ray be feasible within tbe next few weeks.

3. In evaluating c leas* answer epocifioally tho following questional

what are the reasons for its aorlh+ond sister

Jo you think eoaquate isauwnent Is peetiblebort tine* If ao, how vould you go about obUinLng such isprovonsnt?

uo you oonaiderp neceesaryforisit fron one of C eading rrioade in Tegucigalper Ir ,Jf what ahouldisit sccoapllah?

If you consider the state ofC peless or to be iaprorod onlyone, tlaa-coaeunOnabviously beyead the limitations inposed upon our speciallo.soue nave your reaeons ;or anon an et*raical and aubalt yourepeelallyi

Jo youracticable poenibility ofanother group or outlet in your aroa on ehort notice, to do daring the next fow weeks sow or ihe things which weoeepeoielly propaganda ained at the target country and active asrlstance fer tho liberation novenant there' If oo, let ue hsM your pxopoaalo soonest, preferably by oebla.

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