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Chief of station, firatoaale


g-frograa Reply to


In response to too Reference, tho attached notca aro offered for tha orientation of tha Station and MOI.

In view of tho facta roportod ln, thla jddpasas) necaeaerily loaraa aoaothing to ba desired. It Is hopod that by tha next pouch tho eltoatlon will have beooaa somewhat clarified, thua peraittlng aore explicit UaCOLa edrloe end direcUon.




- Veehingtcn




Tour not* of Keyu boonho tin* between ita roooipttu departure of tha out nail would allow.

loa will recall that, in coa uumge, wa aakad yoa toof Mu whether ho couldar* uttwe role, possibly even without welting for Kr.hi* auggutloa wu prompted by tha arrival of tha big Iced, aad tha instinctive feeling here that the load eight make ouch en impact that wtloa would b* poaalbl* eor* quickly than Kr. Cutl* wu planning. Mow we Judge by your not* of Kayhat, at that data anyway, thi* possibility oa Mao's part wu remote. But havechanged that situation at aUT If ao, any increased aggreselvenees on Kftd's part would be aost welcome. It would aleo appear that the altuaticn would favor It. hu oot at laaat part of tha eetalyat that Kr.tion wu supposed to provide been supplied by th* load?

V* are pleased ta note that the paaawaal rivalry between Mac and Caatleo longer an obstacle. Bat we do sot relish the prospect ofomplete awing froa hostility to subservience. W* went some independenceeneral framework. Jerboa* you oan put Km into th* nest nj nsaaTj that of individual aggreaaivanau aad deterat aa tithat ha hu raa tho two laps of hostility and *ubaarvl*ooe. And, if poaelhle, wa would not mindaking the

U. lour auraiau about the delay in part of the Cutl* program are oorrect. Thar* huelay in both tha sarresunt of goods and people, until tha Utter part of tha past week. What further affut th* event* of th* weekend will have cannot now be utleaited. However, thla la tinder no cirouutanou to be oowaunieated or *ven intiaated to Km. It la for your guidance in timing, and actually ahould spur you to press Km to greater effort*.

fMt of tha natter is that Km sunt ahow what he knows and what hehla contribution will only be part of tha picture. Bat we aust knowunaided contribution will be, or whet specific eld apart free Cutis'eneeds. ac who la lust alonr for the ride is worthless, uon disclceure of Cutis'* plans before ba reveals what be hu Further, Ku Bust keep ua much better posted on tha

not tbeKr. Big's plana and strength*.

Ue seem now to be engagedound-robin, where everyone is urging th* other fallow to lead. Xou wut overt thunder and Cutl* action to ooaz Mm. But we need Hu to flesh out tha Cutis effort andowplaaant to th* overt thunder. Th* only poaalbl* course, inircuutanou, la for everyone, yourself included, to concentrate on progreu In hla own uslgned sphere, pushingar andoaalbl*. Anyone of th* thruthunder. Castle,provide th* crucial spark. Kay tb* but spark ignite! But we cannot have everybody waiting for every body else.

To this extent, wa cennOt guide you. Icu are supposed to provide something new, even though it ia baaed on other factors. Ue count heavily on you for that independent contribution.

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